How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl


How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Img

Keeping your toilet clean is very important and helpful. Not only does it make it more comfortable to use the toilet, but it also ensures you and your family stays healthy. But from time to time poop stick on the toilet bowl. This makes the toilet unhygienic and also makes the toilet look ugly.

Most of the high-quality cleaning agents in the market come with a pleasant scent that keeps your toilet with fragrance and freshness. However, it is advisable to use toilet sprays before using the toilet for long-lasting freshness. For toilet sprays, we recommend products that are non-toxic and have a popular scent such as Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray.

There are different ways of preventing poop from sticking to your toilet bowl. As an expert, I can explain the most effective methods which will keep your toilet clean. Here is how to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl.

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How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl

Cleaning Regularly

You will need to ensure that you clean your toilet on a regular basis. The importance of this is that it keeps the surface of the toilet bowl cleaning smooth.

When the surface is smooth, the chances of poop sticking on the bowl is significantly reduced. You can be cleaning your toilet on a daily basis. You will just need clean water and an ordinary brush to do the cleaning. It will simply take a few minutes, but it will ensure your toilet is clean and hygienic.

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Flush Immediately After Using the Toilet

It is also paramount to assure that you flush your toilet immediately after using it. This will remove everything that is on the bowl immediately. When only clean water is on the toilet there will be nothing to stick on the toilet.

To effectively do this you need to have sufficient water on the toilet. Flushing immediately after using the toilet will ensure that your bathroom is always clean and nothing can stick on the bowl.

Teach Everyone How to Use the Toilet

If you have growing children, you might find that they do not know how to use the toilet in the right way. They might even use the toilet and fail to flush, which can result in poop sticking on the bowl.

But if you teach your children and everyone else how to use the toilet, you will not have the problem of poop sticking on the toilet. You need to take a few minutes to teach the children.

You can even give them incentives, which will encourage them to use the toilet properly. You should also supervise how your children are using the toilet. You can be going to inspect the toilet every time your children use it.

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Use the Right Cleaning Agents

There are some toilet cleaning agents which are more effective than others. Some of them just clean the toilet, but others have more than one use.

Some cleaning agents act as lubricants even after effectively cleaning the toilet. Such substances will ensure that your washroom stays clean and lubricated at all times. When the toilet bowl is lubricated correctly, there will be reduced chances of poop sticking on the bowl. This is helpful because it keeps the toilet in good condition.

You just need to go to your nearest store and ask for the right toilet cleaning agent. It is better to pay more and ensure that you get the right agent.


Keeping your toilet clean is very important. To keep poop from sticking to the toilet bowl, you can use any of the outlined methods. These particular methods are simple and you can implement them quickly. Therefore, through following the outlined guidelines, you can easily prevent poop from sticking to your toilet bowl.

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