The 10 Best Bathroom Trash Can Reviews in 2022


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Handling pads, smelly diapers, and other bathroom garbage is no fun. But with the best bathroom trash can, the task is more manageable. It makes it easier to toss garbage and replace bags. Also, it makes cleaning a cinch. Regarding the best trash can for the bathroom, there’s a ton of options.

You can choose between elegant stainless steel and cheap but functional plastic. Also, you have the option of automatic, touch-less, and step-on trash cans. And depending on your needs, you can also settle for the conventional open-top trash cans.

Regardless of the category that appeals to you most, the trash can must meet certain criteria. It should be stylish, practical, and durable enough to withstand the wet bathroom environment. That said, here’s a review of what I believe to be the best bathroom trash cans.

10 Best Bathroom Trash Can

1. Simplehuman 1.2-Gallon Round Bathroom Trash Can

Simplehuman trash cans outperform most competitors. Its range of trash cans is easy on the eyes. And for the long that I’ve known them, Simplehuman trash cans can outlast you.

The 1.2-gallon round trash can is among the most highly-rated. It’s compact enough to save and packs more innovative features in its small size.

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Fingerprint proof stainless steel

This bathroom trash can comes in stainless steel. It offers a distinctive look and a strong decorative appeal.

Aside from the undeniable appeal, it has a protective coating that resists fingerprints. Hence, it’s smudge-proof and easy to clean.

Hands-free step-on design

This trash can doesn’t have more innovative features like sensors or voice control. Still, it allows for hands-free operation, thanks to the step-on design.

To open the lid, step on the pedal. The lid will close automatically in a few seconds.

Smooth and quiet operation

This bathroom trash can uses patented lid shock technology. Using dampers, it enables the lid to close slowly, softly, and quietly. Hence, there’s no slamming noise. For that, it makes a suitable choice for office environments.

Again, the lid seals tightly. Hence, it does excellent work to contain odors.

Long-life durability guaranteed

Every inch of this trash can screams durability. The solid steel construction, for instance, lasts over ten years. The strong steel pedal, on the other hand, lasts over 150,000 steps.

Easy trash disposal

This trash can comes with durable custom fit liners that sit flush around the rim. And with the removable inner bucket, it offers a cleaner trash experience and easy disposal.

A multitude of color options

Simplehuman round trash can comes in seven different colors. Hence, it’s easy to choose one that complements your bathroom decor.

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2. United Solutions WB0057 Rectangular Trash Can

It doesn’t look as stylish. At least not like Simplehuman and other innovative trash cans out there. But even with its minimalist design, it provides durable performance in multiple environments.

Among other things, this trash can is one of the most affordable. Also, it rewards you with generous capacity.

United Solutions WB0057 Rectangular Trash Can Img

Heavy-duty plastic construction

Well, don’t mistake this for cheap plastic. This trash can comes in durable plastic. It holds up better to wet bathroom environments, more than most metallic trash cans.

Moreover, it’s resistant to dents and doesn’t scratch easily. And with thick walls, it’s durable enough for medium to heavy-duty use.

Also, this trash can is stackable for easy storage. And as you might have guessed, it’s much easier to clean.

Rimmed edges

This trash can has rimmed edges and for valid reasons. It provides additional strength. Also, it allows a trash bag to fit in perfectly.

Moreover, the rimmed edge acts as a built-in handle. It provides a place to grip and carry the trash can.

Low-profile design

This trash can holds an impressive 3.25 gallons of trash. Nonetheless, it stands at only 12 inches. Hence, it can fit under most bathroom fixtures to save space.

Other sizes available

WB0057 trash can doesn’t limit you to one size. It’s also available in a 10.25-gallon version for those that want to go big.

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3. Simplehuman 1.6-Gallon Round Plastic Bathroom Step Trash Can

Simplehuman also makes decent plastic trash cans. Well, this 1.6-gallon trash can is one such model.

It isn’t as flashy as stainless steel models. Nonetheless, it’s more stable and just as durable.

Simplehuman 1.6-Gallon Round Plastic Bathroom Step Trash Can Img

Space-saving iconic round shape

It’s more of a semi-round trash can. Such a shape enables it to fit in corners and places where space is limited. Hence, it makes the most use out of every inch of available space.

Solid plastic construction

Except for the pedal, this trash can comes in heavy-duty plastic. It holds up well to tough environments, providing years of service. Also, scratches don’t show easily on the black plastic surface.

Strong steel pedal to save your back

You don’t have to stoop to open the lid. One step on the pedal does it all. Hence, it saves you the strain and allows for hands-free use. It’s an excellent feature, especially for the weak and elderly.

Also, the steel pedal promises years of service. On average, it can last up to 20 years.

Leak-proof custom fit liners

The custom-fit liners sit flush on the rim to stay hidden. Also, these are extra-strong and durable liners. Hence, they won’t tear or leak. The liners work in tandem with the removable inner bucket for easy trash disposal.

Extra-large base

This trash can widens at the base to provide stability. Hence, it’s less likely that your kids or pet will knock it over.

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4. iTouchless SoftStep 1.32-Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

iTouchless is renowned for its innovative housewares, mostly trash cans. It makes stylish, sophisticated trash cans to complement any bathroom decor.

iTouchless 1.32-gallon trash can is among its most highly-rated creations. It’s pretty compact but incredibly durable and convenient.

iTouchless SoftStep 1.32-Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can Img

Smudge-proof stainless steel

The stainless steel finish is the secret to the stylish look of this trash can. Of course, it’s durable. But what I like most is the fingerprint-proof coating. It enables this trash can to maintain an undeniable appeal.

Hassle-free step-on design

Opening the lid is as simple as stepping on the pedal. There’s no need to bend or touch the lid. Instead, the steel pedal does it all for you.

Aside from being super convenient, the step-on system is incredibly durable. It can last over 200,000 steps or an average of 25 years.

Quiet-closing lid

Say goodbye to banging noise. Thanks to air dampers, the lid opens and closes quietly. That makes this trash can ideal for shared workspaces. Another remarkable feature of the lid is the stay-open mode. It comes in handy, particularly when removing the inner bucket.

Non-skid base

This trash can is less likely to tip over or slide around. This is possible thanks to the non-slip rubber mat base. Also, the rubber pads protect your floor from scratches.

5. Simplehuman 2.6-Gallon Slim Profile Step Trash Can

Simplehuman 2.6-Gallon trash can combines chic style and slim profile. Hence, it’s as beautiful as it’s space-saving.

But while it takes less space, it stores more. Moreover, it’s durable and engineered for smooth operation.

Simplehuman 2.6-Gallon Slim Profile Step Trash Can Img

Space-efficient slim profile

This bathroom trash can adopts a more thoughtful design. It’s narrower to provide a space-saving footprint. Hence, it can fit into tight spaces. But to maximize storage capacity, it comes a bit tall.

Smudge-proof finish

Like most stainless steel trash cans, it offers a fingerprint-proof finish. Hence, it offers like-new performance for years.

Ergonomic steel pedal

The steel pedal rewards you with hands-free operation. Also, it’s ergonomically designed to ensure it opens with minimal force.

Notably, the steel pedal promises life-long durability. It can last 150,000 steps or 20 years on average.

Dent-proof plastic lid

Well, this trash can isn’t entirely stainless steel. It has a dent-proof heavy-duty plastic lid. And like brushed stainless steel, it doesn’t show fingerprints.

Well, the lid isn’t as dead-silent as stainless steel counterparts. Nonetheless, it doesn’t slam or bang loudly on the trash can.

Hygienic disposal

This trash can ensures minimum contact with trash. To achieve that, it comes with a removable bucket and custom-fit liners.

6. BestOffice Kitchen Trash Can for Bathroom

BestOffice trash can is automatic, hygienic, and with a beautiful modern design. Unlike step-on trash cans, it’s entirely touch-free if you want it.

Aside from smart, beautiful design, it rewards you with an extra-large capacity. That makes it one of the best trash cans for high traffic bathrooms.

BestOffice Kitchen Trash Can for Bathroom Img

Stylish fingerprint-proof design

As with most brushed stainless steel trash cans, BestOffice trash can is smudge-proof. Also, it provides a visually-striking appearance to upgrade your bathroom space.

Multiple smart ways to open the lid

The lid opens in two ways. The most remarkable is via motion sensors. As you approach the trash can, the lid opens in an instant and closes five seconds later. So, it makes the entire process touch-free; no use of hands or legs.

Also, you can open the lid by the touch of a button. While not entirely touch-free, it’s super convenient than having to lift the lid manually.

Smooth and quiet operation

The lid closes smoothly and quietly. Hence, it’s a useful feature in office environments. Or homes with nursing mothers.

A high-tech odor control system

This trash can has one of the best odor control measure. It uses infrared technology to keep the bathroom space smelling clean and fresh. Also, the lid provides an airtight seal to contain odors.

Ultra-large capacity

At 13 gallons, it holds more trash to meet your daily needs. Also, it will be long before you dispose of the trash.

Moreover, the extra-large size adds stability. And with a non-skid base, it stays put in one place.

7. iDesign Patton Round Metal Trash Can

The iDesign trash can doesn’t have a sophisticated look. But even with its minimalist design, it makes a great addition to any decor.

This is your ideal trash can for small spaces. Also, it promises long-life durability for years of use.

iDesign Patton Round Metal Trash Can Img

Versatile design

The round, compact shape makes this trash can look good anywhere. Aside from the bathroom, you can use it in the bedroom, kitchen, and living spaces.

Brushed stainless steel construction

Thanks to the brushed stainless steel, you can reap a lot of benefits. It’s fingerprint-proof to maintain a brand-new look. Also, the metal construction rewards you with long-life durability. Stainless steel, for one, is resistant to rust. Hence, this trash can holds up well to wet bathroom environments.

Sturdy base for stability

This trash can has a heavy base. Hence, it’s less likely to tip over. Also, the non-skid base keeps it from sliding across the wet floor.

Space-saving stackable design

At 8 inches wide, this trash can is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand comfortably. So, it doesn’t take significant space. Also, it’s less cumbersome to carry, even when packed full of trash.

Moreover, this bathroom trash can is stackable. So, it maximizes storage space.

8. Nine Stars DZT-8-1c Infrared Touch-less Stainless Steel Trash Can

Nine Stars is among the pioneers of touch-less trash cans. And with this 2-gallon trash can, the brand delivers as promised.

It’s a smart trash can, no doubt. But unlike most smart trash cans, it conserves the battery for much longer. Well, it doesn’t sound like much, but desirable nonetheless.

Nine Stars DZT-8-1c Infrared Touch-less Stainless Steel Trash Can Img

Durable 430 stainless steel construction

The base of this trash can comes in 430 stainless steel. Though not the best stainless steel grade, it ranks among the top. What makes it more desirable is the extreme resistance to corrosion. Also, like other stainless steel grades, it’s less likely to rust.


Thanks to the brushed stainless steel finish, this trash can remains fingerprint-proof. So, it won’t have unsightly marks.

Soft-closing plastic lid

The lid comes in heavy-duty plastic. Though it doesn’t boast the striking look of stainless steel, it’s still as stylish and durable. Also, it closes softly and quietly, making it super convenient.

Delay-sensing technology

This trash can has an infrared sensor that opens the lid whenever it detects motion within 10 inches. Also, the sensor is rotatable to provide 130-degree coverage.

But that’s not what sets it apart. The infrared sensor has a delay function to prevent unnecessary opening. Hence, it will remain closed if your pet or kid walks by.

Long-lasting battery

Thanks to delay-sensing technology, the battery in this trash can tend to last longer. On average, it can power the trash can for up to six months.

Removable bucket liner

The trash bag tucks neatly on the removable bucket liner. Also, it has a retainer to hold the bag in place. For the record, this trash can uses 3-gallon plastic bags.

9. Umbra Treela Small 4.75-Gallon Trash Can

The Treela trash can is as functional as it’s decorative. This cylindrical plastic trash can, with simulated barn wood finish, certainly adds a modern touch to any bathroom space.

It’s elegant and versatile enough to place anywhere. At the same time, it doesn’t take a lot of room.

Umbra Treela Small 4.75-Gallon Trash Can Img

Durable polypropylene plastic construction

This trash can comes in durable plastic. It doesn’t warp or stain. And despite the large 4.5-gallon capacity, it feels light.

Versatile, decorative touch

This trash can is as versatile as it’s elegant. So, it’s ideal for use in the bathroom and beyond. The simulated barn wood exterior, for instance, adds a stylish touch to your bedroom, office, and more.

Convenient capacity

This trash can is only 10 inches in diameter, hence offers a space-saving footprint. Also, it stands only 14.5 inches tall or under-desk storage. Though not as large, it has a lot of room, holding 4.5 gallons worth of trash.

Available in other finishes

This trash can is available in other eye-catching, simulated wood finishes. Aside from barn wood, it also comes in gray wood and walnut finishes.

10. mDesign 1.5-Gallon Slim Plastic Rectangular Trash Can

mDesign trash can offers a minimalist, clean look. It’s a super-affordable, compact trash can that tucks into most places, even inside the cabinet.

While it lacks innovative features, this trash can is functional and versatile. Besides, it offers more for the price.

mDesign 1.5-Gallon Slim Plastic Rectangular Trash Can Img

Slim profile

This trash can has a slim rectangular shape. It’s 5 inches wide at it’s narrowest point. So, it can fit comfortably into small spaces.

Shatter-resistant plastic construction

mDesign trash can comes in light but heavy-duty plastic. Hence, it‘s easy to clean and feels at home in wet bathroom environments. Also, it’s free of chlorine and BPA chemicals, making it safe for you and the environment.

Integrated handles

This trash can has two built-in handles. So, it’s pretty easy to carry, even when full of trash.

A wide range of colors

This trash can is available in a wide range of colors. Overall, there are 11 colors to choose from.

Best Trash Can for Bathroom: Complete Guide


Bathroom trash cans come in a variety of shapes.

Round trash cans provide a more generalized shape. You can place them anywhere. However, they don’t fit well into corners.

Rectangular trash cans are more space-efficient, utilizing nearly every inch of available space. Also, they have an undeniable modern appeal. Hence, they’re an excellent choice for upgrading your bathroom decor.


A bathroom trash can needs not to be too large. Unlike those in other parts of the room, it needs emptying more frequently. So, I’d recommend a trash can of up to 5 gallons for home use. But for large households and office use, it’s excusable to choose a large trash can.


Bathroom trash cans need to hold up well to the wet bathroom conditions. Hence, they come mostly in plastic and stainless steel.

Stainless steel has more aesthetic appeal. So, if you need to upgrade the look of your bathroom space, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Brushed stainless steel, in particular, provides a fingerprint-proof finish. Also, stainless steel trash cans are mostly rust-resistant and slightly heavier for added stability.

Plastic trash cans guarantee a no-rust performance. Also, they tend to be a lot cheaper than stainless steel counterparts.

Lid Operating Mechanism

As far as the lid operating mechanism goes, there are three types of trash cans.

There’s the conventional swing lid trash can. It’s useful but doesn’t provide hands-free convenience. Also, most tend to produce slamming noise.

The second type is the step trash can. It has a built-in foot-operated pedal to open the lid. Hence, you don’t have to bend and open the lid by hand. Mostly, they’re smooth and quiet.

Also, there’s the touch-less trash can. It uses motion-detection sensors to open the lid automatically. Though costly, more advanced touch-less trash cans open via voice command.

Moreover, there are lid-less trash cans. They adopt a more minimalist design and are ideal for limited bathroom spaces. They fit under most bathroom fixtures, such as sinks. Also, some are compact enough to tuck inside the vanities.

Removable Bucket

For easy disposal, particularly in lidded trash cans, a removable bucket is paramount. Also, most removable buckets are used alongside plastic bags. Hence, there’s minimal chance of contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best step-on trash can?

I’d go with Simplehuman Round stainless steel trash can. It’s sturdy, sleek, and looks great in any bathroom space.

What’s the best touch-less bathroom trash can?

Well, I’d to with two options: iTouchless SoftStep stainless steel trash can and BestOffice high capacity stainless steel trash can.

I’d recommend the iTouchless for home use or small office setting. The ultra-large capacity BestOffice trash can, on the other hand, is ideal for a large office setting or large households.

What’s the best bathroom trash can for tight spaces?

I’d recommend Simplehuman Slim Profile stainless steel trash can. It boasts high-quality construction and fits well in narrow spaces.

What’s the best decorative trash can for the bathroom?

Umbra Treela is easily the best. It has an extremely elegant simulated wood finish.


For a complete bathroom setting, you need a trash can that can handle all bathroom waste. More so, it should be rustproof to withstand wet conditions. Well, I’ve presented to you the best bathroom trash cans that offer such. Take the time to ascertain your needs and budget and pick the one you find the most ideal.

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