The 10 Best Shower Scrubber in 2022 – Unbiased Reviews & Comparison


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Choosing the best shower scrubber may be the last defining item on whether you will have an attractive bathroom or not. Selecting power shower scrubber now becomes a priority and this means you will need to give extra thought to it and should not just go with anything being offered but rather love yourself enough to choose only the best there is.

In this article, we shall go through the reviews of the best shower scrubbers on the market highlighting the unique features that make them stand out from others and we hope that this guide will be sufficient to help you make the best choice on your next shower scrubber purchase!

Here’s a list of best shower scrubbers available in the market that could help you get a sparkly shower without having strains in your arms or pain in your back.

10 Best Shower Scrubber Reviews

1. All Purpose Bathroom Surfaces Shower Scrubber

All Purpose Bathroom Shower Scrubber multipurpose and highly effective, the device is responsible for cleaning around the house turning a formerly tedious activity into something memorable and fun, transforming the tubs and tiles into ways anyone would deem unimaginable.

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Created in such a way that it can be used with various cordless drills not forgetting the drivers, a shaft that can be changed very fast and brushes that reduce the time spent for cleaning significantly, it ascertains that the bathroom surface is maintained.

As much as it does not come with the drill that is cordless, it is imperative to mention that it comes in different shapes and even better sizes for purposes of cleaning.

2. OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

OXO Good Grips Extendable tub scrubber that extending to 42 inches from way below 26, this invention enables the user to engage in cleaning without the fear of climbing or even crouching as it has a twist that is really quick.

It undertakes a plethora of jobs such as cleaning the tubs, floors, tiles and the spaces that are narrow within and around the toilet.

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It is very hygienic with its antimicrobial effect through its scrubs that facilitates the type of cleaning that is not only deep but also a great water retainer when it comes to rinsing. Considering its uniqueness especially when it comes to its shape, the OXO is quite handy and can reach corners and grout lines as much as it does to recesses.

Its construction is powerful thereby enhancing its toughness when it comes to jobs that involve scrubbing, its grip is quite soft and it doesn’t slip even when it gets wet, the versatility, on the other hand, improves its ability to clean at angles that are different.

The scrubbing head is readily available, it can be effectuated by placing a hand on each pole while the handle, black in color is pointing where the floor is, the bottom is then twisted to loosen it in a clockwise manner and when there’s need to retighten, the counterclockwise direction is taken.

It is important to note that the collar that is orange in color does not form part of the lock.

3. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Brush Heads

Howitt Electric Spin Scrubber is a 4pcs spinning replaceable scrubber whose brushing heads make it easy to scrub in all ways. Consisting of a flat brush that is extra wide, the device is well adapted and therefore excellent when it comes to cleaning pretty large surface areas such as swimming pools and shower doors that are made up of glass.

It also has a flat brush that is ideally small that would take care of flat surfaces that are to some extent narrow such as those found on the window or at the edges of the sink.

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In addition to that, the Homitt also has a brush that is round which plays an integral role when it comes to cleaning surfaces that are irregular such as tanks or even bathtubs.

Lastly, there is a corner brush otherwise known as the cleaning brush for gaps, taking over the shape of a cone, it is perfect when it comes to those corners that are hard to reach as well as the right places and even bicycle wheels.

4. BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber

Black and Decker power scrubber replacement brushes that comprise power-scrubbing heads transform any place with dirt from all sorts of areas whether indoor or outdoor to a place that looks almost new. Its specifications revolve around the fact that it is made of plastic, white in color and 4 AA batteries and 2 heavy-duty scrub pads included.

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Its durability and toughness are unquestionable, made up of a material that is not only of high quality but also soft elastomeric, the scrubbing brushes do not break easily. Their resistance to bacteria and mildew facilitates the prevention of moisture thereby increasing performance and longer life.

Effective when it comes to saving time and effort as its compatibility towards other power scrubbers cannot be undermined, it brings forth a new cleaner that is electric from the replaced scrubber heads that are dirty as a result of convenience.

Its installation and application are quite easy, the scrubbing heads only require a slight press gently at the base that will lead to its completion, and these scrubbing brushes for replacement are designed for cleaning with minimal effort.

5. CUH Cordless Power Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery

The cordless power scrubbing machine with a battery that is rechargeable comprising of 1 scouring pad and 6 brushes for the bathroom kitchen is what makes up the CUH.

This cleaning tool versatile in nature is highly useful and cuts the time-partitioned for cleaning in half, it is responsible for cleaning areas around the house such as the tiles, cookware, sinks, corners, kitchen, the bathroom including the bathtub and the shower stalls, the barbecue grill and so much more.

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After cleaning these places with a motorized scrubber, it leaves no iota of doubt that a lot of time will be saved. The power scrubber is available in 2 colors.

Its safety in daily use has been prioritized with certifications of the product ranging from ROHS, FCC, and CE not forgetting that the attachments for all the cleaning needs are numerous.

6. Tub and Tile Scrubber Cordless Power Spin Scrubber

If you are looking for the scrubber that will guarantee to remove all the dirt from your bathroom then this is a good pick. It comes in a cordless design with a 3.65V rechargeable battery that will ultimately last you 50 minutes of quality performance yet with just 3.5 hours of first charging.

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This powerful battery gives this scrubber it’s signature 360-degree high speed of rotation meaning even the smallest dirt hiding in the furthest place will be removed giving you a spotless bathroom.

You might be wondering how the electric features of this scrubber are operated in the wet conditions of a shower and the answer is simple. It is waterproof! It is also generally resistant to bacteria giving it its durability.

The manufacturers put wear and tear into consideration and this scrubber comes with three scrubber heads which you can keep changing as you deem fit giving you the best scrub possible.

Another thing is that you also will not have to worry about literally losing your healthy back because this one comes with a long enough extension to help you save your back for your old age.

7. Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber

The most notable feature about the Clorox scrubber is the 300 RPM powered cleaning tool. This speed of rotation is undoubtedly guaranteed not to leave any piece of dirt in your bathroom.

Another beauty about this scrubber is that it is long enough about 39 inches and so you will be able to do all your cleaning in your bathroom from the ceiling down to the floor.

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This long extension also means you can forget about crying over a backache immediately you are done giving your bathroom a thorough scrub. The battery of this scrubber has also been optimized to enable you to have up to 30 minutes of scrubbing time with far longer battery usage.

It is cordless and also like you should be expecting, yes, it is rechargeable, so you are advised to charge for around 4 hours the first time and then use the scrubber after which you will need to do recharges every time after cleaning. Clorox scrubber is also a whole-time option because, with its three scrubber heads, you have the best scrubber head for the right use making your work useful.

8. Electric Spin Scrubber

In the particulars of this scrubber, you will certainly be impressed by two special things. First, this scrubber has a really long extendable handle up to 41 inches meaning you are creating no room for the weariness that comes after giving your bathroom the best cleaning.

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Forget about back pains and having to kneel down to do the thorough cleaning. This is really good. Electric Spin scrubber also carries the 300 RPM specification which guarantees you that no dirt is going to survive no matter where it’s hiding.

This scrubber goes ahead to carry other unique features like being cordless, rechargeable and waterproof. Commonly people worry about how the electric scrubber will function in a wet environment about the waterproof feature that explains it all. This scrubber goes quite overboard with a record 70 minutes of use with just 3 hours of charging certainly being the best for the price.

It also brags about the 360-degree rotation feature because it really makes it effective as it is able to clean in all corners of your bathroom. The electric spin scrubber was not left out with the 3 replaceable brush heads. The brush can be flat, round or pointed all suited for different purposes.

9. Fuller Brush Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber

Has your shower got a lot of grime, this is the perfect choice for you. This scrubber is unique in that you can use not only for your shower tub but also for your tiles.

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This scrubber has V trim bristles which enable the scrubber to be used for comprehensive cleaning without causing any clear damages either on your tub or the tiles. The scrubber also covers quite a large area which increase the force applied during cleaning which makes your work even smarter.

One unique feature of this scrubber is that you can adjust the height to your convenience from 29 to 52 inches saving you of any inconveniences. Like a backache and extreme weariness after doing your shower cleanup.

10. Grout Brush with Long Handle

The extendable grout brush is bound to make your cleaning experience easier with its signature V-shaped brush bristles which only give you the guarantee that your scrubbing will not take much effort and yet will still give you excellent results. Not forgetting that also the time taken will be less!

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The pole height goes from 33 to 53 inch meaning it is adjustable o the convenient height of the user making it very possible to clean far high places like the ceiling. As a bonus, you will find it easy storing this scrubber because of the hang-up hole accessible on the handle.

How To Choose The Best Shower Scrubber

Keeping your bathroom clean can be a daunting or an easy task which will largely depend on the equipment you choose to use and a shower scrubber is certainly a piece of common equipment that you will most certainly need.

Choosing the right scrubber will make the difference between having a fast and effective cleaning time and probably taking the whole morning in the shower and yet still have messy results.

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From these options, consider the option that has all the features that you would want your ideal bathroom scrubber to have and you will enjoy cleaning your bathroom.

Experiencing difficulties doing house chores? Among the most strenuous activities include house cleaning and ensuring that the floor is always wiped.

The draining of the mop and squeezing your hands consistently consumes a lot of energy, these works are not for the faint-hearted for they are tough.

However, there is information at the end of the tunnel. Currently, it is possible to enjoy oneself and save time while doing chores. The innovation and inventiveness in technology have led to the rise and development of the best shower scrubber that is not only of great assistance but also runs on electricity with minimal effort.

The different brushes have various applications.

Fine brush

It is suited to cleaning corners that are ordinarily cumbersome to clean and surfaces that are easily damaged, since it has a rotation speed of 22ORPM, this goes a long way towards improving efficiency.

Hard Brush

This can comfortably clean objects that are large such as tile walls, plastic surfaces that are hard and even the floors for it is very powerful.

Crevice Cleaning Brush

Slits, grooves, corners, tiles are mere representations of where this brush can clean as it is very powerful.

Scouring Pad

Suitably adapted to clean large areas such as bathtubs, sink and ceramic tiles. The battery which is rechargeable comprises 3.6V Ni-MH 2100MAH, it has an adapter and a stand for the charger that is approved by UL and a charging period of 55-60 minutes to attain a full battery.

Whenever the light from the charger turns from deep red to that of a reddish-orange color that simply means that the charge is complete.


When the Anti-skid design aids cleaning and holding with a long hand, it also incorporates a seal that has a waterproof design to increase the span life of the long scrubber making it easier to work under wet conditions as found in the showers, sinks, tabs, etc.


These technological devices would make wonderful presents once gifted to our mothers, friends, wife or neighbors as they significantly reduce the household work in our homes thereby bringing more time to connect with family members.

Truth is mentioned, there is a myriad of ways to go around these tasks or chores that largely involve cleaning and ensuring that everything ends up sparkling clean.

The drill brush, OXO, Hommit, CUH have revolutionized the whole process, transforming the tough path of domestic chores that involved cleaning the sinks, the tiles, the bathtub and so much more into a walk in the park.

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