The 10 Best Ionic Shower Head Reviews of 2021


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Enjoying a hot shower can turn into a nightmare if the water coming from the showerhead is contaminated. How can this be? The water that supplies your showerhead contains chlorine. We all know that tap-water is continuously filtered to remove chlorine and other impurities. Showerheads usually do not have such filters.

It means the chlorine and other impurities in your shower water can reach your skin with catastrophic outcomes. Heating turns chlorine into gas that escapes through the showerhead. Inhaling the chlorine gas over time can predispose you to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Chlorine in water also worsens eczema and skin dryness.

How do ionic showerheads work?

The best ionic shower head is one that can remove the chlorine and other contaminants allowing you to shower with clean, oxygenated, and chlorine-free water. Ionic showerheads work through an ionic exchange process in which they remove the outermost electron in the chlorine atom. This turns it into a chelate of chlorine called chloride or body salt.

Having an ionic shower head in your bathroom means you will now start enjoying a chlorine-free and oxygen-enriched hot shower. The result is improved respiratory and skin health. Your health will also be shinier, softer, and with the usual color.

However, you must first buy the best ionic showerhead to enjoy these benefits. With so many brands currently in the market, making a choice can be daunting. Don’t worry; we have sampled, researched, and analyzed several of these bathroom accessories.

10 Best Ionic Showerheads

We aimed to round up ten trendy and top-quality ionic showerheads. We reviewed their most essential features. Here, we shall share our findings with you. Later, we shall discuss the parameters that led us to settle on the ten.

1. Nosame Shower Head

Nosame ionic shower head is one of the best shower heads you can find today. It comes with three modes – massage, rainfall, and jetting spray way. Each mode is designed to provide the utmost comfort and the best showering experience. The shower water comes out fine, dense, and uniform, giving your skin a gentle and refreshing experience.

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The showerhead features a high-pressure design. The technology, called micro nozzle, makes the outlet holes denser and more petite. This increases the velocity of water flow, resulting in increased pressure. Furthermore, the technology will save you on utility bills by as much as 30 percent. The flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute.

Another great feature that sets Nosame apart is its filtration system. It’s a multi-layer system that removes impurities, including chlorine, minerals, microorganism, and solid particles, from the shower water. The resulting water is chlorine-free, clear, oxygen-rich, and soft. This contributes to smoother and healthier, and softer skin. It will also have beneficial effects on your hair, keeping it soft and maintaining its color.

The world is moving towards limiting the impact of pollutants in the environment. It’s why many companies are turning to eco-friendly materials to make household and commercial products. The name does its part by using eco-friendly ABS material and stainless steel to construct this accessory. The filter is safe for everyone, including pets.

You will love the transparent, see-through design, high-density filter. The filter is removable for easy cleaning. This ionic showerhead is universally fitting and easy to install. Simply screw it onto any standard shower hose, and you are good to go.


  • Universally fitting and easy to install
  • Conserves water to a great extent, reducing the utility bill
  • Maintains good water pressure for an enjoyable bath
  • Delivers purified water to keep your skin smooth and healthy


  • The plastic material may not be sturdy
  • It may lose its texture within a few months of use.

2. Luxsego Shower Head with Replacement Hose

Luxsego ionic showerhead that can satisfy your body’s cravings for the cleanest, healthiest shower water. It also features a 3-setting high-pressure showerhead made up of durable, chrome-plated ABS plastic and premium quality stainless steel. The head features unique beads that provide double filtration.

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The three settings include jetting, rainfall, and massage. The powerful jetting setting rinses every section of your body and exciting the sensory receptors on your skin for a memorable experience. The rainfall setting offers delicate and comfortable uninterrupted water drop that gives your skin a gentle feel.

Choose the massage spray mode, which delivers fine, dense, and uniform shower water. This soothes the skin, making it feel relaxed. It will give you a SPA feeling right in the comfort of your home bathroom. What’s more is that all family members, including children and pets, can use the showerhead and achieve optimal satisfaction.

Like Name, Luxsego ionic showerhead features micro-nozzle technology that delivers water 200 percent higher pressure than standard showerheads. The technology involves smaller and denser outlet holes that increase water flow speed, thereby increasing the pressure.

Despite high output pressures, the showerhead is incredibly water-efficient. The flow rate is just 1.46 gallons per minute. This will save you a whopping 30 percent of utility bills compared to standard showerheads.


  • 3-setting high-pressure showerhead offers a spa-like experience
  • Made from solid and eco-friendly materials
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Conserves water cutting your utility budget
  • Excellent in filtering and purifying shower water


  • Water pressure may decrease with time
  • Mild discomfort for people with sensitive skins due to ionic minerals

3. PureAction Vitamin C Filter Shower Head

The PureAction Vitamin Shower Head is what you need to operate on a fixed budget, yet your body craves for a spa-like bath experience. It has unique features that give it a performance only comparable to the expensive high-end models.

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The Vitamin C powerhead removes chloramine, chlorine, and sediments from shower water. It is also capable of reducing fluoride from the water. It can soften hard water by filtering out chrome, rust, iron, and other heavy metals.

It uses a unique multi-stage filtration system. The system consists of stainless steel, plastic with a filter cartridge featuring a universal blend of tourmaline and Seoul stone balls which removes all impurities and delivers shower water that is chlorine-fee and highly oxygenated. The result is a refreshing, relaxing, and therapeutic spa-like experience.

This ionic showerhead attachment raises the shower water’s pH and extracts all the harmful substances from the shower water. This prevents air loss, soothes itchy skin, moistens dry scalp, and gets rid of dandruff. Anyone can use the showerhead regardless of their skin conditions.

You will also enjoy the soothing citrus smell that comes from the showerhead. The smell is rejuvenating to the senses, minimizes stress, improves sleep quality, and encourages a good mood. This is why PureAction Vitamin C filer is considered therapeutic.

The showerhead is effortless to install. It is compatible with any shower panel and installs in minutes. Connect it to any standard shower, including dual spray, wall-mount, fixed, combo, and handheld models.


  • Excellent filtration ability
  • Quick and easy tool-free installation
  • Offers value for money
  • Powerful stream yet water-conserving
  • Made of eco-friendly material


  • It may not last long, especially with heavy use
  • The spray is not adjustable and so may get too cold at times

4. PRUGNA LED Shower Head

If you are operating on a tight budget and you want to enjoy the benefits of a good-quality shower, then PRUGNA is an excellent choice. It offers just one setting. You may be limited in terms of showering options available. However, this does not interfere with its ability to filter the chlorine and other shower water impurities.

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It features a unique and advanced filtration system capable of removing up to 99 percent of harmful chemicals, including chlorine and its vapors. It also reduces residual impurities in water. The water that comes out of the showerhead will oxygen-rich and friendly to all skin types.

Such quality water can improve moisture in dry skin, reduce oil secretion by sebaceous glands of the skin, and increase skin cells’ viability and survival. All these effects will make your skin smoother and glowing. Hair will also be a thing of the past.

Nobody enjoys paying utility bills, at least a majority. Therefore, it is good to install a shower head that conserves water. The PRUGNA LED shower head features tiny nozzles in its structure, improving water pressure and reducing water use by 30 percent. Despite conserving such an amount of water, there is no risk of reduced water pressure.

The showerhead comes with a 59-inch shower hose and shower arm bracket. It is easy to install. You only need minutes to complete the task. It connects easily to any standard shower hose and requires no tool to help with setup.


  • Purifies water, removing 99 percent of harmful chemicals
  • Affordable ionic showerhead
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Water-saving up to 30 percent
  • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Only single setting
  • The hose may leak if bent

5. Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with 3 Replacement Balms

Do you want a superior quality filter at an amazingly affordable cost? It features a superior multi-stage complex water filter with three kinds of mineral beads mixed in the cartridge. It can remove chlorine, fluorine, chloramine, ammonia odors, sediment, and sulfur. Vitamin C showerhead is one of the most effective in softening hard water.

Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with 3 Replacement Balms Img

The manufacturer claims that it can remove up to 99.9 percent of impurities that harden water. The filter can remove lead, rust, chromium, iron, and other heavy metal.

The uniqueness of Domino’s Vitamin C is in the lemon balm that gives it an aroma. The aroma could effectively remove sweat odor, moisten dry skin, improve air loss, and eliminate itching and dandruff. The soothing citrus scent is refreshing. It revitalizes all senses, improves mood, relieves stress, and improves sleep quality.

The power of vitamins, including vitamin C, is well documented. This showerhead ensures you get vitamin C through your skin. Thus you can unlock all the benefits of vitamin C, including the boosted immune system, body detoxification, and enhanced skin, hair, and nail health.

You do not need any plumbing skills or tools to install this showerhead. Installation is easy – screw it on your standard shower hose, and you are good to go. It comes with a detachable shower holder and a 60-inch shower hose.


  • Affordable ionic shower head
  • The lemon balm is awesome
  • Excellent filtration and chlorine removal
  • Easy and quick installation
  • A reliable hard water softener


  • Single rainfall setting is limiting
  • The citrus scent is pleasant but fades away with long time use

6. XYCING Shower Head

Featuring an elegant, modern design, the XYCING showerhead is what you need to enhance your bathroom experience. It offers you three spray modes, including massage, rainfall, and jetting spray, giving you the flexibility you need. You can enjoy revitalizing spa-like moments in your home bathroom. These spray patterns are easily adjustable.

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Its filtration system is robust, able to remove chlorine and its derivatives, sediments, and other impurities that can be harmful to your skin and health. XYCING shower system features two kinds of stone beads that make up double filters. It can soften hard water, monitor water quality, and purify shower water.

Durability is usually a challenge to showerheads. However, XYCING has put more emphasis on improving the longevity of their ionic showerheads. It features a solid build, a polycarbonate tube known to be 10x as resistant to impact as plastic. The material is leak-proof. The shower hose is upgraded with a high-pressure and anti-burst resistance.

The showerhead’s anti-burst and pressure-resistant properties are afforded by a nylon braided EPDM inner tube that keeps the hose from bursting. This showerhead will serve you for long periods saving the cost of frequent replacements.

With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and pressure that is 200 percent as a high standard shower head, you can be sure to enjoy 30 percent less when it comes to utility bills. Install it effortlessly and without any tools to any standard hose.


  • Durable burst and pressure resistance
  • Powerful filtration system
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Three adjustable spray settings for a complete spa-like experience
  • Easy to install to any standard shower hose


  • Stray streams are seen between showers
  • Not the best when it comes to water conservation

7. Detachable Ionic Filter Shower Head

Take advantage of this new generation ionic filter to improve your bathroom experience and your physical and mental health. Its unique feature is the detachable head that is easy to clean and difficult to block.

Detachable Ionic Filter Shower Head Img

It delivers shower water in three adjustable settings at pressures that are 200 percent higher than those of standard showerheads. The high pressures result from the attachment’s unique filtration technology, including an innovative pinhole outlet panel.

This technology delivers delicate and soft water flow at high pressures for high-quality water enjoyment. The three shower modes include massage rain, water spray, and massage. The shower head’s high pressures mean that you can still enjoy a quality shower even the water supply pressure in your area is low.

All-natural bioactive stone beads can filter water. This ionic shower head features the best of these stones to balance the shower water’s heavy metal content. They can soften hard water, purify it and maintain its pH. Additionally, the ionic stones also bind oxygen and release it upon heating. Oxygen-rich water is safe and healthy for your skin and your overall health.

The pure and improved shower water will remove sweat odors, heal dry scalp, improve hair loss, get rid of itching and dandruff, and make your skin soft and smooth. These are benefits you can only find in commercial spas at a high cost.


  • Easy and fast to install without tools
  • Handheld shower lightweight and easy to carry
  • Three adjustable spray settings
  • Smooth and gentle flow at high pressures
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning


  • The bracket that holds the showerhead should be better
  • Made of less durable materials

8. StoneStream EcoPower Shower Head System

StoneStream EcoPower, an ionic shower filter system, boasts a new and revolutionary design that will bring a spa-like daily experience to your home bathroom. The company aims to design a significantly top-notch showerhead that uses a significantly reduced amount of water yet delivers optimal filtration. It can cut consumption by a whopping 35 percent, saving lots of money in annual utility bills.

StoneStream EcoPower Shower Head System Img

The StoneStream EcoPower features a 3-in one spray system with three different spray functions. All you need is to adjust the setting that suits your needs. These include rainfall, jetting, and massage spray. An Eco-Stop button on this attachment maintains water temperature. You do not need to use a shower valve, making it helpful in washing children, long hair, and pets.

The quality of a shower head is measured by how well it can remove chlorine and other impurities from shower water. The EcoPower uses three types of mineralized germanium stones capable of softening hard water, giving rise to natural spring-like quality. It also maintains the proper pH of pure water.

EcoPower uses anodized aluminum to craft the structure of the showerhead with 250 laser-cut micro holes. Anodized aluminum lets mineral residues be wiped away for the showerhead to return to its fresh look.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers value for the money
  • Stunning, solid, and durable
  • 3-in-1 spray settings for complete spar experience
  • Conserves water


  • It may not be as powerful as claimed
  • The holes are so tiny; they may break

9. KEYING Filtered Ionic Shower Head

KEYING Filtered Ionic Shower Head has few unique features that other ionic filter shower heads do not have. These features include an on and off switch and the ability to detach. Its design is also extraordinary. It will enhance your bathroom décor and experience.

KEYING Filtered Ionic Shower Head Img

The on/off switch aims to eliminate the perennial problem of stopping in the middle of a compelling and refreshing shower to close the valve of adjusting the temperature. The stop function allows you to shower with ease and uninterrupted. Furthermore, it makes it even easier to use to wash toddlers, babies, and pets. RV campers can also use the KAIYING Filtered Ionic Handheld Showerhead without a problem.

The showerhead’s filtration system uses mineral stones to extract chlorine and chelate it into its chloride salt, remove particulate sediments, and reduce fluoride and heavy metals. In so doing, it converts hard water into soft water. It purifies the shower water and adjusts its pH value to make it weakly alkaline. Such water is healthy for your skin, hair, and overall health.

KEYING handheld shower sprayer has three settings – rainfall, massaging, and Jetting. Each of the modes offers an unforgettable bathroom experience for you. The water coming from the nozzle is fine, dense, and uniform. It will make your skin feel soft, gentle, and moist. It will be like bringing a natural spa right inside your bathroom.


  • Intuitive on/off switch for easy use
  • 3-settings for a complete shower experience
  • Easy tool-less installation
  • High pressure and water-conserving
  • Detachable for easy cleaning


  • Too many plastic parts
  • The on/off switch may not work well

10. Baban Ionic Filter Filtration Handheld Showerhead

This is another good quality ionic filter shower head that you can install in your bathroom to enjoy a spa-like experience. It has a toggle switch that allows you to switch between three spay modes rain shower, jet spa shower, and massage showerhead.

Baban Ionic Filter Filtration Handheld Showerhead Img

Apart from the three spray modes, a fourth mode prevents and maintains the frequency of opening or closing the household boiler equipment. This supports and extends the life of the equipment. However, this feature is only helpful to those with pieces of equipment they want to protect.

The ionic filter uses mineral salts to remove chlorine from shower water. It also softens the water by removing heavy metals know to contribute to hard water. Furthermore, it adjusts the pH value of the water, making it more alkaline. The resulting water from the shower is not only safe but also therapeutic. It can heal eczema, skin dryness, and dandruff. The water also promotes hair health and maintains its color.

The Baban Ionic Filter Handheld Showerhead features a technology that increases water pressure up to 200 percent of the central water supply pressure. The revolutionary micro-nozzles technology is responsible for boosting the pressure. It also cuts water consumption by 40 percent without interfering with your showing experience.

You will not need any experience or plumbing skills to install the Baban ionic filter showerhead. It is also easy to clean. The showerhead’s central part is easily removable when you need to remove the salt residues that accumulate in the showerhead.


  • Intelligent switch for toggling between spray modes
  • Effortless to clean and install
  • Improves shower water pressure
  • It cuts water consumption by 40 percent
  • Ten-year Baban warranty


  • It May not last, especially with heavy use
  • Water pressure rises but not as much as claimed

How to Choose the Best Ionic Filter Shower Head

We have provided you with comprehensive reviews of our top ten picks. However, we know that people have different tastes and preferences. Below are a few factors you must consider before settling on the particular showerhead to buy and install. If you consider them carefully, you will not regret having made a choice.

Design Materials

The durability of any product depends on the material used in making it. Ionic filters shower heads are not different. These bathroom attachments are commonly made of plastic. The preferred plastic is called Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

The plastic can be finished to match the different bathroom décors where these attachments will be used. The commonest finish is chrome, but there are also gold, bronze, and so forth. The kind of finish you choose should be your decision, but it should accentuate your bathroom décor.

Other materials that can be used include metals and brass. These care durable and coated to prevent corrosion. They may also have different finishes. However, metals can be heavy. You do not want a showerhead that will weigh you down when all you need is a revitalizing showering experience.

Although BPA is the most familiar material, research has proved that it can have serious side effects if too many levels accumulate in the body. The most recognized risk is that of increased estrogen levels because BPA mimics this female hormone’s activities. This can cause various health issues, especially in infants and babies.

Replacement Filters

Filters do not cost a lot of money, but the cost can skyrocket if you frequently replace them. A showerhead can be of good quality and durable. However, the filtering cartridges may not last long. It is crucial to find a model that features suitable quality filter cartridges that can last at least 1300 showers.

How can anyone possibly know the lifespan of a filtration cartridge before using one? It is difficult, yes, but you can infer from forums with verified customer reviews. You can also join such forums and start a threat. You will most likely find people who have used the product before and are willing to share their experiences.

Regardless of the original cartridge’s lifespan that comes with the showerhead, you must have provisions for replacement filters. Some brands include such accessories in their package, but they are few. A few more brands offer replacement filters which you can buy separately. Furthermore, there are universal replacement filters that you can buy from third parties.


Ionic filter’s performance is measured on their ability to purify water of chlorine, sediments, and other impurities that can be harmful to the skin and hair. A majority of the filtration systems promise 99.9 percent efficacy. Do not fall for this. Make sure you verify the claim before you can settle for that showerhead.

Even more important than a mere claim of excellent efficacy is the kind of impurities the filter can remove or reduce. Aim for filter capable of removing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, chromium, nickel, cadmium, selenium, and zinc. It should also be able to eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Of most importance is its ability to remove chloramine and chlorine.


Adjustability gives you the flexibility to choose the kind of setting you to want for your showering experience. Top range brands have settings that enable you to choose the flow rate and consumption of water.

Many manufacturers today try as much as possible to make ionic showerheads that offer three spray settings, including massage, jet, or rainfall. The ones that allow these options maybe a little bit costlier than those with single settings. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the flexibility that 3-in-1 settings offer.


Are ionic filter shower heads good for me?

Yes, they are the best option if you are struggling with low water pressure in your residence area. Ionic filters deliver water at high pressure, yet they are capable of conserving it.

How do I maintain an ionic showerhead?

Ionic filters trap impurities as the water passes through the cartridge. These are retained as the stone beads or balls as salt residues. Don’t allow it to accumulate beyond healthy levels. You can dismantle and clean the cartridge.

How do ionic filter showerheads work?

They work via an ionic exchange process. They extract the outermost electron of the water treatment chlorine molecule and convert it into a chelate called chloride or body salt. The resulting shower water is free of chlorine and rich in oxygen.

Where can I find a new filter cartridge if the original wears out?

The same brands that sold to you the cartridge often also sell replacement filters which you can buy separately. Additionally, there are universal ones that you can buy from third-party vendors.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of our in-depth reviews of the best ionic filter shower head reviews and buying guide. Hopefully, you have found one that captivates your attention in reviews. If not, you can use the buying guide we have provided to venture out and do your bidding. Regardless of how you get one, you can be sure that your bathroom experience will never be the same again. Your skin and hair will be healthy, and you will have a spa-like showering experience in the comfort of your home bathroom.

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