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A visit to the toilet is an everyday necessity. However, to the disabled, it can be a frustrating routine. Such people have a rough time using regular toilets for healthy people. For this reason, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) came up with guidelines on what constitutes the best handicap toilet.

No handicap toilet should be approved without meeting specific criteria set by ADA. For a bathroom to comply with the Act, it should have a particular height, distance from the side and rear walls, bowl design and trip lever. You will learn more about the criteria later.

Since passing the ADA, manufacturers have ventured into crafting this crucial piece of equipment. The market has several varieties of this product. For the inexperienced, making the right choice can be difficult.

Do you find yourself in this situation? Well, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm. We have done the assignment on your behalf and come up with 7 of the best ADA compliant toilets. Our choices have a few things in common:

  • They comply fully with the particular ADA guidelines
  • Offer more effortless experience for wheelchair users, those with prosthetics and those with dysfunctional joints

If you have a disabled person, pay attention as we begin by discussing our 7 top picks. Later, we will educate you on the most important things to consider when choosing the best ADA toilet.

7 Best Handicap Toilets

1. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

The Drake 2-Piece ADA Elongated Toilet opens our reviews as one of the best in the market today. It offers a high-profile engineering and modern flushing technology that suit it for both commercial and residential use.

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet Img

This cotton white, brilliant and elegant toilet is not only functional but also will also add some value to your bathroom décor. However, there are other equally magnificent color varieties you can choose to match your bathroom style.

One of his lovely performance features is the TOTO GMAX flushing system with a 3-inch wide flush valve, large-sized siphon jet as well as a large trapway. The flush valve is 125 percent wider than standard flush toilets. This gives Drake ADA toilet one of the best flushing systems in the market.

The GMAX siphon jet, on the other hand, provides enhanced flow, drawing water faster and more forcefully into the bowl. This, along with computer designed, glazed trap-way, gives rise to a quiet but powerful flush.

The toilet comes with TOTO’s SoftClose seat, which is nice, but you can upgrade to one with an electric WASHLET bidet seat. This will enhance comfort and luxury. It will also complement the high-profile concealed design creating a smooth, glossy appearance.

TOTO’s Drake 2-Piece toilet totally complies with the ADA guidelines but still maintains the elegance and TOTO ingenuity. It’s designed for people of all ages and physical capability without any added specialization or adaptation.

Other features and specifications include:

  • A two-piece design.
  • Universal height.
  • 12-inch rough-in.
  • Chrome trip lever.
  • Elongated front bowl and tank set.

The construction material is vitreous China which is well known for its durability.


  • The powerful and efficient flushing system
  • Low water consumption of just 1.6 gallons per flush (6.0 litres per flush)
  • Durable for longevity
  • Completely compliant with ADA guidelines
  • A single system for both able-bodied and the disabled


  • Some users have reported an unusual wiggle
  • The flush handle mechanism seems cheap

2. Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet

Convenient Height Company is quickly emerging as a brand to contend with when it comes to bathroom accessories. Their 20-inch Extra Tall toilet is a testament to the quality of their products. This handicapped toilet boasts a new generation flush system, solid flush handle that’s large and ergonomic.

Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet Img

A unique feature of the flush handle poised to catch your attention is the dual flush system. The flush lever measures 3.5 inches in total length. When the toilet is at rest, the handle remains in perfect horizontal orientation.

Pushing the handle down results in a full flush consuming 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Upward pushing of the handle delivers an economy class flush which consumes a paltry 0.8 GPF. The metal handle is designed such that the toilet seat does not obstruct its movement. Furthermore, you can access the handle even if the seat is up.

Unlike standard handicap toilets, which are only 15 inches high, the Convenient Height is 20-inches tall. Such height is intentional to make it easier to sit down and get up. Improves bathroom safety by preventing falls.

This is the handicap toilet to buy if you have installed baseboard heaters in your house. The bowls structural reinforcement frame and back-end are engineered to allow baseboard heaters to fit behind the toilet.

Many handicapped and standard toilets fail when it comes to the flush actuator. 20-inch Extra Tall’s dual flush actuator features optimized durability material that connects it to the metal flush handle. The toilet’s trap way features unique technology that makes it use its height for a powerful flush based on gravity. Convenient Height also offers a new version of a heavy-duty toilet seat that fits well and closes slowly. These features provide optimal comfort to anyone using the toilet.


  • Excessively tall handicap toilet
  • Optimizes bathroom safety to users
  • High-level performance and efficiency
  • Exceeds ADA compliance requirements
  • Easy to install and clean


  • Shorter users may not find the toilet that comfortable
  • The handle is marketed as metal, but some deliveries have plastic

3. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton toilet

Research indicates that an average healthy person spends approximately three hours and 10 minutes weekly on the toilet. The disabled, depending on the nature of their disability, may take even longer. Woodbridge had this in its mind when designing the T-0019 Cotton Toilet.

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton toilet Img

This dual flush toilet features a modern single-piece design with a tiny 1.28-gallon tank. It will fit perfectly even in a small bathroom, giving you an elegant décor and also offering you excellent performance.

The toilet prides itself in a unique flushing mechanism featuring a fully glazed siphon system. The mechanism is designed to keep the bathroom free from clogging and leaking. It also makes sure each flush is powerful and robust while remaining quiet during use. Perfect at night when you do not want to wake the whole household up.

Another outstanding feature of the WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Dual-Flush Elongated is the seat hinges made of stainless steel. This improves Woodbridge toilet longevity and remains rust-free for the entire lifespan. It is also a good indicator that the lid to the toilet will not become loose with use. Instead, it will remain as fresh as when it was installed. The closure of the cover is soft and quiet.

This ATA toilet is fitted with a skirted trap way. This feature makes parts of the bathroom effortless to clean. It also accentuates the beauty and elegance. If you are frugal or just a careful spender, then you might like a toilet that’s water-efficient. It has a dual flush (1.0/1.6GPF) with an average of just 1.28 GPF consumption and a smaller tank than average toilets. It will save you some money on water bills.

Unlike two-piece toilets, the T-0019 comes as one complete piece. You will not need to purchase additional parts. On purchase, expect to find the toilet unit, floor bolts, a pre-installed toilet seat, wax ring, as well as a complete installation guide.


  • The powerful and efficient flushing mechanism
  • Single-piece design is elegant and compact
  • Durable seat hinge closure
  • No need to buy extra parts
  • Low water consumption


  • Water flows around the bowl is not evenly distributed
  • The bottom is not flat

4. Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Toilet

American Standard is another company that is successful in making plumbing accessories. The Compact Cadet 3 FloWise toilet is a fantastic choice if you are looking for one that disabled persons can use. The compact, elongated bowl design fits nicely into smaller bathrooms. Yet, its height is compliant with ADA guidelines.

Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Toilet Img

It stands 17.5 inches which means it a perfect option for the disabled, taller people and the elderly. The SoftClose seat, on the other hand, prevents accidental slamming of the seat, disturbing the peace of those in the house.

You will also love the toilet’s EverClean surface technology, which prevents the multiplication of minute dangerous living organisms such as mold, mildew and bacteria. This means optimal hygiene and makes cleaning the toilet easy and quick.

We cannot discuss the quality of any toilet without talking about its flushing system. The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise has a powerful and efficient flushing system. A 3-inch extra-wide flushing valve operates the system.

Additionally, there is the pressurized rim that power cleans the bowl of the toilet. But how does it work? Each time you flush, the action cleans the bowl under pressure. This way, it eliminates the need to rinse multiple types to get rid of the waste.

The toilet is highly water-efficient, so good that EPA WaterSense approves it. It consumes an impressive 20 percent less water than a standard No Clog toilet, which translates to 1.28 gallons per flush. The fact that multiple flushing is unnecessary also saves on the water bill.


  • Elongated and comfortable in height
  • Powerful and water-efficient flushing technology
  • EverClean surface discourages the growth of harmful organisms
  • Straightforward installation
  • Significant siphon strap way prevents clogging and leakages


  • The handle is okay but old fashion
  • Using wax during installation may prove tricky to some people

5. TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultra Max

The TOTO MS854114ELG Eco Ultra Max is a new, single-piece modern toilet that everyone in a household can use, whether disabled or elderly. It flushes quietly and efficiently but with enough power to flush down waste in a single flush.

TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultra Max Img

Designed to consume a paltry 1.28 gallons of water per flush, the toilet will save you lots of cash in water bills. This has earned the Ultra Max Water Sense certification. This product results from a partnership between TOTO and the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

The toilet’s powerful flushing mechanism is the function of the Eco Ultra Max siphon trap way system. It uses wide three-inch pilot run valves and a large siphon jet capable of powerfully flushing out everything effectively on a single round.

Another remarkable feature is the SoftClose technology that eliminates annoying accidental slamming. Once you are through, the seat hinges will close softly and slowly behind you. Others can sleep without rude disruptions from the flushing of the waste or slamming the lid.

Apart from the ADA and EPA certifications, this handicap flush toilet is CAL Green and CEC compliant. It weighs 97 pounds which are lighter than its two-piece counterparts. The construction material is vitreous china, plastic. Nonetheless, it is still a vital bathroom accessory that will serve you for years with proper management.

It measures 28.25 inches long x 16.5 inches wide x 29.25 inches high inches, compact enough to fight in tight places, and still allows wheelchair access. The toilet is elegant and can enhance your bathroom décor. Thanks to TOTO’s unique smooth CeFiONtect glaze, particles cannot adhere to the porous ceramic surfaces.


  • A beautiful, compact, modern one-piece toilet
  • The practical, powerful and quiet E-Max flushing system
  • The slow-closing lid prevents noisy accidental slamming
  • Easy to clean a smooth CeFiONtect glaze finish
  • Low water consumption


  • The design is somewhat chunky
  • The CeFiONtect glaze limits the kinds of toilet cleaner you can use

6. American Standard Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet

The Cadet Right Height elongated pressure-assisted is one of the best handicap toilets the market has to offer. It boasts of a few features that make it distinct from its predecessors and its competitors. Like all products of this brand, every part is ideally crafted to deliver optimal performance.

American Standard Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet Img

Let’s look at the toilet’s flushing system. It features a unique and innovative Cadet Pressure-assisted siphon jet system. The system quickly and efficiently flushes away all waste in a single round. Despite the powerful flush, the toilet is still quieter than the standard ones currently in the market. Each flush consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Cadet Right Height is constructed of vitreous china with American Standard’s EverClean coating to improve the bowl’s cleanliness. This further finish assists in maintaining the cleanliness and the glossy white appearance of the toilet. Germs, bacteria, mold and mildew cannot stick to the bowl.

20-inch height is well above the recommended one by ADA. Thus taller individuals, the elderly, those with joint problems and even wheelchair users will not have a problem using it. The elongated design also improves the comfort and ergonomics, especially in situations where you will spend a long time on the seat.

Although many of the features are intended for the handicapped, the toiled is also suitable for ordinary, healthy people. It is designed as a two-piece toilet; however, the seat is sold separately. All the other parts are included in the package. Installation is straightforward, thanks to American Standard’s speed connect tank/bowl coupling system. However, you may need the services of a plumber for better results.


  • Powerful siphon jet delivers a powerful flush
  • Tall height (20 inches) for disabled and taller users
  • The elongated design is comfortable and ergonomic
  • Easy and straightforward installation


  • The gasket between the toilet bowl and the tank does not work well
  • Not as quiet as most top quality handicap toilets

7. Toto CST744EL#11 Drake bathroom-hardware

This two-piece elongated toilet offers you a classic high-profile design that’s performance-oriented and sturdy enough to work not only in residential bathrooms but also commercial lavatories. It is brilliantly designed and ergonomic sufficient to accentuate any bathroom experience and décor.

Toto CST744EL#11 Drake bathroom-hardware Img

Like other TOTO products we have reviewed here, this toilet features a high-tech flushing system that will eliminate waste with a single flush. The E-Max flushing system features a 3-inch flush wide valve, a large trap-way and an extra-siphon jet.

The combination generates a strong cleansing flush but only consumes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Although powerful, the flushing system still operates very quietly and smoothly. Even if you flush at night, it won’t wake people up.

While the design is not modern, the Eco Drake Two-Piece features a traditional but high-profile concealed design that makes cleaning much effortless and provides a smooth, sleek appearance. You can upgrade to an electronic TOTO WASHLET bidet for unmatched performance, cleanliness and luxury for a better experience. SoftClose lid, which is sold separately, ensures the cover does not slam, disturbing others’ peace in the house.

This toilet is designed for everyone. It complies with the ADA guidelines while at the same time still maintains the ingenuity and elegance of TOTO. Thus, it can serve people of various ages and physical abilities without the need for additional specialization or adaptation. This range of products is available in multiple colors to ensure each individual’s needs are catered for.


  • Designed with excellent quality materials for strength and durability
  • Fast, quiet and forceful commercial-grade performance
  • Elegance design matches and accentuates all types of bathroom décor
  • The Flushing system is robust and quiet
  • Fully complies with ADA, EPA WaterSense, CEC and CALGreen


  • Installation is straight forward but may require the services of a professional
  • Some parts made of plastic appear cheap

Best Handicap Toilet: Complete Guide

We are sure our reviews have given you some headway in your bid to narrow down on a few of the best taller toilets for the disabled. Ultimately, you will arrive at an option that better suits your needs. So, it is only natural that you may still have a few lingering questions on what makes the best option.

This section will look at the most critical determinants of quality when it comes to the best ADA compliant toilets. Put these determinants together, and you will not err in finding precisely what you are looking for.

Why do you need an Accessible Toilet?

Well, no one does something without reason. However, there differences in priority when it comes to making choices. Do you need an accessible toilet because you saw it in a neighbor’s bathroom, and it looked irresistible? Or are you looking for a bathroom for a newly built home, and you stumbled upon handicap toilet reviews but did not know much about them?

These are valid reasons. However, there are more important reasons that decide on buying an accessible toilet crucial and not optional. Here are some of the pertinent reasons:

  • In a residential setting where a member is disabled one way or another
  • In commercial settings that deal with different people
  • For the elderly and those with prosthetics
  • If your family has taller members

Handicap toilets (also known as comfort height or ADA compliant toilets) differ from standard flush toilets in their heights. Typically, they should be chair height. The best elevations range from 19 inches to 20 inches. However, some may be as short as 17 inches or as tall as 31 inches. The ultimate choice depends on the needs of the user.

In addition to chair height, handicap toilets should allow more space in the rough-in to accommodate wheelchair users. The seats should be a little raised to help those who are not physically fit to sit and stand with ease.

More sophisticated and top quality handicap toilets feature tool-free removable grab or armbars. Weak and physically challenged users can support themselves in the bars to prevent accidents. These may be add-on features but are essential for users with unique needs. At the most basic, the toilet must be ADA compliant.

Quality of the Flush System

ADA compliance is not all you need to look out for. People who are physically challenged may not have enough strength to pull or push the flush handle or lever. A handicap toilet should require minimal effort to trigger the flush handle. Besides, the flushing mechanism should be powerful enough to push away the waste in a single flush. This eliminated the need for multiple flushes that can be frustrating.

The power of each flush depends on the flushing mechanism the toilet has. There are two types based on this – gravity-fed and pressure-assisted.

Gravity-fed toilets rely on gravitational forces to flush the poop. How does it work? It is simple. Water in the tank, when triggered, drops down into the bowl by gravity. They typically work with as little as 10lbs per square inch of household water pressure.

Those with larger flush valves deliver more thrust and are therefore more efficient in flushing the waste away. The benefits of this type of toilets are that they wash more quietly than pressure-assisted models. The problem is that more affordable models are not that efficient in properly disposing of the waste.

Pressure assisted models use a different mechanism. Water compresses air within the sealed tank, creating pressure that powerfully and forcefully thrust waste down the waste line. It’s ideal for larger families but is a bit noisier than the gravity-led models because of the pressure.

Most modern handicap toilets use a pressure-assisted flush mechanism. Before deciding to buy one, you must ensure that your home water supply is at 25lbs per square inch of water pressure. This is the minimum requirement for this type of toilet to work.

They are better than gravity-led models when it comes to the efficiency of waste disposal. This means fewer clogs. Besides, a single flush is good enough to dispose of the waste efficiently. Also, water consumption is lower. These toilets can be noisy and expensive. So if you prefer them, then you be ready to spend a lot and contend with loud bathroom moments.

Strength and Durability

Handicap toilets are usually expensive. Therefore, you must ensure you choose one made from solid materials that can withstand the trauma associated with installation and the chemical used in cleaning it.

The most commonly used material for toilet bowls and tanks is a particular type of clay known as vitreous china. Vitreous China features many different kinds of clay called china clay, ball clay, fluxing agent, and silica. These go through a series of processes that include backing at high temperatures in a kiln and glazing. The result is a vitrified or glassy material that is both stain-proof and waterproof.

The toilet seats can be made of plastic or plastic blended with wood. Plastic is a type called thermoplastic polystyrene. Toilets that feature polystyrene seats tend to be more expensive than those constructed with wood combined plastic. The former is also more durable than the latter.

The importance of buying an ADA compliant toilet resides because disabled individuals are often heavier than healthy individuals of comparable size and height. Therefore, they need toilets that are stronger and more durable than regular or standard ones.

The Type And Length Of The Toilet Bowl

Flush toilets feature either of two types of bowls – round or elongated. As you can appreciate, they majorly differ in shape and size. The round ones look smaller and more compact toilet

than the extended counterparts and can fit in smaller bathrooms. The reverse is true.

An elongated toilet is somewhat oval and extends many inches more into the front of the bathroom. So they require larger bathrooms, which is the norm in modern houses.

For handicap toilets, however, you have no option but to go for elongated types of bowls. This is because they enhance the comfort and ergonomics that disabled users need. Besides, it provides enough space to position every auxiliary device that the user may need.

Water Consumption

Water bills can be costly over periods. You must choose a low flow toilet that will save water but still flush waste effectively. The US Department of Energy in 1995 came up with Energy Protection Agency (EPA) criteria which limits the new models of toilets to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

You can realize that all the handicap toilets we have reviewed meet this criterion. The State of California has a requirement that new bathrooms have a consumption rate of just 1.28 gallons per flush. The most water-efficient brands usually meet the California standard and are WaterSense certified and carry that label.


How does handicap toilet differ from regular toilets?

A toilet for the disabled should have easy wheelchair access. It should also be extended and high enough not to frustrate the disabled user and enhance comfort and ergonomics.

How tall should the best handicap toilet be?

In general, a handicap toilet should measure between 17 inches and 19 inches in height. Better models are even taller. However, the measurement you choose should be determined by the size and condition of the person it is intended for.

What is an ADA compliant toilet?

An ADA compliant toilet meets or exceeds the standards set by the Americans with Disability Act. The Act requires that the toiled should have an elongated bowl of comfortable height and have enough space around the rear and sidewalls to allow for wheelchair access.

Do I need the services of a plumber to install a new handicap toilet?

These types of toilets are straightforward to install. They come with an installation instructions manual which you can use. Things can be much easier if you have plumbing skills. However, it will pay great dividends if you employ the services of a professional.

Final Verdict

Our disabled members did not choose their status. Instead, nature chooses them. The least we can do for them is to make them feel as close to normal as possible. One of the ways to achieve this to make their daily life activities more manageable and enjoyable.

The first step is to make going to the bathroom an easy and comfortable experience by installing the best handicap toilet like the ones we reviewed earlier. The good thing is that you do not even need to have two separate toilets in your bathroom one for the handicapped and the other for the healthy people. Everyone can use these toilets.

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