The 10 Best Shower Foot Scrubber Reviews in 2021


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Do you have hooves for heels? I mean that hard, cracked, callus-infested sole? Well, it’s time you tamed it with the best shower foot scrubbers.

But why a shower foot scrubber? Well, it provides cheap, at-home treatment, saving you expensive spa trips. It’s pretty much the Holy Grail for extraneous skin removal, giving amazing results right away.

However, to make your exfoliating routine easier, you need the best foot scrubber for dead skin. In this article, I’ll slice through the best shower foot scrubbers as well as guide you on how to pick the right one.

10 Best Shower Foot Scrubber

1. Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp File and Callus Remover

For most people, I included, Rikans callus remover is the best foot scrubber ever. It has thousands of five-star reviews, making it the best-selling callus remover.



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But is it worth all the hype? Moreover, is it the right shower foot scrubber for you? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

First, you’ll appreciate the versatility of Rikans foot scrubber. It guarantees professional results on dry, wet, or pre-soaked feet.

Moreover, you don’t need a lot of muscles to use this scrubber. A little pressure is all you need, and pairing with the lightweight design; this foot file is great for people of all ages.

This foot scrubber is as gentle as it can get. The surgical-grade stainless steel surface, which looks more like a cheese grater, makes sure of that. It’s sharp enough to shave layers of dried callouses instantly. Still, it doesn’t leave behind any cuts or nicks.

Again, the stainless steel part allows you to work your feet at different angles. Hence, it’s quite unlikely you’ll grind off your skin by accident.

At 2 x 5 inches, this callus remover has a sizeable scrubbing area. You only need a few passes for quick, amazing results.

The plastic handle provides an ergonomic grip and is large enough for most hand sizes. Furthermore, it has a hole for easy hanging when drying.

Stainless steel and plastic make a good combination for rust-free performance. Also, both materials are mold-resistant for more hygienic cleaning performance.

But what is this shower foot scrubber best for?

Well, Rikans callus remover is a perfect solution for cracked, dried, or calloused feet. You can use it to scrub the heel or bottom of your feet.

Any tips for using the foot scrubber?

Okay, after using this callus remover, apply liquid lotion on the rasp. For this, you can use shampoo or conditioner. Also, before and after use, soak this foot file in Barbicide to sanitize it.


  • Ideal for both dry and wet feet
  • Sizeable scrubbing surface
  • Rust and mold-resistant
  • Bonus storage pouch


  • Not ideal for mild callus

2. Maryton Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover

Foot scrubber stones are an easy and effective answer to calloused feet. Well, pumice stone from Maryton is no exception. It does the job perfectly, providing a new-feet pedicure experience.



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Okay, this pumice stone has some good stats as far as customer reviews go. For instance, it’s the best seller in the pumice stone category.

But why should you go for this synthetic lava pumice stone?

First, this pumice stone offers a 2-in-1 design comprising two levels of coarseness. It has a fine smooth side and a coarse side. So, what does that mean?

Well, two levels of coarseness allow it to accommodate any calloused feet. Even better, the fine smooth side is gentle enough to be used on your elbows, hands, and even body. Moreover, you can apply whatever pressure you like.

Secondly, this pumice stone is just the right size. At 5 x 2 x 1 inch, it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. Also, it’s the ideal size to carry.

So, what are the uses of this pumice stone?

Well, Maryton pumice stone is for calluses, corns, hard skin, and cracked heels. And thanks to the smooth fine side, you can use it as a body scrub.

Are there any must-know tips for using this foot scrubber stone?

Maryton pumice stone offers the best results on wet or pre-soaked feet. Hence, it’s best used in the shower or after bath. Also, apply lotion on the skin after each use.

So, do the two levels of coarseness make it safe for all skin types?

No, there are some exceptions when it comes to this pumice stone. Please, don’t use it on soft, delicate, or inflamed red skin.


  • Affordable package of four pumice stones
  • 2-in-1 scrub bar
  • Two levels of coarseness
  • It fits snug in your palm
  • More uniform than a natural pumice stone


  • The stone tends to crumble over time
  • Only suitable on wet feet

3. Lori Shower Foot Massager Scrubber

Lori foot scrubber is pretty much a newer concept in the world of best shower foot scrubbers. I mean, it does more than provide a good scrubbing.



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So, what gives it an edge over other shower foot scrubbers on the market?

Well, this silicone foot scrubber has thousands of flexible bristles, including acupressure points. The bristles are the ones that do the scrubbing. The acupressure points, on the other hand, provide a gentle massage shower to improve circulation and reduce foot pain.

But there’s more.

As it turns out, the thousands of bristles also work between your toes, providing several benefits. It helps to fight fungal infections, foot odors, and other ailments.

Are there any other additional features that make this foot massager scrubber stand out?

Other than pampering you from feet to toe, this foot scrubber also guarantees your safety. By having non-slip suction cups, it prevents accidental falls on the wet bathroom floor. Also, the scrubber has a hole for hanging and drying. And at 10 x 10 inches, it’s large enough for both feet.

Now, what is this foot massager scrubber best for?

Well, this shower scrubber is best for soothing tired, achy feet and improving overall foot health. Again, it’s a great tool for eliminating dry, flaky skin.

Any tips for using this foot massager scrubber?

For best results, use this foot scrubber from a standing position or seated chair position. Also, soak your feet in warm water before use.

And did you know?

By allowing you to use it in a standing or seated, chair position this foot scrubber eliminates the need for bending, hence saving your back. Hence, it’s comfortable for the elderly or people in wheelchairs.


  • Pampers your feet from heel to toe
  • Improves circulation
  • Fights foot odor and fungal infections
  • It eliminates the need for bending
  • Anti-slip rubber base


  • Not good enough for severely cracked or calloused feet

4. Pumice Valley 100% Natural Lava Pumice Stone Callus Remover

Do you want to treat yourself to a natural foot exfoliator? Well, this natural lava pumice stone deserves the utmost attention.



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But why spend your money on this pumice stone callus remover?

Well, this pumice stone does more than get rid of nasty calluses. The pure earth lava contains trace elements that massage and stimulate blood flow. By doing so, it relieves fatigue, leaving you feeling relaxed.

So, how well does this pumice stone perform as a scrubber?

This pumice stone leaves you with silky soft, baby-like feet. Also, you’ll love its versatility. Besides the feet and heels, you can use this pumice stone on the elbow and palm of your hands.

Any additional features that give it an extra edge?

Yeah, this pumice stone has other features that will appeal to you. It has a loop to hang for drying or storage. Also, the stone is small enough to hold in your hand comfortably.

Any tips on how to use this pumice stone callus remover?

This pumice stone offers the best results on wet feet. Also, dampen it in water before use. And if you want it for preventive maintenance, two times of use per week is sufficient.

So, who should buy this pumice lava stone?

Pumice Valley stone is for anyone who has nasty calluses or dry, cracked, rough skin. Also, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to promote foot health. Just ensure you don’t use it on delicate, soft, inflamed skin.


  • 100% natural
  • Massages and stimulates blood flow
  • Easy to grip and hold
  • Ideal for the legs, palm, and elbow
  • Includes a hanging loop


  • Only ideal on wet feet

5. Gilden Tree 2-in-1 Pumice Stone

Gilden Tree pumice stone is a game-changer that tames calluses and dry, dead skin. Though not natural, it has invaluable benefits that make it one of the best foot exfoliator tools.



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What about we spend a minute to look at the benefits it has in store?

Well, this pumice stone is fashioned from 100% natural terra cotta with close attention to details. It doesn’t rust like metal foot scrubbers or wear down like natural pumice. For your attention, this pumice stone provides up to five years of efficient, consistent scrubbing.

Did you know it also has two sides?

As it turns out, this pumice stone has two unique scrubbing surfaces. It has a coarse side that gets rid of calluses and dead, dry skin. Also, there is a smooth, ribbed side that smooth and polishes pesky skin.

Still, there are other thoughtful features.

The pumice side has the texture only on the surface. Hence, it doesn’t trap dirt and dead skin cells, making it easy to clean. Moreover, the design improves airflow, allowing the pumice stone to dry faster.

How well does it score in terms of ergonomics?

Okay, this pumice stone has a sizeable scrubbing surface. Thus, it makes short work of cleaning your feet and getting rid of nasty calluses. Still, it’s small enough to hold in your hand.

So, how do I get the best results out of this pumice stone?

Wet both your feet and the foot scrubber, adding a drop of liquid soap. Start scrubbing gently with the rough side, then buff with the ribbed side to smooth and polish the skin.


  • Scrubs, smooth, and polishes
  • Ergonomic design
  • It lasts over five years
  • Dries fast to prevent molds
  • Extra-large scrubbing surface
  • Easy to clean


  • You can’t hang it for drying

6. Zenda Naturals Pumice Stone for Feet

Zenda pumice stone is another excellent natural exfoliator. It’s handpicked from the earth, hence doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients.



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But why spend your hard-earned cash on this pumice stone?

First, it’s naturally occurring, hence contains trace elements that improve the overall health of your feet. Moreover, it leaves your skin soft and smooth after only one use.

Is there any other impressive feature?

Yes, this pumice stone comes complete with a hanging loop for storage and drying. Also, it’s the perfect size for any hand size. You get it in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your test.

How far can it go to keep my feet clean?

Well, Zenda pumice stone is an aggressive foot exfoliator. It gets rid of stains, corns, calluses, and dead skin.

Any professional tips on how to use this pumice stone?

Yes, use this pumice stone on wet, pre-soaked feet. Rub it gently in a circular motion, rinse, and repeat. Once the callus is gone, dry and moisturize your feet.  Also, for sanitation purposes, keep the pumice stone clean by boiling it in water.

So, how often should I exfoliate with this pumice stone?

Well, this pumice stone is for daily use. That way, it will provide continuously soft skin.


  • Easy to store and hang-dry
  • Leaves your skin soft after one use
  • Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Exfoliates your hands, feet, elbow, back, and legs
  • Massages to improve blood circulation


  • It tends to have patches of smooth surface

7. Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad & Massager

Or are you looking for a mini foot massager and scrubber, one that does one foot at a time? Well, look no further than Soapy Soles foot scrubber and massage pad.



Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad & Massager Img

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But what makes such a small foot exfoliator tool stand out?

Well, lots of thought goes into the design of this shower foot scrubber. It takes the shape of your feet to avoid any awkward bending and balancing. And most important, it has 1500 massage fingers to pamper tired, achy feet. It’s this last feature that makes it a go-to choice for most expectant mothers. Again, this foot scrubber and massager hold the soap well to clean deep and provide better results.

So, how well does it score regarding safety and convenience?

Okay, this food exfoliator and massager has suction feet that grip onto the shower floor or soaking tub surface to prevent accidents. Also, you use it from a standing position, making it ideal for those with knee, hip, and back problems.

Is that all you get from this foot scrubber and massager?

Well, the package includes more than this polyvinyl foot scrubbing pad. You also get a sample liquid soap packet to get you started.


  • Scrubs and massages
  • Non-slip shower floor suctions
  • Ergonomic, foot-shaped design
  • Holds the soap well
  • Includes sample liquid soap
  • It eliminates the need for bending


  • Scrubs and massages one foot at a time

8. Foot File by Joovr Callus Remover

Some products tend to look more than duplicates. That’s the case with the Rikans and Joovr callus remover, with the latter being a cheaper option.



Foot File by Joovr Callus Remover Img

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But does the low price affect quality?

No, it doesn’t. Joovr callus remover comes in durable materials. It has stainless steel scrubbing surface and durable, non-slip showerheads.

And performance? How does it perform as a callus remover?

Well, the surgical-grade stainless steel blades make quick work of thick callus, shaving it off effortlessly. Also, the extra-large scrubbing area and lightweight design promise quick, professional results.

Still, there are other handy features that make this callus remover one of the best.

Most noteworthy is the hanging hole. It makes it easier to store and dry. Also, the steel blades don’t hold onto dirt and dead skin, making this callus remover easy to clean.

How do I derive the most out of this foot file?

Well, use it on wet feet pre-soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Also, apply lotion after cleaning and removing dead skin. Still, you can also use it on dry feet.


  • Ideal for dry or wet feet
  • It has a hanging hole
  • Extra-large scrubbing surface
  • Rust and mold-resistant
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle


  • Not ideal for mild callus

9. All-Star Innovations Fresh Feet-Foot Scrubber with Pumice Stone

Do you want to treat yourself to an all-in-one foot exfoliator tool? Well, this foot scrubber has the right features to serve the purpose.


All-Star Innovations Fresh Feet-Foot Scrubber with Pumice Stone Img

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Are you wondering why I call it an all-in-one solution?

Well, this foot scrubber combines pumice stone and dual-bristle design. It cleans, exfoliates, and massages your feet. Also, it has an anti-microbial treatment that eliminates bacteria, mold, and mildew to keep your feet in good health.

What else is great besides the massage and exfoliation functions?

Well, this foot scrubber has a contoured design. It cradles your feet and holds the soap well. Other additional features include suction cups for better grip and a cord loop for hanging and drying. Also, it has non-slip extensions for standing on.

But just how easy is it to use the fresh-feet foot exfoliator tool?

Okay, this foot scrubber allows you to clean, exfoliate, and massage your feet from all angles. Moreover, you use it from a standing position, eliminating the need for bending. Such a feature makes it perfect for expectant mothers, seniors, and those who have arthritis.

Any tips on using this foot scrubber and massager?

For fresh, baby-smooth feet, use this foot scrubber with your favorite soap. It helps a lot with the exfoliation process and leaves your feet smelling fresh.


  • It exfoliates, cleans, and massages
  • The anti-microbial treatment eliminates odors
  • No-bend design saves your back, hip, and knees
  • Contoured for cradling comfort and all-angle use
  • Non-slip step-on wings and suction cups
  • Built-in pumice stone stays in one place
  • Hanging cord loop for drying and storage


  • The pumice stone wears down over time

10. New Product Solutions TOE094 Miracle Foot Brush

It’s called miracle foot scrubber for a reason. It promises a magical foot pedicure experience each time you use it.



New Product Solutions TOE094 Miracle Foot Brush Img

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But just what exactly makes it one of the best shower foot scrubbers?

First, it has a 2-in-1 design. It has a built-in pumice stone part for exfoliation and a brush part for foot cleaning and massage.

Secondly, it has an extra-long 30-inch handle to eliminate the need for bending. This feature, in particular, makes it ideal for senior citizens, diabetic patients, and those with limited mobility.

Still, there’s a lot more to benefit from this foot scrubber.

It has a mold-resistant design to prevent odors and a non-slip handle for better grip. Also, there’s a hook that allows you to hang it for storage and drying.

And did you know?

The 30-inch handle has two parts. Hence, you can take it apart for easy storage after use.


  • Exfoliates and massages your feet
  • Extra-long handle for extended reach
  • Built-in hook for storage
  • Mold-resistant design
  • Contoured, non-slip handle
  • Safe for people with diabetes and limited mobility


  • The pumice stone is a bit too small for a large scrubbing job

Best Shower Foot Scrubber: Complete Guide

Type of foot scrubber

As it turns out, there are different types of foot scrubbers. So, the first thing is to know which type of foot scrubber is ideal for your needs.

We have pumice stone, scrubbing mats, electric scrubbers, foot file sticks, and scrubber brush.

Pumice stone: It’s a lightly abrasive, naturally occurring stone that has been used for centuries as a foot exfoliator tool. Well, a pumice stone is perfect for removing dead, dry skin as well as calluses and corns. Also, some have trace elements for overall foot health.

Scrubbing mats

Scrubbing mats provide one of the easiest ways to clean your feet. They have bristles that not only scrub but also massage your feet, getting in between the toes. So, it’s a multi-tasker that pampers you from feet to toe.

Electric scrubbers

They come in corded and rechargeable options. Well, electric scrubbers are perfect for eliminating the hardest calluses.

Foot file sticks

Foot file sticks are the most common and popular choice in most spas. They remove calluses and dead skin quickly, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

Scrubber brush

Most often, scrubber brushes have handles to reduce the strain on your body. It’s the best shower foot scrubber for seniors and those who have trouble bending.

Skin condition

A shower foot scrubber is not a tool that you can use on any skin type. There are certain limitations. For instance, it shouldn’t be used on red, inflamed, or itching skin. Also, avoid use on soft, delicate skin.


You need a foot scrubber that can withstand the wet shower environment and still remain free of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It will prevent odor, fungal infections and keep your feet in good health.


A lot of scrubbing is required to give you soft, smooth feet. You might have to do it daily or a couple of times a week. Hence, you need a durable shower foot scrubber that can withstand the abuse. Natural stone, terra cotta, plastic, and stainless steel are top choices when it comes to durability.

Storage & drying

Choose a shower foot scrubber that’s easy to store and dry after use. Most come with a hole, cord loop, or hook to hand for storage or drying.


Shower foot scrubbers, especially scrubbing mats, ought to have safety features. Most notable are the suction cups that grip onto the bathroom floor to prevent accidental falls.

Shower Foot Scrubber FAQs

Question: Why use a shower foot scrubber?

Answer: Well, a shower foot scrubber cleans your feet, smoothes the skin, and relieves foot aches. Also, it rejuvenates the skin and improves the results of your pedicure.

Question: How often should I use a shower foot scrubber?

Answer: I recommend using a foot exfoliator at least two times a week. Use it more often for callused or cracked feet. However, for preventive maintenance, one or two times a week will suffice.

Question: How deep should I scrub my feet?

Answer: Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard and deep. Do it gently, and only scrap down layers of dead, dry skin. By doing so, you’ll reduce the risk of cuts and infections.


That’s all for the best dead skin remover for feet. As you can see, the best shower foot scrubbers don’t cost that much. Still, they provide a spa experience and are pretty straightforward to use. And depending on which scrubber you pick, you can get a good scrub as well as a foot massage. So, which model do you say is the best foot exfoliator tool? Let me know in the comments.

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