The 10 Best Toilet Sprayer Reviews in 2021


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How much toilet paper do you use? According to the Diaz-Wood toilet paper calculator, the average person visits the toilet 6-7 times daily and uses up to 57 sheets of toilet paper. Indeed, it’s a real waste and less eco-friendly. The more reason you should invest in the best toilet sprayer.

Now here are some interesting facts regarding bidet sprayers. They are gentler, more hygienic, and clean better. Also, bidet sprayers significantly reduce clogging and the amount of water required to flush down the waste.

Still, there’s a bit of homework required in picking the best toilet sprayer. But no cause for worry. We have a comprehensive review of the best bidet sprayers on the market. Also, we state which area they perform the best and the features that make them stand out. Moreover, we have a guide that outlines the features to look for in the best toilet sprayer.

Best Toilet Sprayer Reviews

 1. JP Bathroom Master Hand-Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer

JP Master is a versatile toilet sprayer that combines lasting quality and unbeatable functionality. It’s a comfortable, hygienic solution for every family, toilet, and bidet.

Special Features

Durable design

This bidet sprayer promises years of service. The sprayer head and hanger come in heavy-duty, engineered plastic finished in chrome. The 4-foot hose, on the other hand, comes in 201 stainless steel with reinforced nylon braiding.  Alongside that is a brass T-valve adapter with a chrome finish.



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Guaranteed leak-proof performance

The stainless steel hose has leak-resistant gaskets. Well, the gaskets are tested to 145 PSI, making this bidet sprayer ideal for high-pressure fittings.

Customizable, easy-use pressure controls

Well, the JP toilet sprayer meets your exacts needs, allowing you to clean as you like. It has simple, level-adjusting thumb control that lets you adjust the water flow accurately. You can choose from four spray modes: medium, strong, gentle, or jet stream.

Easy to install and store away

Simple, easy instructions enable you to set up this bidet sprayer in minutes. Additionally, it comes with a hanger that attaches to the wall or toilet tank.

Comprehensive bidet sprayer kit

This bidet and diaper sprayer boasts a comprehensive list of accessories to save you money. It comes complete with a stainless steel hose, T-adapter, mounting clip attachment, and two rubber washers.

Our Verdict

Users love the new design saying it allows for a smooth transition from low to high pressure. Also, they like the 24-hour customer service and the easy installation. However, some say the aim isn’t as good. But for most customers, JP Master is a cost-effective toilet sprayer that works as it should.

JP Master bidet sprayer is a solid product with multiple uses. For a bidet sprayer that offers the easiest installation, JP Master is an excellent choice.

 2. Wide-Range Compatibility: Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

Purrfectzone is a multipurpose bidet sprayer that offers a great hygienic experience without the hefty price. You can use it in endless ways, such as refilling your sink, cleaning the toilet, and washing your pet. Well, such versatility makes it a game-changer.

Special Features

Durable, sleek materials

This bidet sprayer uses durable materials that exude luxury. Except for the heavy-duty nylon nut, this toilet sprayer is all brass and stainless steel.



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Variable spray pattern

Clean just the way you like with the fully adjustable spray. By using a hand lever, you can switch between a gentle rinse and a strong jet spray. Now, one cool thing about the lever system is that it automatically cuts the flow the moment you let it go. Indeed, it’s an excellent water-saving feature.

High-pressure design

The innovative cone washer on the T-valve and the double-lock system on the braided hose guarantee leak-proof performance. Hence, it can handle the pressure in your home plumbing system without creating a mess.

Easy, two mounting options

Purrfectzone toilet sprayer is for both tank and wall-mount installations. It not only offers multiple mount options, but it’s also super easy to install. It’s a tool-free process that takes 5 minutes. Moreover, everything is included, from the drywall screws, anchors, T-valve to sprayer holder.

Guaranteed to fit most toilets

This toilet sprayer makes you worry less regarding compatibility. It can fit up to 99% of US toilets. However, for skirted, one-piece toilets, ensure to buy a package that includes a T-connector and water valve.

Our Verdict

Customers love the lifetime warranty and the high-quality materials in this bidet sprayer. Also, they love the fact that Purrfectzone offers the option of a longer 96-inch hose. Above all, they love the excellent customer service and how quickly they reply to messages.

Purrfectzone is the best-selling and top-rated bidet sprayer on the market. The best thing is that it’s available at a budget-friendly price. If you need a full range of pressure, spray patterns, and wide-range compatibility, consider the Purrfectzone bidet sprayer.

 3. RinseWorks Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

RinseWorks Aquaus is a fully certified bidet sprayer kit that gives you the ultimate control. Well, it’s similar in design to less expensive products. However, it has the most comprehensive kit of any toilet sprayer.

Special Features

High-quality construction

RinseWorks selects the best materials for this multi-use toilet sprayer. It combines brass T-connector, high-impact ABS sprayers, and stainless steel hoses for years of service. Also, RinseWorks provide 3-year warranty coverage.



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360-degree dual thumb controls

The patented 360-degree controls allow you to adjust both the angle and pressure. It provides a more precise aim and lets you clean at a more comfortable pressure.

Removable plates for perfect spray pattern

This bidet sprayer has removable 1-inch and ½-inch spray plates that provide the perfect size spray pattern for all body sizes and uses. RinseWorks make it even easier by including a plate removal tool.

Guaranteed extended reach

The kit includes a 5-inch extension. Depending on which sprayer head you use, it offers a spray reach of 4 to 11 inches. Also, the 54-inch stay-flex stainless steel hose offers even more reach.

Most comprehensive bidet sprayer kit

This kit has the most accessories of any toilet sprayer on this list. It has 3-inch, and 5-inch patented ABS sprayer heads, 5-inch extension, 54-inch hose, interchangeable spray plates, tank clip, and sprayer holder.

Free of leaks and contamination

Aquaus toilet sprayer combines brass valve cartridge and ceramic disk seals for reliable, leak-free use. Also, it has backflow preventers to avoid contamination.

Certified for legal installation

This bidet sprayer gives you peace of mind during installation. It’s NSF certified to meet plumbing code requirements.

Our Verdict

Aquaus bidet sprayer is cherished for its super-easy, precise control. Also, customers love the different spray patterns provided by the three sprayer heads. And for an NSF-certified product, they say the Aquaus bidet sprayer offers peace of mind. The only drawback they see in this toilet sprayer is the ABS sprayer head.

We love the unique, innovative design of this bidet sprayer. It offers extended reach, and you can use it from different angles. Overall, we consider it the best toilet sprayer for plus-sized users.

 4. Best-Targeted Spray Pattern: MUIHA Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set

This bidet sprayer set isn’t universal as it’s only compatible with 7/8-inch toilets. Also, it doesn’t fit other fixtures, such as a garden hose, bathtub, or sink. It, however, offers far better quality than your conventional toilet sprayer brands.

Special Features

Top premium materials

Save only for the plastic bracket; this bidet attachment boasts premium materials. It has an all-brass T-valve, stainless steel sprayer head, and stainless steel hose. Hence, it guarantees rust-proof and anti-corrosion performance.


Best-Targeted Spray Pattern MUIHA Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set Img

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Upgraded leak-proof design

The T-valve uses much tougher ceramic disc cartridges. It’s leak-proof, temperature resistant, and goes for years without repair or replacement.

Adjustable flow

MUIHA bidet sprayer has a handheld lever for adjusting the water flow and pressure. It lets you save water and clean more efficiently.

Easy install all-in-one set

There’s no need to go to your local hardware store for additional parts as this toilet sprayer comes with all components. It has the bidet sprayer head, hose, T-connector, hook, and bracket. Also, you only need simple tools to install, eliminating the need for a plumber.

Our Verdict

Customers like this bidet sprayer for precision spraying. They say it sprays where you need to, hence avoids getting everything else wet. Also, they love how the push-button offers smooth pressure control. The only drawback is the ABS sprayer head, which isn’t as durable as its metal counterparts.

MUIHA bidet sprayer is stylish and with an ergonomic design. If you want the best toilet sprayer with targeted spray patterns, this bidet sprayer will suffice.

 5. SmarterFresh Brass Bidet Sprayer

For the SmarterFresh brand, quality is a top priority. Hence, every piece, component, and connection in this toilet sprayer undergoes critical examination to ensure it performs to your expectations. Not only that, but it’s also a multipurpose toilet sprayer that accommodates over 100 uses.

Special Features

Amazing pressure for splatter-free wash

The advanced, adjustable pressure system delivers enough force to rinse away the worst soiled diaper. Indeed, it makes this bidet sprayer a real game-changer.


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Built heavy-duty

SmarterFresh bidet attachment showcases superior workmanship and materials. It has a 304 stainless steel hook, sprayer head, and anti-twist hose. Also, it has a brass T-connector, zinc alloy lever, and ceramic cartridge. Indeed, it’s built for lifetime performance.

No more surprise slip and falls

As mentioned, every connection undergoes a rigorous inspection. And with the ceramic disc cartridges, they won’t leak or cause any hassle. Because of that, you can say goodbye to accidental slips, falls, and pressure loss.

Quick installation guaranteed

The package has everything you need to set up this toilet sprayer. Besides a complete hardware set, it comes with visual instructions. Hence, the process doesn’t demand special tools, skills, or knowledge. Anyone can install this bidet sprayer in less than 10 minutes.

Multiple ways to mount

There are two mount options. You can mount it to the toilet tank or to the wall for more secure anchorage.

Our Verdict

Users love the adjustable pressure and the strong stream of water that this bidet sprayer offers. Moreover, they like the simple, quick installation. Still, they say it would have been better if it had a splash guard.

This bidet sprayer offers flexible installation and is stylish enough not to look out of place in any bathroom. Also, we recommend it for the best trigger control in a bidet sprayer.

 6. SmarterFresh Warm Water Faucet Bidet Sprayer

Say goodbye to cold water shock with this warm water bidet sprayer. It’s great for many uses and makes the cleaning process hassle-free.

Special Features

Adjustable water temperature

This bidet attachment is among the few models with a diverter valve for cold and warm water connections. Hence, you can make the water as warm or as cold as you want.



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Adjustable pressure

SmarterFresh toilet sprayer allows you to adjust more than the temperature. It has a hand lever that allows you also to adjust the pressure. It provides the full force, which makes cleaning the messiest diapers a breeze.

Trustworthy quality

Well, this toilet sprayer uses premium parts for a hassle-free guarantee. It won’t leak, tangle, or rust, thanks to solid brass and premium 304 stainless steel construction. Additionally, you get a lifetime guarantee that covers leaks, defects, and pressure loss.

Simple, self-installation kit

The package has everything; hence no extra plumbing is required. Hence, you can install the bidet sprayer with ease.

Sink faucet adapter

This bidet sprayer has a male-threaded adapter for sinks faucets with removable aerators. Still, there are additional adapters available in case of compatibility issues.

Extra-long hose

At 86 inches, the metal hose is one of the longest you can get. It pretty much reaches anything in your bathroom.

Our Verdict

Customers commend this bidet sprayer for the warm water function, lifetime guarantee, and how well it attaches to the sink. However, they feel the extra-long hose could be a tripping hazard. But for the cautious user, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Though only suitable for sinks with removable aerators, we feel this toilet sprayer has so much to offer. Anyone looking for the best toilet sprayer with warm water should consider it.

 7. Bumworks Handheld Bidet Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Bumworks is among the more affordable bidet sprayers. Still, it’s a high-end option that promises splatter-free wash and long-lasting quality.

Special Features

Strong pressure

The pressure is high enough to take care of any stinky mess and direct it where it should go. Also, the lever enables you to adjust the pressure as per your needs. Indeed, it makes cleaning simple and more hygienic.


Bumworks Handheld Bidet Cloth Diaper Sprayer Img

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Sleek and durable

Thanks to the sleek chrome finish, this bidet sprayer fits with most bathroom décor. Moreover, it combines stainless steel and sturdy brass materials to provide years of use.

Watertight connection

This bidet sprayer fits a 7/8-inch toilet water supply, providing a watertight fit. Hence, it doesn’t leave any puddles on your bathroom floor.

Complete package

Well, with this toilet sprayer, there are no extras to buy. It’s a complete set that comprises the sprayer head, T-connector, 3-foot hose, and bracket.

Quick and easy to fit

No need to call a professional plumber. This bidet sprayer is designed for standard DIY installation. Also, no tool is required, and the process takes only 10 minutes.

Our Verdict

Customers love how this bidet sprayer offers a quick, easy fit. Also, they love the chrome finish and adjustable pressure. However, they say the bracket is a bit flimsy and doesn’t fit all tanks. But overall, it gets the job done and offers your money’s worth.

Though affordable, Bumworks bidet sprayer offers one of the best cleaning experiences. It’s the best bidet sprayer if you’re looking for strong pressure and an easy fit.

 8. SonTiy Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer

SonTiy hand-held bidet sprayer is one step ahead of other toilet sprayers on the list. It combines superior construction and the latest cutting-edge technology, making it more convenient than ever.

Special Features

Unrivaled water pressure control

The new ergonomic knob design provides the best water control system. Unlike in other systems, you don’t have to hold down the lever. Instead, you simply switch it to the pressure you need. You can get a gentle spray for personal hygiene or a strong jet for cloth diapers.


SonTiy Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Img

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Heavy-duty, leak-proof solid brass construction

Say goodbye to rusty stainless steel and tattered ABS plastic. This bidet sprayer comes in heavy-duty solid brass and has an explosion-proof hose to last for generations. The T-valve, in particular, lasts up to 500,000 cycles or 15 years of use. Also, the bidet sprayer has an anti-rust chrome finish to complement most bathroom décor. And to showcase good quality, SonTiy offers 3-year warranty coverage.

Newly upgraded spray wand

At 7.9 inches, the spray wand is longer than its 7-inch predecessor. It offers more reach, especially for obese people and pregnant mothers. Even better, you get a 59-inch hose for more extended reach.

Easy tool-free installation

You can install this bidet sprayer in 5 minutes. It allows for flexible wall mount and toilet tank mount options. Also, you get a complete hardware set.

Responsive customer support

Most customer support takes ages to get back to you. But not for SonTiy. It offers quick responses within 4 hours.

Our Verdict

Customers love the newly upgraded design. They say it provides more reach and lasts twice as long as conventional bidet sprayers. Also, customers praise the way it accommodates high-pressure fittings, up to 250 PSI. Some, however, find it a bit more expensive.

SonTiy is among the most durable bidet sprayers. But what gives it the edge is the complex brass core. It makes SonTiy the best bidet sprayer for high-pressure fittings and leak-proof performance.

 9. Best Toilet Sprayer for Budget: Brondell PS-90 PureSpa Bidet Sprayer

PS-90 PureSpa toilet sprayer lacks some of the more advanced features you find in other bidet sprayers. But while simple, it gets the job done just as efficiently.

Special Features

Tough plastic construction

Except for the solid metal T-valve, this bidet sprayer comes in high-impact plastic. Also, it uses high quality, reinforced braided PVC hose. Though a plastic bidet sprayer, it can withstand the test of time.


Best Toilet Sprayer for Budget Brondell PS-90 PureSpa Bidet Sprayer Img

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Ergonomic design

The sprayer head is contoured for better grip. Well, that makes it easy to use at any angle.

Easy to install in minutes

This no-fuss bidet sprayer is easy to install without any special tools. It has all components, including a holster for toilet or wall mounting.

Compatible with cold/hot mixing valve

Brondell also has a cold/hot mixing valve that you can purchase separately. You can install it to create a warm water bidet sprayer.

Our Verdict

Most customers praise this plastic bidet sprayer, saying it performs just as efficiently as its metal counterparts. It’s durable, ergonomic, and easy to install. Customers, however, picked out one flaw. You can only adjust the pressure via the T-valve. Still, they feel the benefits outweigh this one drawback.

If precise pressure control and stylish metal finish are the least of your concerns, we recommend PureSpa bidet sprayer. It’s a budget-friendly option that provides an inexpensive way to retrofit your toilet.

 10. TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed Hot/Cold Bidet Spray Set

TRUSTMI is a 2-in-1 bidet sprayer that gives options regarding the water temperature. It offers such luxury in a sleek, durable design.

Special Features

Hot/cold water functions

Most of us don’t welcome the idea of cold water, and it gets even scarier during winter. Well, have peace of mind knowing this bidet sprayer has a mixer valve for hot and cold water.



TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed HotCold Bidet Spray Set Img

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Unbeatable durability in a sleek design

The brushed nickel finish makes this bidet sprayer a refined beauty that complements most bathroom décor. Even better, you get it in three other finishes: matte black, chrome, and brushed gold. But it’s not just about aesthetics. This toilet sprayer is also built to last, thanks to the all-metal construction. It uses premium 304 stainless steel and solid brass for unbeatable durability.

Advanced push-down switch

You don’t have to press down and hold onto the switch to maintain water flow. A single press is enough to keep the water flowing. Also, the switch allows you to choose between soft flow and jet flow patterns.

High-pressure hose

The 47-inch hose is reinforced for durability and high-pressure performance. It can withstand water pressure of 170 to 250 PSI, which puts it one step ahead of most bidet sprayers on the market.

Easy wall-mount installation

The complete hardware set makes mounting a breeze. Just have a screwdriver and a wrench for the purpose. Also, this bidet sprayer mounts on the wall, making it more secure.

What users Say

Well, to many reviewers, TRUSTMI is the sturdiest, most durable bidet sprayer. In particular, they love the hot/cold water functions. However, they find it a bit tricky to custom-install.

Our Verdict

TRUSTMI is the best high-end hot/cold bidet sprayer. It’s something you should consider if you live in cold areas.

Best Toilet Sprayer Buying Guide

Construction Materials

Ensure the components (sprayer head, T-valve, and hose) are of durable materials.

Sprayer heads generally come in stainless steel or ABS plastic. Of the two, stainless steel is a premium choice. However, choose high-quality stainless steel that isn’t prone to rust. Most often, we recommend 304 stainless steel. ABS plastic, though quite durable, doesn’t stand up to heavy wear. In this case, consider one with a chrome-plated finish.

Most hoses come in stainless steel. Some, however, use reinforced PVC. Whichever case, ensure the material is flexible for easy, extended reach. Well, to achieve such flexibility, consider flexible lining material. You can choose EDPM rubber or nylon lining.

Metal is the preferred material for the T-valve. For better performance, ensure it has at least 99% metal. As for the metal type, choose solid brass.

Pressure Control

The best toilet sprayer gives you control of the pressure and allows you to turn the flow on and off. Well, there are different mechanisms for controlling pressure.

Cheaper bidet sprayers require you to control the water pressure via the T-valve. Though it works fine, it can be an inconvenience where more than one person uses the bidet.

Other pressure control mechanisms come in the form of levers or rotary switches.

Levers are very sensitive, hence not always easy to control. However, they allow you to cut the flow very quickly.

Rotary or sliding switches are easier to control. Also, they allow for a smooth transition between high and low pressure.

High-Pressure Design

The best toilet sprayer should be able to deal with high pressure. It’s a feature that dictates how long it will last. Moreover, it helps prevent leaks.

Now, there are two designs for dealing with high pressure. Some bidets use a spring valve, while others use a brass valve fitted with ceramic seals.

Spring valves do the job just fine. However, they can’t withstand high pressure for long periods. So, to avoid leaks, I recommend turning off the T-valve after every use.

Ceramic seals often found on bidet sprayers with rotary switches provide the best high-pressure performance. They can last over 15 years and have a burst rate of up to 250 PSI.

Besides the valve, also choose a hose that withstands high pressure and also offers an airtight fit. Choose one that’s puncture-proof and reinforced for durability.

Nozzle Type/Spray Pattern

Some bidet sprayers have one nozzle but with a wider spray pattern that cleans as much as possible. Others have different built-in spray patterns for adjustable coverage. Such an option is best for families, allowing each user to pick a preferred spray pattern. Other high-end products have retractable nozzles or antibacterial properties for sanitary purposes.

Whichever design you choose, ensure it has an adjustable angle. It will provide better aim and keep poop from being distributed everywhere.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial if you want a bidet sprayer with a warm water option. Essentially, it’s connected to hot/cold water supply lines, mostly on your sink.

Installation Method

The ease of installation pretty much depends on the type of bidet sprayer. Standard models allow for easy, tool-free installation in 5-10 minutes. Hot/cold bidet sprayers, on the other hand, need a lot more effort. Most often, they need to be installed via the shower or sink. However, the hot/cold water option is worth the effort.


Bidet sprayers, like most products, come with a warranty. After all, they tend to wear out eventually, requiring replacement parts. Well, the best toilet sprayer should have a warranty of at least one year. Those that provide lifetime guarantees make an even better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do bidet sprayers splash poop and water everywhere?

No, they don’t. The best toilet sprayer provides a precise stream of pressurized water where you need it. Also, most have adjustable water nozzles to optimize the spray pattern and the location of the jet.

How do you dry after using a bidet sprayer?

Well, you can exercise a few minutes of patience to air-dry or pat yourself dry with a reusable towel or tiny piece of toilet paper.

How do I install a hand-held diaper sprayer?

You can install it in a few simple steps. Turn off the water supply and connect the T-valve. Next, connect the hose and turn on the water supply. Lastly, mount the sprayer on the wall or the toilet tank.

Why are bidet sprayers better than toilets papers?

Well, a bidet sprayer is more eco-friendly and significantly lowers your spending on toilet paper. Also, a toilet sprayer leaves you clean. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, rashes, and UTIs.

Why does my toilet sprayer leak?

The best toilet sprayer guarantees leak-proof performance. Still, some common mistakes that can lead to leaks. These include over-tightened connections, a defective nozzle, or a snapped hose. Also, clogs inside the hose can cause leaks.

Why should I turn off the T-valve after every use?

Even after spraying, the water will still flow into the hose, eventually creating a pressure build-up. Extended periods of such high pressure can wear down the parts causing leaks or even flooding. Well, turning off the T-valve will help release pressure and avoid any leaks.


A toilet sprayer is among the best bidet attachments. It’s hygienic, eco-friendly, and user-friendly. Also, it saves you money on toilet paper and clogs repairs. Well, we have given a list of the best toilet sprayer to consider. Pick one the best suits your budget and needs. We recommend RinseWorks Aquaus as the best toilet sprayer overall. It’s fully certified and offers more precision control. Still, the other options are just as good depending on what you want in a bidet sprayer.

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