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Have you noticed leaks, gaps, and moldy corners in your bathroom? Well, it’s high time you re-caulk. But here’s the sad truth. That top-notch caulking technique or perfect bead might no help much. Not to mention, not all caulk might satisfy your needs. What you need is a caulk that works with a full reputation from the word go. However, choosing the best caulk for showers is a considerable challenge.

But you’re in for a treat. This article reviews the best shower caulk for good-looking, long-lasting results. To save you the time, we consider RTV Silicone Sealant as the best overall. This food-grade caulk is excellent for multiple purposes. Not to mention, it’s extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. For runners up, we recommend Gorilla 100%, Silicone Caulk. It’s one of the most versatile with unmatched toughness and durability.

Aside from enlisting the best picks, we also include a buying guide. It will enable you to make an informed choice. Not to mention, allow you to narrow down to your specific requirements.

Top 10 Best Caulk for Showers [2022]

Before we go deep into the reviews, we need to answer a few questions. Why should you trust us? Again, what criteria do we use to select the best caulk for showers?

Well, we rely solely on our expertise and feedback from real-life users. Not to mention, we consider top-notch brands. These are brands with a proven track record of performance and quality. Now that we’ve cleared any doubts let’s see the products that top the list.

1. Gorilla Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Are you looking for a more heavy-duty caulk for construction? Well, few can match the toughness and durability of Gorilla Sealant Caulk. This shower caulk combines the best-performing compounds. Hence, it’s an all-purpose sealant. It delivers superior performance anywhere.

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Moreover, this shower caulk uses a flexible waterproof formula. As such, it can adapt to movements without shrinking or cracking. Not to mention, it holds up well to moisture without degrading. In a nutshell, it can maintain a strong seal that doesn’t weaken over time.

Mold and mildew resistance is another huge bonus. Plus, it doesn’t yellow over time. So, it’s going to resist various types of dirt and stains. It results in a neat appearance that doesn’t need constant cleaning. Gorilla is a fast-acting sealant caulk. It dries in 30 minutes. Because of that, you don’t have to wait forever to use your bathroom. Again, it comes in a 10-ounce container, which is enough for large jobs.


Gorilla shower caulk works like a charm for heavy-duty caulking jobs. Though a relative newcomer, it has established a good reputation. It doesn’t yellow and handles moisture better than other caulks. For best performance, ensure you use it in temperatures above 40 degrees.

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2. Sashco 13010 Sealants Clear Lexel Adhesive Caulk

Sashco 13010 Lexel Adhesive Caulk combines a high degree of durability and elasticity. It creates a strong, permanent bond that neither cracks nor tears. For the record, it allows for up to 400% joint movement. That makes it excellent for use on fiberglass and plastic materials.

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Unlike water-based sealants, it doesn’t freeze. Not to mention, it can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees. Again, it creates a waterproof seal immediately you apply it. So, this is one shower caulk that’s fearless against all weather.

Moreover, it offers the best attributes of silicone and acrylic. It adheres firmly to any surface, and you can paint it to your taste. Furthermore, it’s 19 times clearer than silicone. Hence, it’s able to keep its natural new look for longer.


Lexel shower caulk is among the most expensive. However, it offers the best combination of features. It’s immediately waterproof and withstands extreme weather. Above all, it’s super-flexible, making it ideal for highly mobile joints.

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3. Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Do you need a shower caulk for swift and clean repairs? Well, Flex Shot might be your best bet. It’s a practical shower caulk for sealing and bonding any cracks and leaks. Flex Shot is more of a rubber liquid. Hence, it’s able to penetrate hard-to-reach areas.

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Flexible as it is, this shower caulk is virtually indestructible. It dries in 20 minutes to create a secure and waterproof rubber seal. As such, it’s able to keep out water and moisture. For the record, this shower caulk claims to last for up to 30 years.

Flex Shot rubber adhesive withstands extreme temperatures. From -76 degrees to 350 degrees, it’s safe to use in all weather. Also, the 8-ounce bottle can go a long way. Based on the thickness of the bead, it can caulk 50 to 100 linear feet.

We love the reusable extension tube. It provides pin-point accuracy in hard-to-reach areas. Not to mention, you can cut the tube to adjust the thickness of the bead. Flex Shot is a pressurized dispenser. So, unlike most shower caulks, you don’t need a caulk gun to apply.


Flex Shot is among the best for fixing leaks, cracks, and holes. It provides far-reaching pin-point accuracy and unmatched durability of 30 years. Those undertaking their first project will find its ease-of-use quite handy.

4. Dap, Cedar Tan 18122 Acrylic Latex Caulk

DAP shower caulk offers the superior bonding of silicone. At the same time, it has easy-to-use acrylic latex. Such a combination makes it ideal for covering small holes and cracks. Not to mention, it performs best in porous, uneven surfaces.

Dap, Cedar Tan 18122 Acrylic Latex Caulk Img

This shower caulk is among the quickest. It creates a waterproof barrier in 30 minutes and cures in 2 hours. Also, it’s exterior-friendly. Hence, it’s safe for use in an outdoor shower. It doesn’t rinse off and is mold and mildew-resistant. So durable is this shower caulk that it’s guaranteed to last up to 35 years.

It’s a bit hard to apply by squeezing. However, with a caulk gun, it comes out effortlessly. This shower caulk comes in a 10-ounce can. As such, it’s cost-effective for large projects.


DAP strikes the best balance of affordability and durability. It’s among the most durable, with a 35-year lifespan. So, it’s a product you can apply one or two times and forget altogether. Moreover, if you need speedy curing time, DAP shower caulk is for you.

5. GE GE284 Advanced Silicone Sealant Caulk

It might not look like much. But let not the first impression fool you. This shower caulk has made it to the best-seller list time and again. Not to mention, it meets most federal requirements. But then, what makes it edge out other competitors?

GE GE284 Advanced Silicone Sealant Caulk Img

As the name suggests, GE284 isn’t your average silicone shower caulk. Instead, it goes the extra mile to offer a higher silicone content. It’s 40% more flexible. Not to mention, less susceptible to shrinking and cracking. No wonder it creates a bond that’s 5 times stronger.

GE284 does more than create a flexible, high-performing toilet seal. It resists stain-causing mold and mildew for up to 10 years. Above all, it forms a waterproof barrier in 30 minutes.

The low odor is another significant benefit. You don’t invest a lot in bathroom ventilation. Also, it’s a welcome choice for those suffering from allergies.


GE284 is among the best silicone caulk for showers. It provides up to 10 years of protection. The 2.8-ounce bottle doesn’t look like much. Surprisingly, it creates a bond that’s five times stronger. Above all, there’s a minimal odor to deal with.

6. Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Caulking Sealant

This shower caulk dominates the market for the best stretch. After all, it’s called ‘big stretch’ for a reason. It can stretch to 500% of the original size. Hence, it’s able to bend freely without cracking. That makes it ideal for sealing shower doors, windows, and a soaking tub.

Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Caulking Sealant Img

Durability is another thing that draws people to this shower caulk. It provides a secure seal and maintains its strength over time. This shower caulk is waterproof. Not to mention, extremely resistant to temperatures. For the record, it can withstand up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Also, it has a smooth texture, making it easy to apply. This shower caulk comes in a value pack of 12. Each cartridge has 10.5-ounces of sealant. So, this is a package that can handle large projects.


This shower caulk combines high-performance and extreme flexibility. It’s one of the best for windows, doors, and vinyl sidings. Overall, it provides premium caulking that lasts for years.

7. OSI – Henkel Corporation M410P21 Polyseamseal Caulk

Loctite is a brand with over 50 years of experience. So, this is a shower caulk with trusted performance. Not to mention, proven results. It’s optimized for shower interiors. Hence, it’s one of the best caulk for a shower surround. For the record, this shower caulk provides up to 40 years of crack-free performance.

OSI – Henkel Corporation M410P21 Polyseamseal Caulk Img

The tight adhesive strength makes it perfect for loose tiles and tubs. At the same time, it provides a water-tight seal in 30 minutes. Hence, you don’t have to wait longer to use your bathroom. Aside from the ultra-sealing formula, it keeps the shower free of molds. This shower caulk is best applied at room temperature. However, it can survive hot and cold weather without any damage.

The low odor is another huge benefit. It saves the extra cost of ventilation. Also, this shower caulk is proudly a USA product. Hence, it guarantees exceptional quality. It comes in a 5.5-ounce tube, and you can paint it for aesthetic value.


Loctite shower caulk is among the best tile and tub caulks. It’s optimized for shower surrounds, lasting up to 40 years. Not to mention, it claims an uncompromising level of quality. Such commitment makes it one of the best out there.

8. Red Devil 0405 Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Silicone Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil Dura-guard is targeted at small to medium tasks. It works pretty fast, drying in one hour and curing in 3 days. Even then, it doesn’t sacrifice durability. For the record, it provides up to 35 years of protection.

As the name suggests, it combines both silicone and acrylic. Hence, it creates a paintable ultra-sealing formula. It’s rot-resistant. Again, it has excellent resistance to mildew and temperature changes.

Red Devil 0405 Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Silicone Acrylic Caulk Img

Moreover, this shower caulk has an ultra-smooth satin finish. As such, it renders a neat appearance. It has no bad smell, making it ideal for those that suffer from allergies. Furthermore, this is a squeezable caulk. So, no need to spend extra on a caulk gun.


Red Devil is your best bet for small and detail-oriented tasks. It combines the benefits of silicone and acrylic caulks. Above all, it provides long-lasting protection, up to 35 years.

9. GE Silicone GE284 Clear Kitchen & Bath S Caulk

It’s not as durable as the GE284 advanced shower caulk. However, 5 years of mold-free protection is pretty impressive. Above all, there’s a ton of things to love about this shower caulk.

GE Silicone GE284 Clear Kitchen & Bath S Caulk Img

First, it doesn’t leave your shower out of commission for long. Instead, it creates a waterproof barrier in only 3 hours. Not to mention, it’s highly flexible to resist shrinking and cracking.

Moreover, this shower caulk adopts a high silicone content. That makes it extremely heat resistant. For instance, it can withstand direct sunlight without damage. GE284 meets federal requirements. Hence, you can use with peace of mind. Furthermore, it fits most caulking guns.


This 100% American shower caulk adopts a high level of durability. Not to mention, it adheres to almost all surfaces. Overall, it’s one of the best for keeping your shower free of molds and mildew.

10. Food Grade NSF FDA RTV Silicone Sealant

Food-grade silicone is the secret behind this shower caulk. Unlike standard silicone, it offers outstanding resistance. For the record, it holds up to extreme temperatures of 450 degrees. Well, that’s more than what most shower caulks can take.

Food Grade NSF FDA RTV Silicone Sealant Img

Not to mention, it’s resistant to moisture, vibrations, and weathering. In a nutshell, this is a shower caulk optimized for durability. That makes it one of the best for marine environments.

This shower caulk is compatible with a standard caulk gun. Again, it’s pretty versatile, allowing use on almost all materials. The caulk comes in a 10.3-ounce tube, enough for a large project.


This shower caulk is among the best for extreme temperatures and environments. Plus, it’s among the few that adopt food-grade silicone. Overall, it provides unrivaled durability that doesn’t crack with age.

Best Caulk for Showers: The Complete Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, not all shower caulks can satisfy your needs. But how do you tell the best shower caulk for your specific needs? To answer that, we give a comprehensive buying guide. It will help you narrow down to the best product for your needs.

Mold & Mildew Resistance

You want your bathroom area to be hygienic. Hence, consider a mold-free shower caulk. It’s a must-have feature, especially for the best tub and tile caulk. Also, other places exposed to water will demand this feature.

Also, consider the years of protection from molds and mildew. Some brands guarantee up to 10 years of mold-free performance. So, you might want to check on the packaging before buying it.

Water Resistance

The shower is the wettest area in your home. So, you want a caulk with an ultra-seal formula to prevent leaks. A 100% waterproof caulk should be a top priority. It will save you the burden and cost of changing the caulk.


Elasticity is a must for parts that are in constant movement. It will enable it to survive the contractions and expansions. Though not a must, use a flexible caulk for non-moving places. It will prevent cracking over time. Models, such as Big Stretch, provide the best elasticity.


For long-lasting quality, settle for advanced silicone shower caulk. It provides excellent adhesion for years. Take the FDA silicone sealant, for instance. It offers more than 40 years of crack-free performance.

Heat & Cold Proof

The best caulk for showers needs to survive both hot and cold weather. Hence, it will save you the trouble of replacing the caulk year after year. Also, a weatherproof caulk allows for safe outdoor use. It’s a must-have, particularly for outdoor bathrooms.

Drying Time

Some homes have only one bathroom. Hence, you can’t risk waiting for days for caulk to dry. Because of that, you should choose a caulk that dries fast. Some models create a waterproof barrier in as little as 30 minutes.


It might not sound like much. However, mismatched colors can be a huge setback. So, consider a caulk that matches the color of your bathroom sink or tile. Alternatively, you can go for paintable acrylic caulks.

Caulk Application

Caulk tubes adopt different designs. There are squeeze tube caulks ideal for small jobs. Also, there’s the cartridge caulk that requires a caulk gun to apply. Most are at least 10 ounces. You should consider it if you have some serious workload.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of caulk is best for showers?

Consider a waterproof caulk with excellent mold and mildew prevention. Most are 100% silicone. However, the latest versions combine silicone and latex. That makes them durable as well as easy to clean. GE284 advanced silicone caulk offers the best protection against mildews.

After how long should I use the shower after caulking?

The shower is safe for use once the caulk fully cures. Some models, such as DAP, take 2 hour hours to cure. Mostly, we recommend you wait at least 24 hours before using the shower.

What’s the best caulk for shower doors and windows?

You need a caulk that withstands constant expansion and contraction. Hence, go for a flexible shower caulk. Lexel adhesive and Big Stretch are among the best for the job.

Which is better between silicone and acrylic caulk?

Acrylic provides ease of use and is easier to clean. Not to mention, it’s paintable. Silicone, on the other hand, is more flexible and durable. It maintains a waterproof barrier for better protection against moisture. Acrylic and silicone combined provide the best of both worlds.

What’s the best shower caulk for tiles and tub?

Tiles and tubs require a caulk with stronger adhesion. For this reason, consider a shower caulk comprising pure silicone.


The type of caulk mostly affects the freshness and look of your shower. Hence, you need to purchase and use the best caulk for showers. It will provide a durable and flawless look for years on end. Luckily, we have the list ready for you. All that’s left is for you to select the best shower caulk for your specific needs.

We hope the article has been of great benefit. But before you go, how about you leave some comments? We’ll be glad and quick to respond!

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