The 10 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter Reviews of 2022


The 10 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter Reviews of 2022 Img

Lifting a hot tub cover can be a hassle if you have to do it manually. While it is easy to slide it off, getting it back on is another story altogether. The best hot tub cover lifter will make the work of maintenance quick and effortless.

Furthermore, a cover lifter will improve the efficiency of the hot tub by minimizing heat loss. It will help you cut down on your energy bills and ensure your tub is safe and clean.

With the wide range of hot tub cover lifters currently available in the market, it comes it may be confusing to know the right brand and model to buy for your hot tub.

Types of hot tub cover lifters. You have three main types of hot tub you can choose from, including:

  • Manual pivot hot tubs cover lifters
  • Hydraulic hot tub cover lifters
  • Shelf hot tub cover lifters

Now we can learn more about the differences between the three types.

The Manual Pivot Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The manual pivot hot tub cover lifter is a perfect choice for those operating on tight budgets but wants something to allow them to open their tubs with ease. It is also simple to operate. Just fold it in half using the metal bar at the midpoint of your spa, and then lift it upwards.

An advantage of this type of hot tub is its flexibility and versatility. It means that such lifters can fit spas of almost any size, shape, and type. In addition, you can mount it on either the sides, bottom, or back of your hot tub.

While it could be the cheapest option, a cover lifter featuring a manual pivot should be effortless to remove, even if you are a single person.

Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The hydraulic lifter for hot tubs is perhaps the best type currently in the market. However, it is also quite expensive because it does much of the work for you. After that, you will only need to fold the cover, and then the hydraulics will take over. Still, you will need to guide it up and back.

There is no one-size-fits-all scenario for hydraulic as these accessories differ in terms of features and specifications. However, you will likely find what will satisfy your needs. In other words, the lifters adjust appropriately so that they can fit hot tubs of every type and shape.

Shelf Hot Tub Cover Lifters

These lifters offer the cheapest option. However, you will still have to bear the full weight of the cover lifter. As the name sounds, they are shelves mounted on the sides or back of the spa.

Instead of lifting the spa’s cover, the shelf cover removal system lets you fold the cover and then slide it off the tub onto the shelf. Some manufacturers add rollers to help push the cover onto the shelf.

Shelf hot tub cover lifters usually require a lot of clearance around the hot tub. Therefore, ensure there is enough room on the sides or back of the spa. A good piece of advice is to buy a cover that folds towards the bottom as this will allow a good amount of space around the spa.

Top 10 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter

We have reviewed many hot tub covers (of different types) to determine which models are strong, durable, easy to use, compatible, and efficient. So stay with us to see if you will find one that can suit your needs.

1. Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa Cover Lift

The Blue Wave NP5022 cover Lifter ranks high among owners of hot tubs for good reasons. It is well constructed with high-quality, durable materials. This low mount spa cover lifter is of the manual pivot style and mounts at the ground level.

Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa Cover Lift Img

It is a simple and affordable option but will help conserve heat in your hot tub water. In addition, this will lead to a reduction in your electricity bills because you won’t have to heat water as frequently as you did before.

Blue Wave NP5022 is constructed of high-quality black powder-coated steel. Thus the lifter is resistant to corrosion and rusting even when exposed to the elements in the outdoor environment. This low mIn addition, this spa is designed to fit most rectangular or square spa shapes with radius corners of up to 8-inches wide.

It is time you quit wrestling with your spa cover and rely on this lifter that is effective and effortless to use. Furthermore, you can easily manage the lifter on your own. Besides, you do not have to be physically excellent to operate the Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa Cover.

The side in which the lifter is stored should have a clearance of not less than 4 feet to allow it to fold back. However, since it uses a little space, towing or removing the cover may prove daunting to some users. Furthermore, it has rather low versatility as it cannot fit spas of shapes other than square and rectangle.


  • Constructed of high-quality powder-coated steel
  • It perfectly fits square and rectangular hot tubs
  • The construction material is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Backed with genuine 1-year limited warranty
  • An affordable but efficient option


  • Features limited versatility as it may not fit certain shapes and sizes
  • According to some verified, Some few design flaws need reconsideration

2. Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

The NP509 Caddy  Lifter from Cover Valet is a darling of many spa owners, and for good reasons. It is also unique in design and functionality. The operation mechanism is spring-assisted, making it one of the easiest cover lifters to use.

Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy Img

Furthermore, the innovative design also allows for installation on an array of spa sizes and shapes. You can install it on round, octagonal, rectangular, and spas with large radius or cut corners. Such design makes it one of the most versatile cover lifters.

The Caddy features a new under-mount base plate which provides a complete setup within minutes. The addition of a powerful gas spring on the lifter ensures effortless lowering and lifting of the cover. You will not need to have optimal strength to operate it.

The construction material for Caddy is high-grade powder-coated aluminum. This ensures toughness and durability. It also makes sure the cover is resistant to ultraviolet light, corrosion due to moisture, and outdoor elements. If well maintained, the powder-coated aluminum can last for as long as two decades.

Caddy is best suited for people who have physical limitations. Even children can effortlessly slide the cover out and back without feeling burdened. The lifter holds the cover in place and slowly lowers it to the side of your bathroom. It economizes utility bills boosting your efforts to make savings.

Although Cover Valet recommends installation under the spa, you have the option to mount it in a way that does not interfere with drainage. This is particularly true if your hot tub is installed on a wooden deck. Such mounting, however, will require some DIY involvement.


  • Delivery includes a low profile, convenient Caddy and storage system
  • Constructed with high-quality, durable materials
  • The under-mount installation system is straightforward.
  • Has decent versatility and flexibility
  • A five-year limited manufacturer warranty covers it


  • May require adjustment of tub drain
  • Not suited for the vertical position

3. The Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover & Storage System

Although we have reviewed the Slide Spa cover lifter, the Slider Spa Cover Roller is a little different. It is not just a cover lift but a simple and money-saving spa cover remover and storage device featuring a roll-away design.

The Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover & Storage System Img

Unlike other models, it does not require the complicated assembly seen with other modes. This is because you only need a screwdriver, and you are good to go with the mount. In addition, it features dual arms are made from tough, rust-free polycarbonate composite reinforced with fiberglass for optimal strength.

Operating the Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover is incredibly easy and quick. All you do is fold the spa’s cover over and then roll it off. The RollerRoller will fold neatly down as long as the cover is on your hot tub. Anyone can use the cover remover because the only minimal effort is necessary.

The remover extends 32 inches when deployed, which means you do not need too much clearance even if you installed the hot spa in an enclosed space. To make installation hassle-free, the lifter comes with stainless mounting screws.

The minimum spa cabinet height is 32 inches to allow two arms to fold flat while Slider Cover Roller is engaged. Remember that the spa cover is not included. The RollerRoller is suitable for spa covers weighing less than 75 pounds. Avoid buying it if your cover is heavy or frequently waterlogged.


  • An economical spa cover remover with a unique design
  • Quick and simple to assemble using just a screwdriver
  • Rolls neatly when not in use to conserve space
  • Stainless steel mounting screws and aluminum construction is durable
  • Offers decent value for money


  • Not suitable for thin-walled spas
  • Transfer of too much weight to the sides may interfere with the involved sidewall.

4. MySpaCover Hydraulic Cover Lifter

Another great quality hot tub cover you should consider checking out is the MySpaCover Hydraulic cover Lifter. Although it may be a little costly, it is a good design, easy to install and use, and can be operated by anyone, including children and the physically challenged.

MySpaCover Hydraulic Cover Lifter Img

It features a convenient under-mount design that works with all spas and hot tubs of different sizes, shapes, and designs. It installs in minutes with common tools you will always find in the toolbox a serious DIY enthusiast. However, little drilling is necessary for the mounting screws.

As you can appreciate from the name, the cover lifter is of the hydraulic lift type. This makes taking off and putting on the spa cover effortlessly. It is made of top-grade coated aluminum, which is corrosion and rust-resistant. Even when used outdoors, the cover lift will do its job for a decade or more. In addition, it comes with Safe and convenient storage.

According to the manufacturer, MySpaCover Hydraulic Cover Lifter best fits square and rectangle spa covers measuring 96 inches. It is not suitable for irregular hot tubs in size and shape, as is common with universal spa lifters.

There must be access to the underside of the hot tub to allow the under-mount design to operate. Furthermore, there should be space measuring 32 inches to 42 inches of clearance behind the hot tub. The cover lifter is not suitable for sunken or in-ground spas. The company welcomes questions if you have doubts about the information you have.


  • Convenient and efficient under-mount design
  • Installs in minutes with common household tools
  • Hydraulic lift system makes using the lifter effortless
  • Made with high-quality powder-coated aluminum
  • Offers safe and convenient storage


  • Pretty expensive but offers value for money
  • Installation instructions are not clear enough

5. UltraLift Under Mount Spa Cover Lift

UltraLift under-mount cover lift offers spa owners an ideal way to conserve time and effort in removing covers. It is suitable for square, rectangular, octagonal, and other regular-shaped spa covers. You need to confirm fitment before you make the purchase.

UltraLift Under Mount Spa Cover Lift Img

This model is incredibly easy to install, like other picks in our best hot tub cover lifter reviews. Moreover, it provides you with a smooth installation that will not require you to drill holes on your cabinet or deck and other physically demanding actions.

The UltraLift under-mount cover lift design features a bracket that can effortlessly slide below your spa cove. As a result, anyone can lift the covers, even heavy and saturated, without requiring a helping hand. As a result, single-person use is possible without any hassle.

The brackets are made from great-quality powder-coated aluminum, offering you durable rust- and corrosion-free product that will last you for decades without any problem. It may even outlast the hot tub if it was of low quality.

According to the manufacturer, UltraLift under-mount cover lifter can lift more than 109 inches wide of the spa cover. This will need a clearance of about sixteen inches at the back of the spa and about five inches at each side of the spa.

The UltraLift under-mount cover removal is a unique combination of powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel. These are a few of the sturdiest and strongest materials known. Such material can also resist the effect of outdoor elements, although Mother Nature will eventually have her way.


  • Easy and hassle-free under-mount installation
  • It is compatible with a good number of spa cover types
  • Requires no drilling or other time and effort-consuming manifestations
  • Aluminum and strengthened stainless steel construction


  • It comes with horrible installation instructions
  • Some users question durability because of design, not materials.

6. LOVATIC SpaEase 200, Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift

The LOVATIC SpaEase 200 is doubtless one of the best quality hot tub cover removers on the market. Constructed to the highest quality standards, the SpaEase 200 is one of the few cover lifters that use steel where it’s needed and aluminum exactly where it’s required.

LOVATIC SpaEase 200, Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift Img

It features the Exclusive and Lovatic patented Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT). The technology consists of pistons that assist in raising and closing the cover. In addition, it also applies a gentle downward force or pressure to keep the cover sealed to act as insulation against heat loss.

The unit is built to Last. Such a level of durability is the function of the design material and construction technology. In addition, the SpaEase 200 features a built-in safety stop that helps to prevent unintentional closings.

In addition to the safety stops, the cover remover has a lifter/cabinet locking device that provides additional security and protection in heavily windy environments. SpaEase 200 is flexible and allows for a wide range of adjustments. This is because multiple points of attachment on the lifting arm promote easy adjustment.

Another powerful feature of this cover lifter is its professional appearance. It has a cover plate that is incredibly attractive and most significantly durable, with an applied finish to the cover, lifter, and all the screws with plastic caps.

To conclude the great features, the lifting handle of SpaEase converts to robe or towel holder. The hand is conveniently textured handle providing the perfect place to hang your towel or robe. Furthermore, the lifter readily converts to a vacuseal.


  • Built with top quality materials for durability
  • Features exclusive Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT)
  • Built-in safety stop that prevents slamming
  • Allows for ready adjustment for versatility
  • Professional appearance and easily converts to vacuseal


  • Difficult to install on spas with rounded corners
  • Some users wished the manufacturer included more brackets.

7. Puri Tech Cover Lifts Pivot Top Mount Spa & Hot Tub Cover Lift

The Puri Tech Cover Lift is a wonderful option for anyone wishing to find their spa cover opening and closing hassle-free. This cover remover is built of reinforced plastic brackets, dual-coated with aluminum and stainless-steel hardware.

Puri Tech Cover Lifts Pivot Top Mount Spa & Hot Tub Cover Lift Img

Such materials are strong, durable, lightweight, and resistant to elements. It is also corrosion-resistant and is specifically designed to provide you with several years of service. In addition, Puri Tech has backed this product with a one-year limited warranty on quality.

Although the cover remover is manual pivot type, it is still effortless to use and maintain. You will employ some effort to fold and guide the cover lifter, but much of the work will be assisted by technology.

All you do is fold the cover over the center bar and the rollover using the lifter’s padded handle to the backside of your hot tub. Because of the back mount, the lifter does not occupy appreciable space to interfere with your external décor.

The Puri Tech Hot Tub Cover Lift comes with a convenient 3-hook towel holder for proper organization and storage even when the spa is in use. In terms of fitment is designed to fit all spas measuring 96 inches wide. It also works well if you can provide 10-15 inches clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on every side of the hot tub.

Although adjustable, the Puri Tech Cover Lift works well with square and rectangular spa models of different sizes. However, you may want to look for another lifter model if your spa has round corners or has irregular shapes.


  • Effortless to install, use and maintain
  • Easily adjustable to fit smaller hot tubs
  • It is durable, dependable, and corrosion resistant
  • An affordable option of high-quality model


  • Installation instructions are bogus
  • Parts description lists four bushings, but the product comes only with 3

8. Smart Spa CoverClassic Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter

You will love this bottom mount spa cover lifter classic because of its numerous features and specifications. It is perfectly engineered for convenience and utmost performance. No more will have to worry every time you want to remove the cover or close the spa.

Smart Spa CoverClassic Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter Img

Like other high-quality cover lifters we have already reviewed in this in-depth post, it is made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum. According to the manufacturer, Cover Classic Lifter is made to resist rust, corrosions, and any other form of degradation. As a result, even ultraviolet light cannot destroy it as quickly.

It is effortless to install and use. The cover will niftily fit square and rectangular hot tubs measuring up to 96-inches. Besides, it requires 18 inches of clearance behind the spa. Therefore, you can effortlessly lift the cover and store it behind the hot tub to minimize the wear and tear of your spa cover.

If you do not want to bore holes onto your spa, you can install it on your deck. It will still work seamlessly. You can mount it below the cabinet into the spa base and still expect it to do the same job.

The unit includes a 3-hook towel rack to help you organize your stuff when you enjoy the pool, and the lifter is not used. With this lifter, you can be sure your wife and kids can easily enjoy the spa when you are away. Once you get it together, you simply show your loved ones how to operate the cover remover.


  • Engineered for convenience and performance
  • Installation and assembly is straightforward
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Offers value for money
  • Includes a hook for hanging towel or robe while enjoying a bath


  • A decent product but does not come with instructions
  • Some users think it might be expensive

9. SpaEase 150 Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift

SpaEase 150 Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift offers you a great alternative if you are looking for a good quality lift to help you remove and return the heavy cover to your spa. It is thoughtfully constructed to install with ease and to cause very little disturbance to your exterior design.

SpaEase 150 Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift Img

The most beautiful thing about the SpaEase 150 is that you can install it without having to drill holes into your spa. The recommendation is to drill holes to mount the brackets. However, you can avoid it by drilling holes in your cabinet or deck. It will still work just fine, but you will have to do it nicely.

The under-spa plates are held securely and appropriately in place by the overall weight of the spa. The plates measure 8.75 inches by 8.75 inches. In the folded state, the cover stores or organizes neatly on one side of the spa to provide a full and clear view.

Depending on the spa setup, the cover may require the spa to be emptied and lifted to allow for installation. For durability, the lifter features heavy-duty steel zinc-plated and powder-coated finish. Besides longevity, the material is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other environmental insults.

Like most universal cover lifters, the SpaEase will fit spas measuring up to 96 inches. However, we are unsure of the amount of clearance it needs behind the spa on the sides. You need to know that to avoid running into trouble during installation.


  • Installs straightaway without the need for drilling holes
  • Stores and organizes excellently when not in use
  • Made of durable, heavy-duty steel-zinc plates
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant material
  • Affordable but decent quality


  • You may need a helping hand during installation to lift the empty spa
  • Instruction manual is difficult to understand

10. Hot Tub Spa Cover Lift & Storage Caddy

In case you can’t entertain the idea of drilling and permanently changing your deck, then you’re in great luck. The Hot Tub Spa Cover Lift & Storage Caddy is an under-mount system, similar to many others we have included in our reviews.

Hot Tub Spa Cover Lift & Storage Caddy Img

Although effortless to install, you will have to drain the spa first. You can then slide this cover remover underneath, refill the hot tub, and you’re through with the process. Spas are heavy, and therefore you will need a helping hand just for lifting your hot tub and returning it.

Instead of using aluminum, this cover lift sets the stakes a little further with powder-coated steel. This material will not bend, rust, crack, or break any time soon. Instead, it works on the principle of a hydraulic assistance system that effortlessly slides the cover off. But, of course, it would be best if you only had only minimal effort to do that.

This nice product features the so-called caddy storage system, which folds neatly sideways to sit flush on the side of the hot tub when it’s not engaged. Then, when the time of removal comes, simply lock the Caddy in place and then slide the lid right into place. It’s that straightforward.

The hydraulic system of Caddy slowly and smoothly lowers the lid to a side of the hot tub to get it out of your way. With the Hot Tub Spa Cover Lift & Storage Caddy appropriately installed, you won’t need to worry about leaving your family behind enjoying a therapeutic relaxation and maintaining tub.


  • Built with high-quality powder-coated steel
  • The hydraulic system works smoothly and seamlessly
  • No need for drilling spa or deck during installation
  • Features universal fitment
  • Installs in a matter of minutes


  • Single person installation is cumbersome
  • May not lift heavy spa covers

Buying Guide for the Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter

We have already provided you with reviews of ten hot tub cover lifters we believe are the best in the market today. However, we also know people have different tastes and preferences.

Therefore, we have put together a few crucial factors you need to consider to make a personal choice if you don’t agree with our choices. Continue reading to find out more.


The initial thing you need to consider before deciding which brand of the cover lifter to buy is the space available around the spa. Some lifters require larger spaces for installation than others.

So, you need to have precise movement and then compare it against the recommended clearance both behind and on the sides of the hot tub. Then, practically measure the distance between your tub and any surrounding obstacles.

Furthermore, you need to match the lifter with the right spa shape and size. For instance, most universal cover lifters are suitable for square and rectangular spas. However, other shapes, such as round and irregular, may be more cumbersome to deal with.

The Attachment Method

As we previously discussed at the beginning of this article, three different cover lifters depend on the method of attachments. Just to recap, you can choose from manual pivot mount, hydraulic methods, and shelf types.

Your budget should dictate your choice. If you are operating on a flexible budget, then a hydraulic hot tub cover is suitable. Manual pivot mounts are of great quality and affordable, but you may require some effort. The shelf models are incredibly affordable but may lower quality than either the hydraulic or manual pivot.


Spas are set outdoors, and there the cover lifters will also be used outdoors. Therefore, the lifter you buy will be exposed to the environmental elements. Therefore, a good quality cover lift should be made of materials that can resist the insults meted on it by the elements such as rain, ultraviolet rays, wind, and dust.

The most famous and preferred used materials are aluminum and steel. Both the two are incredibly strong. To make them resistant to elements, both are powder coated. Steel may also be designed with stainless properties or hardened. Other materials are rear and may be of lower quality.

Ease of Installation

The process of installing a lift cover should not be difficult. However, you still need instruction to do a good job. All manufacturers usually provide owner’s manuals to help with this. However, some instructions are very poor and confuse rather than helpful.

When looking for the best hot tub cover to buy, you must also research whether the installation is straightforward or cumbersome. Also, pay keen attention to what people say about the actual process of installation. Finally, always go for a product that’s easy to set up and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter FAQs

What is the best hot tub cover lifter for me?

The hot tub cover for you will suit your needs as well as your pocket. If you follow the guide we have just provided, chances are high you will find the right cover lifer for your hot tub.

Are hot tub covers lifers?

The term universal in the context of cover lifters denotes those compatible with square and rectangular spas of different sizes. However, some models are truly universal and can lift circular, octagonal, and even irregular spa covers.

Do I really need a hot tub cover lifter?

A healthy adult should be able to handle removing and replacing the spa cover. However, the process can be burdensome. Nevertheless, hot tub owners who wish to access their spas effortlessly and conveniently can benefit from these accessories. The same applies to those who have physical limitations.

How much does a now cover lifter cost?

There is no set price for cover lifters, and each brand sells according to its determinants. However, you should know that you must be ready to spend good money to obtain a good-quality spa cover lifter.

Final Verdict

Removing and replacing the hot tub manually can be a difficult ordeal for the physically challenged. Even normal, healthy adults can find the process burdensome. The best hot tub cover lifters will allow you and your loved ones to access the hot tube in a hassle-free and convenient manner.

Different brands out there try their best to produce great quality spa cover lifters. We have narrowed our list down to 10 of the best according to our findings. We are confident you will find them great too. Otherwise, take advantage of the buying guide to make an informed choice.

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