The 10 Best Bathroom Scale Reviews in 2021


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Is your goal to gain, lose, or maintain weight? Whatever the goal, it pays to invest in the best bathroom scale for the money.

Well, bathroom scales have evolved over the years. Nowadays, you get models that measure beyond weight. Smart bathroom scales and some digital scales, for instance, provide broad intel on your overall health. From BMI, muscle mass, to body fat, it’s now easier to keep track of your fitness routine. More so, accuracy has improved tremendously to within 50 grams.

In this article, I’ll review my top picks for the best home bathroom scale. Read more to discover the one that best suits your goal, budget, and health needs.

10 Best Bathroom Scale

1. Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Key Features

  • Backlit LCD measure weight in pounds or kgs
  • 6mm shatter-resistant tempered glass
  • High accuracy of 0.1 pounds or 0.05kg
  • Anti-skid padding
  • Includes body tape measure

Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Img

Etekcity EB9380H is a trustworthy digital weight scale that lets you shop with confidence. It’s a simple digital weight scale, no doubt. Nonetheless, it’s remarkably accurate and with outstanding quality.

Out of the box, EB9380H rewards you with a slim design that looks the part in any bathroom. It comes in black, accented in silver and blue LCD.

As with most digital bathroom scales, it has a tempered glass platform. At 6mm thick, it’s shatter-resistant and mostly scratch-proof. For this reason, it guarantees a long-life service. Moreover, it can hold weights of up to 400 pounds or 180kgs.

Notably, this digital scale has a minimum weight limit of 11 pounds. As such, it fits a wide range of users, adults, and kids alike. Again, it has an overload indication for safe use.

As far as accuracy goes, I must commend this digital scale. Most competition boast 0.2 pound or 0.1kg accuracy. But at 0.1 pounds and 0.05kg, EB9380H is twice as accurate, thanks to the latest-version precision sensors.

Step-On technology makes it ready when you are. It boasts an auto-calibration feature, which is standard in most digital scales. Also, it has an auto-off feature to conserve the battery.

The platform is 11.8 x 11.8 inches. Though not the largest, it can accommodate most feet sizes. Likewise, the backlit LCD is sizeable (2.9 x 1.1 inches) for easy reading.

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2. EatSmart ESBS-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

Key Features

  • Expanded weight limit of 440 pounds
  • Calculates weight in kgs or pounds
  • Ultra-wide tempered glass platform
  • 0.2 pounds or 1kg increments

EatSmart ESBS-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Img

EatSmart Precision Plus is a solid contender in the world of digital bathroom scales. Currently, it has a lineup of five reliable digital scales. Among the most reviewed is EatSmart ESBS-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale.

Alongside the ESBS-56 model, this digital scale doesn’t disappoint in providing a sizeable platform. At 15.375 x 11.75 inches, it’s among the widest you can get. That makes it pretty stable and sizeable for any feet.

Also, EatSmart ESBS-05 has a sizeable blue backlit readout. At 3.6 x 2 inches, you don’t have to strain to read.

Most digital scales have a tempered glass platform that average 6mm thick. Well, EatSmart ESBS-05 is no exception. However, it’s stronger, supporting up to 440 pounds or 200kg.

Well, EatSmart ESBS-05 is pretty much the king when it comes to size. But how does it fare in other categories?

As far as accuracy goes, it rewards you with increments of 0.2 or 1kg increments. It’s not as accurate as some digital scales out there, the likes of Etekcity EB9380H. But it’s commendable nonetheless.

Step-On technology begins the readout once your feet touch the platform. Also, you get an auto-off feature to extend battery life.

I pretty much like the silver-painted platform. It offers a striking appearance and fits into most bathroom decors.

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3. RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Digital Bathroom

Key Features

  • Tracks 13 essential health metrics
  • Integrates seamless Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health apps
  • Automatic data sync for unlimited users
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and up
  • Precise weight measurements accurate to within 0.2 pounds or 0.05kg

RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Digital Bathroom Img

RENPHO smart bathroom scale keeps you motivated towards your fitness goal. More so, it packs more features than a traditional bathroom scale.

RENPHO bathroom scale keeps track of 13 key body composition metrics. Among other things, it measures body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, and bone mass.

The best part, it syncs data to the user-friendly RENPHO app. With millions of happy users, this smart app works with other fitness apps. It works with Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit App, and Samsung Health.

Such user-friendly apps enable you to monitor your health anywhere, any time. They save historical data, from daily, weekly, to monthly progress.

Also, this smart scale syncs the data automatically without turning on the app.

Moreover, this smart scale enables the RENPHO app to connect an unlimited number of users. Hence, one scale is enough for the entire household. You can share your progress with family and friends. RENPHO smart scale doesn’t only support a ton of essential measurements. It’s also accurate, boasting 0.2 pounds or 0.05kg increments. And as of the weight limit, it measures up to 396 pounds or 180kg.

This smart bathroom scale comes in black tempered glass accented in chrome feet. And at 11 x 11 inches, the sizeable platform accommodates most feet.

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4. Etekcity EB4074C Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Key Features

  • Bright LCD calculates weight in pounds and kilograms.
  • 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg accuracy
  • The auto-off feature extends the battery life.
  • Minimalist, transparent tempered glass platform
  • Includes body tape measure

Etekcity EB4074C Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Img

Etekcity digital bathroom scales claim to be a cut above the rest. Well, that’s debatable. But as far as popularity goes, I’ll back them 100%. Apart from Etekcity EB9380H, I have another solid contender, Etekcity EB4074C.

Like the EB9380H, this digital scale is entirely for weight measurements in pounds and kgs. It has a weight capacity of 180kgs, an equivalent of 400 pounds. Also, it has the same platform size of 11.8 x 11.8 inches and a readout size of 2.9 x 1.1 inches.

But whereas EB9380H comes in black tempered glass, this digital scale has a 6mm transparent tempered glass platform. It offers an undeniable minimalist appeal that complements most décor.

At 0.2 pounds and 0.1kg increments, this digital scale provides precise weight readings. And with bright LCD, it’s easy to read in the dark.

Automatic calibration saves you the stress of manual calibration. Also, there’s an auto-off feature to prolong the battery life.

5. Greater Goods Digital Bathroom Body Scale 2021 Update

Key Features

  • Updated low-profile design
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Long-lasting CR2032 lithium batteries
  • 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg increments

Greater Goods Digital Bathroom Body Scale 2021 Update Img

Greater Goods digital scale allows you to shop without compromise. Besides benefiting you, it also helps make the world a better place. A part of every purchase, for instance, helps fight trafficking and care for survivors. Well, such generosity is pretty much commendable.

This digital scale is an updated version. It comes in a low-profile, modern design. Also, it boasts a silver tempered glass platform for an even sleeker appearance.

Like most digital bathroom scales, it’s pretty much for basic weight measurements. It measures in both pounds and kgs, to a maximum of 400 pounds or 180kgs. Also, it has a minimum weight of 11 pounds.

The scale calibrates itself once you step on the platform. Also, it has four weight sensors for precise weight measurements. At 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg increments, it guarantees accurate measurements.

The platform is 11.75 x 11.75 inches. Though not the largest, it dwarfs most competitors. Moreover, it has an extra-large backlit LCD.

CR2032 lithium batteries promise a longer lifespan. On average, they can last up to two years. So, it saves you the need to replace batteries more often.

6. Greater Goods Bluetooth Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale

Key Features

  • Extra-large tempered glass platform
  • Integrates with more than five fitness apps
  • Monitors more than five essential health metrics, such as BMI, bone density, body fat, and muscle mass
  • Secure one-to-one pairing for up to eight users
  • Weight increments of 0.1kg or 0.2 pounds

Greater Goods Bluetooth Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale Img

Greater Goods claims to be the number one smart scale brand in the US. It gives back to charity and has so far helped its millions of customers lose up to 1.5 million pounds in weight. Greater Goods is a celebrated brand, no doubt. But how does its smart bathroom scale fare against other competition?

Out of the box, Greater Goods smart scale is noticeably large. It boasts a 15 x 15 inches black tempered glass platform. Hence, it can accommodate any feet size as well as hold up to 400 pounds. Alongside that, it boasts an extra-large backlit LCD.

Besides basic weight measurements, it measures BMI, bone mass, lean mass, water weight, and body fat. And with 0.2 pounds and 0.1kg increments, this smart scale provides much-needed precision in weight measurements.

This smart scale integrates with popular apps. It syncs your data with Google Fit, Apple Health, Fit Bit, and other popular fitness apps.

But unlike most smart bathroom scales, it only allows one-to-one pairing. As such, it keeps your information private. Overall, this smart scale provides secure syncing for up to eight users.

7. Famili 271B Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Key Features

  • Textured, non-slip ABS platform
  • Collision-resistant round corners
  • Calculates weight in pounds, kgs, and stones
  • 0.2 pounds and 0.1kg increments
  • Sizeable platform and LCD readout

Famili 271B Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Img

Famili 271B is quite unlike most digital bathroom scales. On the whole, it gives user safety a top priority.

Instead of a tempered glass platform, it uses 5mm thick ABS material. It’s just as durable. But what makes it stand out is the non-slip textured surface. It keeps you on your feet, even when the platform is wet.

Famili 271B digital scale is for basic weight measurements, no doubt. However, it measures more than just pounds and kgs. You can switch between pounds, kgs, and stones.

Moreover, this digital scale has round corners. Unlike sharp corners, it’s safer and collision-resistant.

This digital scale is accurate to within 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg. Also, it has a weight range of 11-400 pounds. Among its most notable feature is the smart step-on technology. It offers immediate readings once you step on the scale.

Famili 271B is also a sizeable digital scale. The platform, for instance, measures 13 x 12 inches. Also, it has an extra-large 3.6-inch LCD. The scale is programmed to turn off after every 10 seconds to conserve the battery.

8. Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by Greater Goods

Key Features

  • Measures weight and five key health metrics
  • Monitors the progress of up to eight users
  • 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg accuracy

Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by Greater Goods Img

This bathroom scale is a step ahead of other digital scales on the market. Aside from weight, it combines other health metrics. Well, that’s something you mostly find in smart bathroom scales. Overall, it combines six health metrics, including BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and bone density.

This digital scale does more than see beyond weight. It also tracks the progress of up to eight users. Hence, one scale can serve the entire household.

As far as weight measurement goes, this digital scale holds a maximum of 400 pounds. Also, it has an accuracy of 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg.

The tempered white glass is a sizeable 12 x 12 inches. It includes four non-slip pads and feet to keep you and the scale from sliding. Also, this scale has a backlit blue LCD. It’s easy to read and sits nicely on the silver background.

Like other Greater Goods products, part of the purchase is dedicated to charity. Hence, you help yourself and others out there.

9. FITINDEX Bluetooth Smart Wireless Bathroom Scale

Key Features

  • Sleek, seamless appearance
  • Integrates with popular fitness apps, such as Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Apple health
  • Tracks 13 essential health metrics, including BMI, bone mass, body fat, and muscle mass
  • Measures weight in pounds and kgs with 0.2 pounds accuracy

FITINDEX Bluetooth Smart Wireless Bathroom Scale Img

FITINDEX smart scale adopts a sleek, seamless design. The LCD readout, for instance, sits flush with the tempered white glass platform. Well, this smart scale is as practical as it’s beautiful.

Like other smart bathroom scales, it displays the full impact of your fitness routine. Overall, it combines 13 essential health metrics. Among them is BMI, muscle mass, body fat, and bone mass.

The multi-functional FITINDEX app integrates other apps. It works with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Samsung Health apps. Also, one scale supports unlimited users. Hence, it’s easy to share with family and friends.

FITINDEX smart scale boasts automatic calibration and high-precision sensors. It’s accurate to within 0.2 pounds and has a weight limit of 396 pounds. Also, it measures weight in both pounds and kgs.

The tempered glass platform is 5mm thick and measures 10.2 x 10.2 inches. It’s not the largest, but a sweet medium for most feet sizes.

10. Taylor Precision 7506 Digital Scale

Key Features

  • Transparent design with a striking chrome base
  • A durable built and extended battery life
  • Calculates weight in pounds and kgs in 0.2 pounds increment
  • 5-year limited warranty

Taylor Precision 7506 Digital Scale Img

Taylor 7506 digital scale is an undeniable beauty. It comes in transparent tempered glass and boasts a striking chrome base. Hence, it’s a centerpiece in any bathroom.

Notably, Taylor 7506 costs slightly more than digital counterparts, and for valid reasons. It boasts a high tempered glass platform. Also, it has a lithium battery that lasts the entire lifespan of the scale. No wonder it comes with a generous 5-year limited warranty.

This digital scale measures weight, both in pounds and kgs. It has a weight limit of 180kgs or 400 pounds. Also, it’s accurate to within 0.2 pounds.

Well, Taylor 7506 digital scale doesn’t have a backlit LCD. Instead, it uses standard a 1.2-inch LCD. It doesn’t look like much. Nonetheless, it provides comfortable readouts and extends the life of the battery. As for the tempered glass platform, it’s a generous 13 x 11.75 inches.

Best Bathroom Scale: Complete Buying Guide

Type of Bathroom Scale

Which type of bathroom scale do you need? Well, that’s probably the first question you need to ask. Generally, there are three types of bathroom scales: Mechanical, Digital, and Smart bathroom scales.

Mechanical bathroom scales don’t use electrical impulses. For this reason, they’re safe for everyone, including kids and pregnant women. However, they’re not as accurate as digital and smart bathroom scales.

Overall, I’d recommend digital bathroom scales for basic weight measurements. But for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, a smart bathroom scale is the best. It integrates the most popular fitness apps to keep track of your progress. Also, it measures beyond weight, combining other health metrics, such as BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, and more.


In any weighing equipment, accuracy plays center stage. Well, bathroom scales are no exception. You need a scale that’s as accurate as possible. In most cases, it’s determined by the weight increments. I recommend an accuracy of 0.2 pounds or 0.1kg for precise reading.

Automated Features

Having to manually calibrate or turn off the scale each time can be frustrating. Hence, I’d recommend a bathroom scale that packs automated features. An auto-off feature, for instance, conserves battery life. Automatic calibration, on the other hand, saves you the need to calibrate the scale each time.

Readout Speed

It would be best to have a scale that reads the instant your feet touch the platform. But how do you determine a scale that has such capability? Well, the best way around it is to look for a bathroom scale with step-on technology. Luckily, most manufacturers indicate this feature.

Weight Limit

Of course, you want a bathroom scale with a weight limit that can support you. Generally, a higher weight limit is better since it can support a wide range of users. Though often indicated, the minimum weight limit is not as important. After all, most bathroom scales are not recommended for kids, particularly from ages ten and below.

But what’s the best weight limit? Well, 400 pounds is pretty much the sweet spot for most people. It can accommodate the average person as well as big guys.

Platform Size

It would be best to have a sizeable platform for your feet. But the chances are you’re not the only one that will be using the scale. So, how do you tell the best fit for everyone? Well, like the weight limit, larger is better. You need a platform size that accommodates your feet with some room to spare.

Well, there’s no adequate minimum or maximum for the platform size. Nonetheless, I’d recommend a platform size of at least 10 x 10 inches.

Platform Material

I’d recommend a sturdy and durable platform material. It should not break nor shatter easily, even past the weight limit. Tempered glass, in most instances, is the material of choice for the platform. It’s scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and has an undeniable appeal. Though not as common, other bathroom scales come in tough ABS plastic.

Non-Slip Design

The wet bathroom environment can be quite slippery. Hence, you want to stay as safe as possible. To achieve that, consider a bathroom scale with non-slip feet for skid-free performance. Other bathroom scales, such as Famili 271B, have a textured platform to keep your feet from sliding.

Display Type and Size

Most bathroom scales come with an LCD screen. Some have a bright backlit display, while others don’t. Though not a must-have, a backlit display enables easy reading in the dark and in low light conditions. Also, I’d recommend a sizeable LCD readout. That way, you can read comfortably without bending or straining your eyes.

Battery Life

Batteries are not that expensive. Nonetheless, it pays to have a battery with extended life. Most bathroom scales use AAA batteries. Well, they last pretty long. But for the best performance, lithium batteries stand out. Most last the entire lifespan of the bathroom scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best digital bathroom scale?

Well, all the digital bathroom scales on the list are strong contenders for the top position. But on matters of accuracy, I’ll go with Etekcity EB9380H. It’s by far the most accurate on the list. In terms of versatility, Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by Greater Goods is the best. Aside from weight, it combines other health metrics mostly found in smart digital scales.

Question: What’s the best smart bathroom scale?

I’d go with RENPHO Body Fat Smart Scale. It guarantees precise readings and syncs data automatically, even without turning on the app.

Question: What affects the accuracy of a bathroom scale?

Well, accuracy is affected most by the surface on which the scale rests. For precise readings, it’s best to place the scale on a flat, even surface. Also, ensure you set up the scale correctly and use it consistently.

Question: Which bathroom scale is the best for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

Answer: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts need a bathroom scale that combines more health metrics. Moreover, it should provide a way to track your progress. For this reason, smart bathroom scales are the best choice.


I hope my list of the best bathroom scale has been of tremendous help. Though there are other contenders out there, they don’t provide as much value for money. Also, accuracy and quality is a concern.

Well, you have up to 10 options for the best home bathroom scales to choose from. So, which bathroom scale do you find the most outstanding for your needs and budget? That and other more, please hit us in the comments.

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