What Is A 1.5 Bathroom: A Complete Guide


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Chances are you’ve stumbled across the term “1.5 bathroom” in real estate listing. So, what does it mean? And how on earth is it possible to have a half bathroom?

Tell you what? You’re not alone in this. Most people have difficulty understanding this bathroom design concept.

So, before you get hold of the wrong end of the stick, let’s see if I can explain.

To better understand what is a 1.5 bathroom, let’s first define a full bathroom and half bathroom.

What Is A 1.5 Bathroom: A Complete Guide

Full Bathroom Meaning

A full bathroom consists of all the basic facilities required to maintain personal hygiene. It has all four components: A bathtub, shower, toilet, and bathroom sink.

But why is it considered a full bathroom?

Well, each component is counted as one-quarter. So, when you multiply by four, you get one, hence the name a full bathroom.

Most often, full bathrooms are located near the master bedroom.

Half Bathroom Meaning

A half bathroom has two of the four components, normally a toilet and a sink.

Half bathrooms go by other terms, such as powder room or guest bathroom. Usually, you’ll find it under the staircase, around the corner of the kitchen, or in the entryway.

1.5 Bathroom Meaning

As the name implies, a 1.5 bathroom combines a full and half bathroom. It’s all about simple addition, 1 + 0.5 = 1.5.

So, a 1.5 bathroom offers all the four components of a full bathroom, i.e., the shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. In addition, it has the two components of a half bathroom, i.e., the toilet and the sink.

Hence, it means a 1.5 bathroom offers two toilets, two sinks, a bathtub, and a shower.

Full Bathroom Sizes

So, how large is a full bathroom?

Well, full bathrooms fall into three categories: Large, Average, and Small.

Typical construction codes dictate 40-50 square feet for small bathrooms, 40-60 square feet for average bathrooms, and 145 square feet or more for large bathrooms.

So, at the very least, you’ll require 36-40 square feet to call it a full bathroom officially.

Half Bathroom Sizes

Like full bathrooms, half bathrooms also come in different sizes.

The least square footage for a half bathroom is 11-13 square feet. On the other hand, bigger versions max out at 20-33 square feet.

So, on average, you’ll need 17-21 square feet for a half bathroom.

What Value Does Half Bathroom Add?

So, what’s the point of having a half bathroom and a full bathroom? Can’t you just have a full bathroom instead?

Well, adding a half bath increases your home value to a great extent.

Foremost, it offers your guests a separate bathroom, meaning privacy is kept intact. After all, who wants guests walking through their bedroom?

However, a half bathroom won’t add any value to apartment living.

Other Bathroom Design Concepts

Besides 1.5 bathrooms, you’ll stumble across other terms, such as 1.25. 2.5 or 3.5 bathrooms.

The trick is to always consider the number before the decimal as a full bath.

A 2.5 bathroom, for instance, has two full baths and a half bath. It means you’re getting three toilets, two bathtubs, three sinks, and two showers.

As for a 1.25 bathroom, it means you’re getting a full bathroom and a quarter bathroom. In this case, a quarter bathroom has half the components of a half bath. It includes either a sink or a toilet.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article sheds more light on what is a 1.5 bathroom. Clearly, it’s more about the components than the square footage or size.

A 1.5 bathroom offers more components, increasing the resale value of your home. Also, dedicating the half bathroom to guests ensures you maintain privacy.

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