The 10 Best Solar Shower Reviews in 2022


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A warm, relaxing bath on a campsite is a luxury we couldn’t afford back in the days. But no more. With the best solar shower, it’s far cheaper and convenient. It gives a warm rinse after a long day at the beach. But should you want, you can also enjoy a full bath. And the beauty of it all, there’s no energy cost. Instead, it harvests the power of the sun to warm the water.

Now, we come to the sweet part, where we introduce the best camping solar shower. GAME 4376-BB takes the crown for the best solar camp shower. It adopts a modern design, providing an indoor-like shower experience. Also, it has cutting-edge features you rarely find in other models. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon comes a close second. It offers the best durability and performance among solar shower bags.

Well, our review doesn’t limit you to only two options. There are other decent solar showers with a reputation for quality and proven performance. Also, we wrap up things with a complete buying guide. Welcome as we explore the world of the best solar showers.

10 Best Solar Shower Reviews

1. ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Advanced Elements is one solar shower that excels in quality, performance, and durability. Not to mention, it boasts a ton of other cutting-edge features, making it the second-best on our list.

Like most models, this solar shower holds 5 gallons. Depending on how you use it, it can last over three showers. Thanks to the on/off shower head, you can even conserve more water.

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To better harness solar power, it adopts four layers. Among them is a reflector and insulator panel that allows maximum heating. Moreover, it has a clear front. It lets in light and makes it easy to monitor the water level.

4-ply construction does more than trap the power of the sun. It also offers ultimate durability. It’s thicker; hence it doesn’t break or rip. However, it’s not overly thick to sacrifice portability. For the record, this solar shower weighs only 1.32 pounds.

The water won’t be boiling, that’s for sure. However, we all have our preferences. So, to provide a better shower experience, it comes with a built-in water temperature gauge. As such, it’s easier to know how warm the water is to avoid any surprises.

Advanced Elements solar shower has a pretty large valve. Hence, you won’t be needing any funnels to fill it up. Also, the chances of spills are minimal.

There’s a ton of other miscellaneous features. First is the mesh pocket, where you keep your soap, shampoo, and other items. Attached to the pocket is a reflective mirror for your grooming needs. Also, this solar shower has velcro straps to hold your washcloths.


Advanced Elements solar shower lives up to its name. It provides unique features to meet your needs. Though advanced, it’s among the most user-friendly. We vote it the first runners-up on our list.

2. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman solar shower doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models. However, it promises high-quality performance. After all, this solar shower is from a brand that makes the best camping gear.

From the word go, Coleman offers an ultra-durable performance. It comes in tough, tear-resistant PVC. Not to mention, it can hold a great deal of weight without ripping apart. Just ensure you don’t get too rough with it.

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The handle offers the same level of durability. It’s pretty strong to hang the bag from a tree branch. Though not as wide, the handle can fit most hands for easy transportation.

The bag has a clear side to let in light and black backing to absorb and retain heat. It can heat water to 48 degrees Celsius in three hours. Well, that’s pretty impressive, especially during emergencies.

Coleman solar shower holds 5 gallons. Up to three people can get a decent shower on a full bag. Also, it includes a shower head with an on/off valve to conserve water.


Coleman solar shower doesn’t have fancy features like a built-in temperature indicator. However, it offers high-quality performance synonymous with the Coleman brand.

3. RuiMeer Camping Solar Shower Bag

RuiMeer solar shower is a perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. Be it camping, hiking, or fishing, this shower bag will suffice. The shower bag has multiple layers of eco-friendly PVC material. Hence, it offers leak-proof performance and is hard to puncture.

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The front has transparent material. So, it’s easy to monitor that water level and make timely refills. Once full, the bag holds 5 gallons. Well, that’s enough for a couple to get a decent shower.

We love how fast this shower bag heats the water. In the event of direct sunlight, it attains a water temperature of 45 degrees Celsius in three hours. The best part, it comes with a temperature gauge.

An upgraded shower head adds to the fancy look of this solar shower. Aside from the on/off switch, it has two settings for the flow rate. So, when it comes to maximizing water usage, this shower bag is among the best.

The sturdy handle makes the shower bag easier transport. Also, it offers a point to hang from a tree for pressurized water.

This solar shower includes a mesh pocket to improve your experience. It holds shampoo, soap, and other shower accessories.


This solar shower is for all weather conditions and outdoor adventures. Such versatility and water-saving features make it one of the best on the market.

4. GAME 4376-BB Solar Shower Hot and Cold Adjustment

Game 4376-BB takes the crown for a modern, fuss-free design. It’s a freestanding two-piece solar shower, a far cry from solar shower bags. Game 4376-BB is easily the best solar camp shower on our list.

GAME 4376-BB Solar Shower Hot and Cold Adjustment Img

This solar shower packs cutting-edge features like no other. It uses two pieces of non-corrosive piping. The pipes come in PVC while the showerhead, the temperature switch, and other hardware come in chrome. Hence, this is a solar shower that guarantees longevity and durability.

The switch has two settings for cold and hot water. Well, you rarely find such a level of convenience in other units. Also, it connects directly to a garden hose for a steady water supply.

Game 4376-BB holds the record for the largest water capacity. It holds 5.5 gallons to last at least three shower sessions.

At 85 inches tall, you can stand under the showerhead comfortably. Also, the two-piece construction makes it easier to assemble. Though freestanding, you can mount the base on other surfaces to provide rock-solid stability.


Game 4376-BB gives a level of experience you get from indoor showers. Not to mention, a modern and elegant appearance. Overall, it’s the best outdoor solar shower on the market.

5. Stearns Sun Shower 4.0

At 4 gallons, this solar shower bag doesn’t hold as much water as some models on the list. However, a gallon shy doesn’t have much impact. It can last two shower sessions easily. On the brighter side, it lessens the effort you need to carry it when full.

Stearns Sun Shower 4.0 Img

Unlike other PVS shower bags, it doesn’t have a see-through side. However, the bulges enable you to monitor the water level. Heat-locking materials offer fast heating. Not to mention, it heats the water to an astounding temperature. Also, it includes a built-in thermometer to monitor the water temperature.

A handy shower valve conserves water. The handle is fairly large to hang from most tree branches. Also, it’s strong enough to hold the weight of the water without ripping apart.


Sun Shower isn’t the fanciest of solar shower bags. However, it gets the job done remarkably well.

6. Coghlan’s Solar Heated Camp Shower

The Coghlan camp shower adds more fun to outdoor adventures. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing shower in three hours. Based on the weather, it can heat the water to temperatures as high as 48 degrees Celsius.

Though compact, this shower bag holds 5 gallons. Hence, it can provide up to four rinses. Aside from gravity-driven spray, the showerhead has a sprat nozzle for better coverage.

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This shower bag comes in non-toxic PVC. It’s light enough to allow maximum penetration of light. But then, thick enough to resist tear and punctures.

Moreover, the shower bag has a handle. It makes it easier to transport or hang high up. But with its remarkable stability, the bag can stand on any flat surface comfortably.

Like most solar shower bags, it has an extra-wide valve. So, no more spills or the need for a funnel while filling up with water.

The package comes with other extras to improve the experience. The shower cap, in particular, is a nice touch for women. Also, there’s a hanging cord to attach to a tree branch.


This solar camp shower adopts a compact, eco-friendly design. It doesn’t provide for temperature monitoring. However, it heats to a temperature that’s safe for all. On the whole, it’s an inexpensive shower solution with excellent value.

7. Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Solar Shower

It holds half as much as the 5-gallon version. However, it prides itself on having the same features. Not to mention, improved portability. At 2.5 gallons, it has the smallest water capacity. But for one person, it can last up to two rinses.

Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Solar Shower img

The 4-ply construction makes it thicker and durable than other shower bags. Not to mention, the multiple panels allow better heat retention. The front has a clear view to gauge the water level.

In strong sunlight, the water temperature can get too warm for comfort. Hence, this solar shower bag has a temperature gauge. In the event it’s too high, you can add cold water.

You can turn the showerhead on and off, providing warm water on demand. And with the wide carrying handle, you can hang the bag from a tree or transport easily.

Unlike the 5-gallon version, this shower bag doesn’t have a pocket. Instead, it has velcro straps for soap and shampoo. Thanks to the extra-large valve, you’ll have an easy time filling up this shower bag with water.


This solar shower bag gives advanced features in a small package. At 1.1 pounds, we vote it the best portable solar shower bag on our list.

8. Solstice by Swimline 5 Gallon Super Solar Shower

Solstice offers a simple and effective way to warm water. It’s an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. Not to mention, it comes in a complete package.

This solar shower bag is one of the easiest to set up. It comes complete with hanging accessories, including a hanging bar and a rope system. Well, not many solar showers can afford such convenience.

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The bag adopts a thoughtful design. It has black backing to absorb the heat. Not to mention, a transparent front that allows light to penetrate easily. Also, it avoids any surprises since you can monitor the water level as a glance.

The controllable showerhead is another significant feature. In terms of conserving the water, it saves you big time. Also, this solar shower bag has a wide mouth, making it easier to fill up with water.

You can afford to use this shower bag for up to four rinses, thanks to the 5-gallon capacity.


For a complete shower bag, Solstice is your best bet. It has all hanging accessories, making it easy to set up.

9. FeChiX Solar Shower Bag for Camping

This solar shower bag is another decent choice. The design creates the impression of a high-quality solar camp shower. And well, it delivers as promised.

Let’s start with the PVC material. It’s non-toxic, hence safe for human health. At the same time, it’s pretty durable to resist wear and tear. Not to mention waterproof.

FeChiX Solar Shower Bag for Camping Img

There are two sides to this shower bag. The front offers a see-through design to gauge the water level. A lot of action happens at the back. It has multiple panels that absorb and retain heat. So, it’s able to keep the water warm for longer.

Moreover, there’s a temperature gauge at the front. It allows for safe use in the event the water gets hot for comfort. For the record, this shower bag can heat the water to 45 degrees Celsius in three hours.

The advanced showerhead is another sweet selling point. You can turn it on and off at will. Not to mention, adjust the flow. Also, it’s supplied with a hose to make one complete system. Convenient velcro straps hold the hose after use. The mesh pocket, on the other hand, accommodates soaps and shampoo.

Also, the bag has a strengthened handle. Hence, it can transport 5 gallons safely. Plus, you can use it to hang the bag from a tree.


This is a high-quality solar shower bag, and the price tells it all. It’s a bit expensive than some on the list. But for its advanced features, most users find this camp shower bag pretty affordable.

10. DOTSOG Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Bag 5 Gallon

The brand claims this solar shower bag as a newer, improved version. And based on its performance, it can’t be further from the truth.

Let’s outline the new improvements. First, you get an upgraded showerhead. You can open and close it. Not to mention, you can adjust the flow to meet your needs. The water hose is another upgrade. It’s sufficiently long and flexible for easy use.

DOTSOG Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Bag 5 Gallon Img

The smart black PVC is another significant feature. It heats the water efficiently to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

The handle has a strong strap and plastic tube for added strength. Though not pretty wide, it fits in your hand comfortably for easy transportation. And with the included hook rope, you can hang the bag by the handle easily.

At 5 gallons, this solar shower bag can provide multiple rinses. Despite holding a large amount of water, it’s pretty compact and foldable for easy portability.


This solar shower bag promises improved features and performance. And from the look of things, the brand nailed it. It offers quality assurance at a price far cheaper than other models on the list.

Best Solar Shower: Complete Buying Guide

Buying any solar shower that you set your eyes on isn’t a wise move. There’s a lot of considerations to help land a great deal. Below are some factors to keep in mind.


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Water Capacity

Solar showers have different water capacities. Most range from 2.5 to 5 gallons. Gauge your needs to find out which capacity is enough for you. Also, consider the number of people who’ll be using the solar shower. Whichever you choose, ensure it holds enough water for a decent shower.


Whether it’s for camping, hiking, or fishing, you need a solar shower that you can carry easily. To achieve that, look for a solar camp shower that’s compact, lightweight, and packable.


Solar camp showers adopt different designs. Some are easier to hang up than others. Heavier solar showers will require an extra pair of hands to hang up. Smaller versions, on the other hand, can be hung solo. However, water capacity is a trade-off you need to keep in mind.

Water Temperature

By how many degrees can the solar shower heat the water? Well, this is an important consideration. A water temperature of up to 48 degrees Celsius is safer. Anything higher than that will require a temperature gauge to avoid burns.

Heating Time

In emergencies, you don’t want a solar shower that takes many hours to heat the water. The most efficient units come to temperature in around three hours.

Water Level Indicator

Though not a must-have feature, a water level indicator will help avoid surprises. By checking the water level, you’ll know when to speed up the showering process. Or better still, when to refill the bag. To achieve that, consider shower bags that have a see-through backside.

Temperature Gauge

While not a must-have feature, a built-in temperature indicator is a huge plus. It tells you when the water is warm enough to take a shower. Also, it avoids burns in the event the water gets too hot for comfort.


A warm shower at the campsite doesn’t have to be expensive. With the best solar shower, it’s affordable for all. So far, we’ve reviewed the best solar camp showers to consider. They’re portable and provide warm water on the go. Not to mention, they’re eco-friendly and with zero energy costs.

So, which solar camp shower do you find the most ideal for your needs and budget? Leave it in the comments, and we’ll be happy to respond.

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