The 5 Best Smart Toilet Reviews in 2022


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The toilet. We’ve all been there, time and again. But are you getting the level of comfort you desire? Or is the high water bill giving you a headache? Well, it’s high time you upgrade to smart toilets. They’re expensive, no doubt. However, the best smart toilet simplifies your life in the bathroom tremendously. And with extra features, such as a heated seat and automatic functions, it guarantees five-star experience.

Let’s help you in your quest to find the best smart toilet. Several models meet the gold-standard for intelligent toilets. However, Toto Neorest 700H stands above them all. It offers unrivaled comfort and water-saving.

But our review has other decent choices that might interest you. Not to mention, a comprehensive guide. Without further ado, here are the best-rated smart toilets on the market.

Best Smart Toilet Reviews

1. Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

The Toto brand continues to outdo itself. Its range of smart toilets is quite expensive. However, the sheer quality, cutting-edge features, and unrivaled comfort justify the price. Toto Neorest 700H is among the brand’s most elegant models.

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From the design to the flushing system, Neorest 700H is next to perfection. It has a wealth of features, no doubt. However, it’s the attention to finer details that sets it apart. But what makes this Toto toilet so awesome?

Like most smart toilets, Neorest 700H adopts a tankless design. Hence, all the action happens in the bowl. The electric pump, in particular, does most of the heavy work. As powerful as it is, the pump is only half the story.

The secret to maximizing the cleaning power of water lies in the bowl construction. First, it uses a rimless bowl. So, there’s no place for dirt, germs, or bacteria to hide. That makes cleaning super easy.

Secondly, it has a non-porous glazed surface. It’s non-stick, allowing water to sweep away the tiniest of waste effortlessly. But keep in mind, this smart toilet uses 0.8 or 1 gallon per flush. So, with such a small amount of water, the glazed surface needs a boost to maximize flushing power.

Well, that takes us to the third feature, namely the tornado flushing system. As the name suggests, it has a network of internal channels that provide a strong, swift swirl around the bowl. Hence, it sweeps everything in its path.

It doesn’t end there. This smart toilet boasts E-Water technology that mists the bowl and the water. As such, it keeps the surface clean, making it as hygienic as possible.

Unknown to many, timing is crucial in a smart toilet. To achieve that, Neorest 700H uses a computer-designed trapway. It not only provides accurate timing but also restricts airflow for maximum pull power. That makes it ultra-efficient and flushing floating wastes.

Apart from providing such a high level of efficiency, Neorest 700H is fully automatic. It senses the type of waste and flushes it automatically. For instance, it delivers a full flush for solid waste and half flush for liquid waste. All the action happens via wireless remote control.

Toto Neorest 700H has other luxurious additions. The heated seat offers adjustable temperature to match your requirements. Not to mention, a programmable nightlight that illuminates the bowl in darkness.


Though expensive, the features in Toto Neorest 700H are indeed unique. This smart toilet does it all for you, allowing you to sit back and relax. Not to mention, it’s exceptionally comfortable and ultra-efficient. We vote it the best overall smart toilet on our list.

2. WOODBRIDGE B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet

WOODBRIDGE B0960S is another decent choice. It combines quality construction and elegant craftsmanship. Not to mention, customizable comfort to improve the experience. Like Toto Neorest 700H, it adopts a sleek, one-piece modern design. But there’s more to this toilet than the good looks.

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First, it provides much-needed comfort. WOODBRIDGE B0960S has a heated seat and warm water. Hence, it keeps you warm and cozy during the winter season. The best part, you can adjust it across five temperature levels.

The warm air dryer is good news for those that don’t like using toilet papers. Or to persons with mobility issues. Using adjustable warm air, it leaves you clean, dry, and refreshed.

WOODBRIDGE toilet doesn’t lack when it comes to hygiene. It offers posterior, feminine, and pulsating wash, all in one package. Alongside that, it provides a gentle massage. This smart toilet boasts a ton of automatic functions to provide hands-free experience. It has automatic flushing. Not to mention, the lid lifts and closes automatically.

It doesn’t end there. WOODBRIDGE B0960S also has an automatic deodorizer that leaves the air clean. Not to mention, LED nightlight that makes it even more welcoming. All the actions happen via a touchscreen wireless remote control. It offers modern convenience and can be handheld or wall-mount based on your preferences.


WOODBRIDGE B0960S offers excellent quality and works like a charm. And with the sleek design, it makes a perfect addition to your new contemporary bathroom.

3. Kohler Veil Comfort Intelligent toilet

Kohler Veil is a state-of-the-art smart toilet. It adopts a sleek, minimalistic design that transforms your bathroom form shag to chic in an instant. And as the name suggests, it has a range of intelligent, customizable features to match.

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Kohler Veil has smooth curves that offer a distinctively modern feel. Also, the minimalist design doesn’t intrude much into your bathroom space. And if weight is anything to go by, Kohler Veil takes the crown for the lightest smart toilet on our list.

Like Toto Neorest 700H, Kohler Veil is water-sense certified. Not to mention, it adopts a dual-flush system. You can prefer a partial flush of 0.8 gallons or a full flush of 1.28 gallons.

Kohler toilet offers integrated cleaning, all at the touch of a button. You can choose to stream the water from the front or rear. Not to mention, there are three different types of water output. You can choose between pulsating, spiral, or oscillating modes.

Still, on the integrated system, Kohler Veil has spray wands that enable you to find your target better. You can customize the water temperature as well as the pressure across five levels. Kohler Veil has other luxuries in store. It has a heated seat and offers warm air drying. Alongside that, this smart toilet has an automatic lid and nightlight to improve the experience.

Aside from cleaning you, the toilet cleans itself. It achieves that using UV light and E-Water. Moreover, it has an automatic deodorizer that leaves your bathroom clean and smelling fresh. The emergency backup flushing is one feature that sets Kohler Veil apart. It has you covered, even in the event of a power outage.


Kohler Veil adopts a minimalist design to save valuable bathroom space. It has most of the features of Toto Neorest 700H but at a slightly lower price. If you need to give your bathroom a modern upgrade, Kohler Veil will make a superb option.

4. Toto G400 Washlet with Integrated Toilet

The Toto G400 is another premium choice from the Toto brand. It’s loaded to the brim with features that improve usage while remaining highly efficient and cost-effective. At the same time, it’s sleek and stylish to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Toto G400 adopts a dual-max flush system. It combines three different technologies to maximize cleaning power.

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First, it uses a 3D tornado flush for an intense centrifugal rinsing action. Based on the type of waste, it selects between 0.9 and 1.28 gallons per flush. Aside from tornado flush, it has a lubricous glazed surface that keeps particles from sticking on to the ceramic surface. Lastly, it uses pre-mist spray to wet the bowl surface. It’s 80% more efficient at eliminating waste than a dry bowl.

Aside from dual-max flush, Toto G400 has three adjustable cleaning functions. You can choose between front, rear, and rear soft. Such a combination offers comfortable, intimate cleansing. The bidet toilet seat is another significant selling point. You can toggle between five warming temperatures, from 82 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to mention, G400 has an adjustable warm-air dryer to improve the experience.

G400 comes complete with an automatic lid. Not to mention, an automatic deodorizer to filter out unpleasant odors. And like Neorest 700H, it has universal seat height. Hence, it offers a comfortable seating position for a wide range of users.


The G400 is another game-changer from the Toto brand. It offers a comfortable experience season after season. Overall, it’s an excellent investment for anyone who wants to save the water bill and bring a new experience into the bathroom.

5. Ove Decors 735H Single Flush Smart Toilet

Ove Decor is the only single flush toilet on our list. But that doesn’t perform it any less efficient. It combines the best features of a high-quality ceramic toilet and the cutting-edge design of a modern advanced toilet. This smart toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Though it doesn’t afford the convenience of a dual flush system, it’s water-sense certified. That makes it efficient as well as water-friendly.

Ove Decors 735H Single Flush Smart Toilet Img

Like the other models on our list, Ove Decor toilet flushes automatically. Also, it has multiple settings for water temperature, dryer, heater, and water pressure. The water pressure has eight levels of adjustment. Also, the heated dryer, heated seat, and heated water have four warm settings. Such a high level of customization offers unrivaled comfort.

Thanks to the automatic nightlight, this smart toilet makes it easier to find your way in the bathroom. Lest we forget, it also includes massage wash for added comfort.

Ove Decor toilet comes complete with smart remote control. It offers an intuitive interface, giving you full control over features and functions. Moreover, it allows you to configure the toilet for personalized cleaning experience.


Ove Decor smart toilet doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models. However, it’s as efficient as other models on our list. Not to mention, it offers an unmatched combination of the conventional ceramic design and the modern advanced toilet. On the whole, Ove Decor is the best smart toilet on a tight budget.

Best Smart Toilet: Complete Guide

Smart toilets can cost a fortune. Hence, you can’t afford to make mistakes when choosing the best for your needs. To help you, here are some of the features you need to consider.

Shape and Size

The shape is just as important as the toilet itself. Hence, select one that fits the intended space. More luxurious models have a bowl size of at least 28 inches. But if you don’t have the dough, you can settle for smaller, affordable models. Overall, the choice depends on you and the size of your bathroom.

Self-Cleaning Bowl

The point of having a smart toilet is to eliminate most of the manual cleaning process. To achieve that, most brands have introduced self-cleaning bowls. It uses pre-mist spray and E-Water before and after every use to get rid of bacteria and germs. Hence, it keeps the bowl sterilized, protecting you from unhealthy microbes.

Heated Seat

A heated seat saves you from winter chills. Other models allow you to choose the level of temperature you find most comfortable. Some have memory functions to recall your last setting. Overall, a heated seat is a feature that offers unrivaled comfort.

Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure

You want your toilet to be as customizable as possible. To achieve that, choose a model that offers full control over the water temperature and pressure. Also, some models allow you to program your preferred setting.

Deodorizing and Drying Functions

Though not a must-have, they make all the difference. Settle for an adjustable warm-air dryer. It eliminates the need for toilet paper and allows you to dry at your own pace. An automatic deodorizer saves you the embarrassment. It filters out unpleasant odors to leave your toilet smelling fresh.

Automatic Self-Closing Lid

You want a toilet that’s as hands-free as possible. Hence, a lid that opens and closes automatically is a feature you need to consider. It opens as you approach and closes as you leave the bathroom. Also, you don’t want a lid that slams at the end. To avoid that, choose a quiet soft-closing lid.

Automatic Flushing

Do you have a forgetful mind? Or maybe you’re too sick to flush the toilet? Whichever reason, you need a smart toilet with an automatic flush. It uses timers and sensors always to keep the bowl clean for the next person to use.

LED Nightlight

Are you tired of losing your way to the bathroom? If so, then you need a smart toilet with an LED nightlight. Some are manual, while others are automatic. Hence, the choice depends on your preferences.

Remote Control

A remote control gives you all the freedom you need. Based on the model, you can get either comprehensive or straightforward remote control. Whichever the case, settle for one with an intuitive user interface. Also, other models allow you to access the controls through a phone application.


Some brands need no introduction in the world of smart toilets. They have a track record for quality, performance, and excellent customer service. But what brands top the list? Well, Toto, WOODBRIDGE, and Kohler are some of the brands you should consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a smart toilet?

It’s an advanced toilet with built-in smart technology. Not to mention, it interacts and connects with the user.

What’s the best smart toilet on the market?

Well, there’s quite a stiff competition out there. However, few can match the performance and cutting-edge features of Toto Neorest 700H. It offers a powerful flush while using the least amount of water.

What does water-sense certified mean?

A water-sense certified toilet meets rigorous criteria for both water efficiency and performance. It applies to toilets that use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.

What’s the benefit of a dual-flush toilet? Does it save water?

Dual-flush toilet gives you a choice of flushes by handling solid and liquid waste differently. On average, it can save 70% more water than conventional toilets.

What’s the best bowl height for a smart toilet?

Well, we recommend a height of 15 to 17 inches. 15-inch toilet seats are a universal size comfortable across a wide range of users. Overall, kids and adults find it relaxing. A 17-inch seat or comfort-height seat is excellent for the elderly and people.


We hope you now know the best smart toilet on the market. The models mentioned above offer a powerful flush while using the least amount of water. Also, we appreciate that they have all the features you need in a smart toilet. Though some are a tad expensive, they’re worth every penny.

So, which smart toilet do you find the best for your needs and budget? Please, let’s know in the comments. In the event you have any suggestions, you’re most welcome. Who knows, it might help another soul out there.

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