The 10 Best Shower Curtain Hooks Reviews & Buying Guide


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Curtain hooks can give an accent to the bathroom, but homeowners often ignore them. Once installed, these bathroom fixtures go unnoticed until a guest comments on them. At times, you only notice when something goes wrong, and the hooks no longer do their purpose.

The best shower curtain hooks will not only enhance your bathroom décor, but they will also boost the functionality of your bathroom. Nothing can be as annoying as trying to slide the curtain rings across the rod with no success.

Majority of the standard hooks that come with your curtains work but can make you struggle. However, the newer models feature modern technology that allows them to glide effortlessly along the rod, creating a brisk to hang your curtain.

The Standard Vs. Modern Curtain Hooks

The earlier models feature a simple design that allows them to latch around the rod. Modern companies get rid of the fuss to design a new latch system that hooks instead of wrapping around the rod.

Most feature an S-shape hook that slides one side of the curve of the ‘S’ on the rod while the other curve slip with ease the holes on the liner and curtain.

Another newer double hook design lets you attach the curtain and the liner separately with a bit of space between the two. Such a design is better because it keeps the liner inside the bathroom and the curtain outside.

Top 10 Best Curtain Hooks

We have taken our valuable time to evaluate the modern curtain hooks currently in the market. We aim to provide you with a helpful guide to help you make the right choice.

We will describe ten of the best models then later discuss a few features to consider when looking for the best shower curtain to buy. Stay with us.

1. Maytex Curtain Rings Double Roller Glide Hooks

Are you struggling with opening and closing your shower curtains? It is now time for you to replace your troublesome curtain hooks with a newer and better model. One such model is the Maytex Curtain Rings.

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These curtain rings feature décor and functionally enhancing design and eliminate the constant war tag that pitches you against the bath time. The hooks are friction-free and are designed to quietly glide across the curtain rod, not spooking those in the house.

As the name sounds, the Maytex Double Glide Shower Curtain hooks feature a dual hook design that is engineered to hang your curtain and liner separately while staying on the shower rod. When you place an order, expect to get sets of dozen standard shower curtains installation.

The hooks are resistant to rust and feature five rolling balls. It’s these balls that let the clips roll or glide effortlessly along the shower rod. Such innovative design is consistent with Maytex’s brand reputation and performance when it comes to bathroom fixtures.

Since people have variable tastes and preferences, the curtain hooks come in various colors. Choose from brushed nickel, chrome and bronze colors depending on the décor of your bathroom. Regardless of the finish you choose, the hooks will make an excellent addition to your bathroom.


  • Hangs both the curtain and the liner
  • Glides effortlessly and quietly along the curtain rod
  • Make from a rust-resistant material
  • Feature a design that stays on the rod
  • Available in three different colors


  • It may have issues working with thin curtains

2. Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings

Amazer is another worthy contender when it comes to the best shower curtain hooks for your bathroom. It presents a futuristic design that looks not only good but also incredibly functional. The hooks have qualified for a position here because of several great features.

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First, it is highly sturdy and durable, thanks to stainless steel construction. This design material will give you years of practical use in your bathroom. Stainless steel is a non-magnetic metal material that is also resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Second, the Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks will boost your bathroom décor. Plated and polished nickel are responsible for accenting your bathroom. In other words, the steel material has a glossy nickel finish. Because of this, the hooks sparkle beautifully in the presence of light. This adds an exquisite look to any bathroom.

The third feature responsible for outstanding performance is the free gilding action. You do not have to be concerned about snagging, effort, and unnecessary hassle. The design is reliable in specially engineered spherical balls that minimize friction, allowing effortless gliding across rods with virtually no effort.

Finally, these are heavy-duty closing hooks. The hooks are robust enough to hold a heavy shower curtain without giving in. Unfortunately, they get sealed shut, making it impossible for the curtain to slip off the rings. A single package comes as a set of twelve, a standard 60 or 72 inches opening.


  • Made of premium quality stainless steel
  • Polished for a great, elegant look
  • Effortless to install and use
  • Free gliding action that is friction-free


  • Tend to rotate, turning upside down

3. Tanker Shower Curtain Hooks Rings

Tanker Shower Curtain Hooks provides you with a way to effortlessly use your bathroom while at the same time enhancing the décor of your bathroom. Just like others in our list of best shower curtain hooks, this model operates smoothly and quietly.

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The curtains are smooth gliding. They feature engineered spherical roller balls of shower curtain hooks to glide smoothly and rapidly across the shower curtain rod. Since there is no snagging or friction, you can be sure you won’t wake people up while drawing the bathroom curtain in the wee hours of the night.

Like the Maytex curtain we reviewed earlier, this unit features a double hooks design. Such double roller glide shower curtain design ensures the hooks are solid enough to hold the shower curtain as a shower liner without caving in.

For durability and longevity, these curtain hooks are made of high quality and selected material. Besides being so strong, you can ensure the curtains won’t rust even when it comes into contact with shower water.

Furthermore, the accessories are plated and polished to improve your bathroom décor and hence the value of your home as a whole. Like others, the curtain hooks come as a set of 12 rings. Because of this, it will meet most of the quantity and quality demands for one standard bathroom.


  • The hooks glide smoothly and quietly
  • Double hook design holds both curtain and liner
  • High-quality rust-free metal construction
  • Elegantly plated and coated


  • The hooks don’t seem to open wide enough

4. Migos Shower Curtain Rings for Bathroom

If you are tired of finding your curtain only to find it stuck and unwilling to move, then you should think of installing high-quality replacement shower curtain hooks. Migos Shower Curtain Rings for Bathroom are major contenders you can choose.

Migos Shower Curtain Rings for Bathroom Img

First, they are chrome plated and polished, and nickel finished giving them an elegant appearance. Second, the hooks sparkle beautifully in the presence of light. You can only imagine how marvellous your bathroom will look primarily at night with artificial light.

The second reason you might want to choose these excellent shower curtain rings is the free gliding action. Forget about the snagging, the effort and the hassle you will commonly encounter with substandard hooks.

These curtain accessories feature specially designed spherical balls that significantly reduce friction and provide effortless gliding across the rod with literally no effort. The hooks are solid and therefore are capable of holding a heavy curtain plus the liner. Besides, they are sealed and thus impossible for the bathroom curtain to slip off the rings.

They come as a SET OF dozen hooks for a standard 60-inch or 72-inch opening. Migos has lots of confidence in their products, and that is why they offer policies better than a money-back guarantee. So if you aren’t happy for some reason, you can get refunded without having to answer questions asked.


  • Free gliding, quiet action
  • Plated and polished to sparkle in the presence of light
  • Strong hooks that effortlessly holds curtains
  • Operates without friction
  • Made of robust and rust-free steel


  • Metal thickness (gauge) is pretty thin

5. Amazer Shower Curtain Rings – Matte Nickel

Amazon has another great quality shower curtain hooks that will improve the status of your bathroom by enhancing its décor. Like other top-quality models, this unit has a free gilding action. The rings hold the curtain and the liner firmly and do not let go.

Amazer Shower Curtain Rings – Matte Nickel Img

These shower accessories feature an excellent design consisting of specially engineered spherical balls designed to minimize friction and allow effortless gliding across the curtain rod with literally no difficulty or effort.

Furthermore, their double hook design could hang both your shower curtain and the liner without letting go. In other words, the shower curtain rings are solid and robust enough to hold even the heaviest curtain and the liner.

The durability of curtain hooks resides in the material used to construct them. Top-quality models use real metal that is often coated and plated to enhance their appearance and, therefore, the bathroom. However, the best material for these gadgets is stainless steel, valid for the Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks.

The hooks feature heavy-duty brass and durable stainless steel construction that will give you years of use in the problematic bathroom elements. In addition, the stainless steel is non-magnetic, rustproof and non-corrosive. This means it will last both indoors and outdoors without rusting.

Furthermore, the steel is plated with rust-free material and then polished with an elegant matte nickel finish. Besides looking classical, such finish sparkles in the presence of light, thereby adding an exquisite appearance to any bathroom.


  • Fit all standard size shower curtain rods
  • Double hook design for curtain and liner
  • Made of plated and polished stainless steel
  • Solid and durable stainless steel construction


  • The hooks are somewhat wobbly

6. Goodwin Shower Curtain Hooks

People love beautiful things, and the bathroom is not an exception. Goodwin Shower Curtain Hooks can give your bathroom the much-needed facelift and improved functionality. With it, you will enjoy your time in the bathroom as you will do so in comfort and total relaxation.

Goodwin Shower Curtain Hooks Img

The Goodwin shower curtain rings are crafted from 304 stainless steel using a process called electroplating. Such technology ensures the material is pliable and allows for the crafting of artistic impressions. The result is a beautiful curtain to help you hang your bathroom curtain and the liner.

As you may already be aware, stainless steel is robust, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. Thus you’ll manage to use the curtain hooks for the year despite the harsh environment that exists in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the accessories feature a roller balls design that minimizes friction and potentiates smooth gliding. The double hook design ensures the rings keep balance without falling even when hanging the liner and the curtain.

The double shower curtain hooks are straightforward to install and uninstall. It comes in a set of 12 shower hooks for curtains and is designed to fit all standard-sized bathroom curtains rods. So if you think it’s time to give your bathroom a facelift or boost its performance, then place an order for Goodwin Shower Curtain Hooks; they will not disappoint you.


  • Rust- and corrosion-proof design material
  • Slides smoothly and quietly
  • Double shower hook design holds both the curtain and the liner
  • Elegantly designed to improve bathroom décor


  • It would have been better if it was nickel-finished.

7. Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain Hooks

Utopia promises to give you the most value for your money with their top-rated Roller Ball Bathroom Shower Curtain Rings Hooks. The accessories feature a simple but clever design comprising smooth roller balls and a seamless pinch-clasp design. This allows the curtain to move hassle-free but stays put on the hooks.

Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain Hooks Img

The hooks are attractively modern yet understated. They work together with almost any contemporary as well as traditional décor. Furthermore, they work equally well with both liners and curtains. You no longer have to apologize for waking your people too early while drawing a noisy bathroom curtain.

The non-magnetic high-grade stainless steel construction ensures it is long-lasting and rustproof despite the harsh bathroom elements. Thus the Roller Shower Curtain Rings/hooks will glide effortlessly on any standard size shower curtain rod.

It comes as a PVC pack of 12 hooks measuring 69 millimeters by 39 millimeters. Since it is fashioned from bronze-finished steel, the hooks are not only rust- and corrosion-resistant but will also sparkle elegantly in the presence of light, giving your bathroom a level of luxury.

So why should you put your money on the Utopia Bedding Shower Curtains hooks or rings? Well, you will do so if you need quiet operation, friction-free and swift moment, ease of installation and long-lasting service.


  • Quiet, smooth and effortless operation
  • Fast movement of the curtain and the liner
  • It’s bronze-plated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Install is straightforward and quick
  • Available in a Set of 12 for standard bathroom curtain rods


  • Some customers expressed concern about the construction material.

8. Qulable 24 pcs Shower Curtain Rings

You must have noticed that all the best shower curtain hooks we have reviewed so far come in a pack of 12. The Qulable rings come in a set of double number; that is, it consists of 24 plastic hooks. This provides even better support regardless of the weight of both the curtain and the liner.

Qulable 24 pcs Shower Curtain Rings Img

Made of simple plastic of a variety of colors, they will amplify and improve the interior décor of your bathroom. Plastic material is well-known for its durability, lightweight, flexibility as well as corrosion resistance. In addition, it is incredibly convenient to install and undo on the shower rod besides being easy to use and clean.

Unlike the brands we have so far reviewed, these hooks are C-shape and oval-shaped, making them effortless to slide across the rail. Furthermore, the shape gives hooks good stretchability and ensures there is no slipping out.

In terms of fitment and dimensions, each ring measures approximately 6cm length x 4 cm width. Such measurements will easily fit most standard size shower curtain rods. With the hooks, you can cleverly save space in your home while also giving a touch of luxury and elegance.

Besides shower curtains and liners, you can use the hooks for your bathtub suit for the tub, changing room, dressing room and other places that need screening. The plastic construction won’t rust and gives the hooks a decent lifespan.


  • Extraordinarily flexibly plastic construction
  • Rustproof and waterproof for long service
  • Installation is straightforward
  • It comes in a pack of 24 plastic hooks
  • Lightweight but strong to hold even heavy showers curtains


  • Some users do not find them luxurious although functional.

9. iDesign 55871 Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks

IDesign has emerged as one of the best brands currently in the market. Their products are designed with simplicity, practicality and flexibility to enhance the functionality and appearance of your bathroom. Only a few brands can match the quality the company exhibits.

iDesign 55871 Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks Img

Apart from showering curtains hooks, the brand makes accessories such as bath mats and rugs, shower caddies, curtains, liners, etc. So you can be sure you are in safe hands should you choose to order the Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks.

These hooks are effortless to attach to your shower curtain rails. The design is minimalist and provides an easy flow of movement when you need to adjust the curtain. Furthermore, the hooks operate smoothly and quietly; no friction whatsoever.

You need to be very keen about the material used to make the hooks because they determine how long the accessories will stay in place. Luckily, the Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks iDesign is constructed with top-quality steel and then coated with a bronze finish that will complement any bathroom décor.

Despite the metal construction, the hooks are rustproof and corrosion-proof. However, some users claim that the rings are rustproof, but many agree about their durability. The clips come in a set of 12, with each ring measuring 5in x 2in x 3in.


  • Decorated shower curtain hooks
  • The bronze design matches the majority of décors
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • It comes in a set of twelve
  • Operates smoothly and quietly


  • Tend to come off the rod quite often
  • They are some of the heaviest shower hooks

10. LIHAO 12 Piece Set Rustproof Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings

Hanging a shower curtain perfectly and securely in your shower area needs heavy-duty hooks that can withstand sudden, forceful tugs, pulls, and jerks. LIHAO Roller Style Shower Curtain Hooks present an elegant, functional and decorative solution to your shower curtain-hoisting needs.

These hooks are constructed from durable, rugged, type-304 non-magnetic stainless steel. This material has a nonporous surface that can resist bacterial colonization. As such, it will serve you for years without rusting or corrosion.

Another feature worth mentioning is the roller function which allows the hooks to glide effortlessly over the shower rail. Furthermore, their design features smooth-rolling ball bearings, which significantly eliminates snagging, and tugging pulling of the curtain.

It would be crazy to seek the services of a plumber or any other professional to help you install your new bathroom hooks. LIHAO curtain rings eliminate this problem. They are straightforward to install and complement effortlessly with popular bath hardware finishes.

The double hook design allows you to coordinate the rings with your favorite curtain and the liner to enjoy improved privacy moisture protection in your bathroom. Like most other models, these units come in a pack of twelve perfectly sized for standard shower curtain rods.


  • Heavy-duty hooks hold both shower curtain and liner
  • Made from robust, type 304 stainless steel
  • Roller function allows free-gliding
  • Effortless to install and coordinate


  • The hooks are somewhat too tight to open
  • Sparkling finish tends to fade quickly

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtain Hooks

Swapping your current shower curtain hooks with new modern options is a noble idea. It will not only alter the décor of your bathroom but also improve its functionality. But, unfortunately, hitting a store without a solid plan to get the best shower curtain hooks is a reliable source of headache.

Luckily, you can get a workable plan by taking advantage of our in-depth buying guide. We have come up with six vital factors to consider when you venture out to buy these awesome bathroom accessories.

FunctionalityMany people don’t seem to recognize how important it is to use the best shower curtain hooks for your bathroom. The problem starts when you hear an annoying noise or the curtain snags, pulls or tugs when you are drawing it.

Such noise results from friction emanating from rusted metal hooks dragging against the shower curtain rod. Modern shower curtain rings feature double hooks design with spherical balls that glide or flow smoothly and quietly along the curtain rails.

Curtain Hook Design

Once upon a time, shower curtains were simply hung with rings. Such was simple in design, latched around your curtain rod. Today, manufacturers have improved the design to eliminate the fuss associated with the latch by incorporating a hook design.

Most of the newer models feature an S-shaped design. One curve of the S hangs around the curtain while the second curve effortlessly slides through the holes in the curtain and the liner. Such design makes modern options, including the ones we have reviewed, easy to install and uninstall.

Some newer designs have gone even further and feature a design that lets you hang the curtain and liner separately. Such design makes leaves a small space between the liner and the curtain makes it effortless to retain the liner inside and the curtain outside.

Construction Material

Strength and durability are important considerations when buying any product except foodstuffs. Since the shower curtain hooks will have to hold both the curtain and the liner, they must feature strong materials.

The most typical materials used to make these products include metal and plastic. Metal is tricky because the more robust and easier to manipulate types such as steel aren’t rustproof. We all know the bathroom environment has moisture and chemicals that can corrode and rust metallic hooks.

Likely, most models try the best they can to protect their hooks made of metals from corrosion and rusting. When shopping, pay attention to making sure that the model you choose is rust and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel emerges as the most preferred material.

There are also decent plastic hooks out there. Such material is excellent because it is easy to manipulate and therefore install and virtually rustproof. However, some people don’t appreciate them because they look rather bland compared to their metallic counterparts.

Finish o Coating

One of the reasons for installing new shower curtain hooks or rings is to improve the stature of your bathroom. You want curtain hooks that look elegant and able to blend well with your bathroom décor. This has a lot to do with the finish or coating of the rings.

Most brands coat stainless steel or other material with shiny or sparkling material such as nickel or chrome. Such painted models sparkle in the presence of light, giving your bathroom an elegant and luxurious appearance. The coating also protects them from rust and harsh elements in the bathroom.

It would be a wise idea to choose the curtain first before buying the hooks. This will allow you to choose what truly complements your bathroom décor.


You do not want to order curtain hooks only to realize they aren’t compatible with your curtain rod and your curtain. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to install them. Besides, the curtain will not slide freely and smoothly.

The rings differ significantly in measurements, so you must choose based on the installations in your bathroom. However, most brands are conscious of the differences in dimensions and make hooks that are perfect fitments or matches for the rods and curtains.


When purchasing any product, one of the essential starting points is the price. Curtain hooks are not that expensive, but you still need to budget for them. However, it would be best to start saving by buying a high-quality pack that will give you a long-term service.

It would be best if you created ample time to research and compare different brands in terms of price and quality. However, you should not compromise quality for affordability. Furthermore, you can boost your chances of getting excellent quality curtain hooks to pack by taking advantage of promotions and discounts.

Shower Curtain FAQs

How do metal curtain hooks compare with plastic?

Metal hooks are made of stainless steel or plated with metals such as zinc, brass or zinc, giving them high durability and longevity. Plastic models are lightweight, rustproof but may not be as durable as metal.

Can shower curtain hooks hold both liner and the curtain?

Yes, they can. Today, a few models made curtain rings that have different parts for the liner and the curtain, allowing small space between them. This is important because it makes operating the curtain effortless.

What are the best shower curtain hooks brands?

There is one single brand that we can claim is the best. However, the ones we have reviewed their products here are reputable and have made a name for themselves in bathroom accessories. You will do well to check them out.

How many hooks go into a single shower curtain?

There is no average or standard number of hooks for shower curtains. The number that you will require squarely depends on the dimensions of your curtains. For example, curtains that measure 42″W x 72″H will need seven hooks while those measuring 70″W x 72″H will need 12 of them.

Final Verdict

It is time you gave your bathroom a new lease of life by improving its appearance. The best way to go about that is to install the best shower curtain hooks currently in the market. We trust you find our top ten picks worth trying. If not, you can use the in-depth buying guide to make a more personalized choice than our recommendations. We appreciate you very much for taking the time to read our reviews. You are free to share or recommend it to others.

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